Monday, August 4, 2008


The nasty bacteria and allergens have successfully found their way in invading myself and won a big buck over my immune system. The lymph nodes are swelling and the biggest that affect me physically is the tonsil. I should have had just cut these tonsils away. They’ve been bugging my life ever since I was 7 and had set a big nightmare to my awakening soul since then.

For short, I am sick.

It started with a long runny nose which couldn’t be cured with neither Clarinase nor Clarityne as recommended by the pharmacist. My nose was watery and ichy all the way in Johor (balik kampung last week). After a week of tolerance and the condition got worse (I started to get sore throat and ulcers on my tongue), I turned to Dr. Choo and he prescribed me with a better ubat selsema which include Anpro-loratadine and pseudoephedrine (somehow the first generation medication has its own way of curing amongst the better-off-second-generation-ers).

Okay, anyways, Dr. Choo seemed to only treat the main caused neither the sore throat nor the ulcers on my tongue. Now that the runny nose had finally ran off, but the immune effect still there. I was left with swollen tonsils and my tongue is numbing. Initially, my thought was only a simple nasty sore on the uvula, but once I looked into the mirror with my tongue stuck out, I could see a very bad inflammated tonsil. Despite of the very painful condition, I can still force to swallow foods. The delicious foods are just worth the pain to swallow.

I went for a second visit (in a week) to Dr. Choo this morning. It was a long wait over a single patient. I wonder what they did in the consultation room for so long. Berjanggut I tunggu!!! I finished up 2 sets of Sudoku!I was prescribed with antibiotics and antitusive. If things are not getting better in 5 days, then there is really something wrong with me…

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