Tuesday, September 29, 2009

‘This place’

It is too boring to start my blog post with something like 'ah, it's been a long time since I last blogged' or something like 'now I'll get the gist for blogging' or maybe something like 'I miss blogging' after such a long long break. It is getting too cliché on me as I am (was) always had no time to blog when I'm in my holiday mood. Guess, I won't be on holiday ever again from now on (or even if I have some later).

So, now I'm back here in In don or shall I say In donesia (to avoid any heart-feeling from the Indons who refused to be known as one in short-formed). Anyway… too many things that I have missed to blog. Let me get everything in brief since my last post then.

Let's start with my yudisium on the 9th September. Nobody really knows what 'yudisium' actually means and it was hard for me to explain it when I was asked by family and friends. I wonder where that word originally from, but as simple as I can make everyone understand it stands for a ceremony of where oaths are pledged. In my case, medical students are to read the 'Janji Dokter Muda' before we are permitted to be working in the hospital for our practical years and thus get the 'M.D' after our names. Then, there will be another yudisium after the Dokter Muda have done with our practical, of where we are to read the Hippocrates's Oath, hence entitled ourselves as physicians and get the so-called 'Dr.' before our names. That will happen in less than 2 years from now, InsyaAllah.

Then, there was Hari Raya!
*wide shiny smile*

It seemed to be my last Eid together with my so-lovely-so-happening family in Malaysia. Though I am not looking forward for the 'raya-abroad' but I think I'll be fine and I bet it's going to be one heck of experience to celebrate it together with my friends over here. It's not like I never celebrate Eid here, I did and in fact it was one of the nicest raya ever experienced – back in 2005, it was at Sarah's house in Madura with her super nice families and super-nice-yet-fattening-mutton-rich raya dishes. Anyway, my raya this year is nothing much different from the last, atok and mbah were not around, duit raya is decreasing. Oh I forgot, I wasn't expecting for a lot of duit raya though, but my new hairstyle however makes me look few years younger than my actual age and therefore entitled me for a better sum of duit raya! wEe~

Wrapping up my holiday story, I gained 7kgs overall for the almost-2-month break, and amazingly happy about it! No, not happy actually but I succumbed and surrender over the luscious foods and pleasant company, it was all lovely and nothing to regret. Weight gained are meant to be shred! WORK IT OUT BIL!!!

Then, I got back to 'this place'.
Nothing really about 'this place' that's bothering me but my own house here and the people who are living in it while I was gone. How can it be so damn disgusting? As I thought that they were so busy, now has proven that they are actually so lazy and irresponsible. Then we (those who we were gone back for holiday) realized that all these year-long, we are the one who has been doing the chores and taking care of the house, the hygiene to be exact. Argh, this is so damn frustrating!

Class started yesterday. Or shall I not call it 'class' as it is more to training session nowadays. 40 days of Panum that's it. What's 'panum'?? it's a short form for 'Kepaniteraan Klinik Umum' where we're currently on clinical training with lecturers, modules, role-play, mannequins, and not forgotten – EXAMS. I will then step into the next new phase of my life, the beginning of torment – hospital life. Don't worry, I'll enjoy it *optimist*. Good luck to me!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Silent scream

This is what I mean, my time for blogging. It doesn't need that much effort, my fingers are deliberately typing of things that are disturbing myself emotionally.

First, I'm back, to this place (which I can't elaborate more or the citizen will get emotionally disturbed). This morning once I reached LCCT, I felt like screaming my lungs out! I can't believe that I was not ever 'there' but there were just too many of 'the people' speaking of 'the language' and dress out of their weird (or rather unique) fashion sense.

My comfort zone has narrowed down. Like really narrow as narrow as the burial ground. Lemas! Lemas!! How do I put my stance into words? These lips are sealed, these fingers are cuffed. I don't like to lie about anything in my blog! If I have to, I'd rather stop.

So, not just because it's Ramadhan, but I'll try to wind down, go to bed and recharge my positivity.

Don't expect for any gossips or whining or whatever kind of blaspheme for this time being.

Good night my suppressed feelings!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mak cik garang in telekungs

So here I am, besieged by the unvarying dawdle of my own holiday 'bliss'. Perhaps too idyllic to even arrange words into sentences, and from sentences into a paragraph. Exactly, I hardly get even a sentence done to make it a blog entry. How pathetic I must say…

Therefore in this quiet morning of 15th day of Ramadhan, with a fully stock up 28 feet long intestine, I make it an obligation to at least splurge a trace amount of energy to make these becoming-sloth fingers to boogie up the keyboard and thus this rusting brain to take a little task of directing ideas here and there.

I think that the women who always occupying the very front saf in the masjid are fairly fierce, and the fierce lessen as the saf regress. This is just my random thought by the way! I mean, I realized that every after solat, after taking the final salam, these women (mostly) will turn their heads to the back with quite a fierce look and eyes squinting sharply as if they would emit a green laser light pointing at those (kids) at the back of the hall (far behind) who made quite a noise or just a little clatter during the prayer being held. And these laser-light-sharp-stare actually travel through several safs behind them before they finally put a punch on those noisy kids, which actually left all the other women at the safs following in a gasping jolt.

Come on aunties, chill la~ Memang susah nak khusyuk, but Allah knows that you've tried. Me too, I hate those kids who are making noise and playing UNO cards at the back of the hall.

To parents out there, if you have babies or kids who are not (yet) taught to pray, leave them at home! Or if you can't afford a babysitter, please make yourselves affordable to buy some plaster tapes! Or better, go for parenting class on how to keep children respect to holy places.

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