Monday, August 31, 2009


Selamat Hari Merdeka!!!

I wish I have the vibes to write my indeed very patriotic thoughts in here, but… oh no, I lost the vibes! I lost the vibes for blogging!

But one thing I'd like to say to all Malaysian, no matter where you are – Stay MALAYSIAN, cause MALAYSIA ROCKS

Friday, August 28, 2009

Iota #17 - Reason to blog

I simply don't get the gist for blogging these days. Too many things been happening and everything happens too fast, left me feel outmoded whenever I have to take time to keep everything in words.

It is still early in the morning. Perhaps one of the earliest day during this holiday. I usually get snug back in my blanket after sahur, but not this morning. And my attempt to blog seems to strike. So here I am, again, letting my fingers take the floor dancing their way up the tale.

First, I'd like to discern of certain reason for blogging and not-blogging. I seem to blog less at times of where I don't spend much time to myself. Like these days. I am too much engaged with people around me and get involve in as many agendas as possible that I forgot to caress of the person inside of me. Or better said, I am so well treated by my surroundings that I forgot to treat my own self as much as I love talking to myself and writing on my blog as a medium of relief.

In contradiction, I blog a lot at times of dreariness and stress. I blog to flight out of ghastly awful times of my life, especially on the dire days of exam and lectures. Writing seems to nurture my much tortured life out of every predicament the world has taken me to. Writing after all is my kind of therapy. So, readers out there, do not question my prose and please excuse my words. Welcome to my mental hospital!


I do and would so much love to scripted out my contentment and the happiest days in my life. How I wish I have as much time to write out of my delights of all the exhilaration I'm having during this holiday. It's just that… I am too busy. Busy enjoying life that I am afraid I would missed out a second of pleasure if I got my fingers too engross on the keyboard.

Hopefully, I'll have time to drop a line or two of what has been happening around now.

Happy holiday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan is coming!!!

Just got back from hanging out with the guys (+Dyen) to catch up with the latest gossip. Well not exactly, cause we're now on Ramadhan practice which is 'just lepak, no gossip'. Apparently, the 'no gosssip' part didn't fully happen, cause we sure do have a lot of things to 'discussed' with.

Since it was drizzling just now when we got out of the house around 9p.m, therefore we had surrogate to Old Time kopitiam in 15 instead of Old Town in Taipan (our regular place) since it has an alfresco with a better shelter compared to the one in Taipan. Though Old Time has a more variety in the menu compared to Old Town but however nothing can beat the Old Town's white tea and their signature kaya butter toast! After all, these two are what kopitiam is all about.

We then switched to Canai CafĂ© which is just opposite the kopitiam for some mamak experience. Having Naan Cheese has checked one of my To-Dos, yum! Oh wait, I did had Roti Cheese yesterday for breakfast didn't I? Then I had 4 fatty pieces of Big Apple donuts. Gemokkknyaa! Tapi takpe… happy! Oh btw, last two days me and Zhaf went to Chillis and ordered all sort of foods cause we were initially famished, plus the pictures on the menu looked so insatiable. So he ordered Fajitas and the buffalos while I had the club sandwiches. After an hour and a half dealing with the meals, we ended up having halves of everything packed up and rushed for G.I Joe. Bile dah kenyang gile, start la mengantuk. Thus, I took a few minutes dozing off while in the movie. Hmm.. G.I Joe? Biasa je!

Back to this evening, In between our taiti game, Faris and boys came (Syed Amir and Faid). Consequently, we stayed for another hour catching up with them. By 2 am, I reached home. Bored of FB, then I blog. Here I am and guess gotta get to bed now and wake up for breakfast tomorrow morning! Perhaps the final breakfast before Ramadhan.

Hereby, I'd like to wish all fellow Muslim in the world a very Happy Ramadhan! Happy Fasting and doing extra Ibadah! And I would also like to ask for an apology to everyone for whatever wrongs and mistakes I have done that might offended and hurt anyone whether if they are intended or unintended.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How it works

It's funny how normal people assume on how their body works. I wonder how I'd do if I never been taught of all of these.

Case 1

Q : Bil, what's the diet for low blood pressure?

Me as layman : spinach, veggies, fruits, chicken, fish…

Q : What's the different from the normal people diet then?

Me as someone who knows a little bit better : Nothing exactly! Well, that's my point. Just eat healthily, that's it! Actually, the purpose of diet is to faithfully overcome the symptoms of low blood pressure without actually treating the 'low-blood pressure' itself.

Q : Then, how to treat the low-blood pressure?

Me as layman : by treating the cause of it. Do you know that the food a.k.a diet doesn't help increase the blood volume? Everyone has the same blood volume btw (accordingly).

Q : Oh, so…

Me : So it's not like you have to drink 2 liters of blood everyday to increase you blood pressure. Or neither do the spinaches turned into blood cells once they enter your body.

Amazingly, the same question appeared again this evening while I was having dinner with mama. Even mama thinks that those food will help in increasing the blood volume. After all, it's about the blood pressure we're talking about here, not volume.

Case 2

Me : klau tak tahan sakit, makan la painkiller

Orang tu : tanak la. This leg is meant to be painful cause it's the healing process. Kalau tak sakit, nnt tak baik pulak kaki ni.

Me : painkillers have nothing to interrupt with the healing process. They don't even work on your legs!

Well people, painkiller is a killer for any non-visceral pain. You can have toothache, headache, burn on your fingers and still can not feel the pain with adequate dosage of a painkiller. Magically because painkillers work on your brain who control your whole body by inhibiting the pain-reception center so that you can simply lost the feel of pain anywhere in your body.

Here are some links to read on :

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A life to spent

The morning

At last I woke up… told ya I will wake up by a tranquil time. Mama been nagging since morning in the kitchen and papa been waking me up (hoping me could stop the pesky). The other siblings as usual start their Sunday very early as ustad come at 7 am on Sunday for mengaji. Finally, when everything came to simmer down, I confer my first morning yawn after a not-so-long good night sleep.

The night before

The dinner last evening was a great! I haven't had such tremendous scrumptious seafood since my last holiday (went to Celabu for king crabs with Along), therefore Muara is a deem of delicate choice despite the long an hour drive all the way to North Port, Klang. The fact of having a bunch of terrific company and awesome foods make everything perfect. Although not many could make it, but I must say that nobody really miss anything, seriously. No gossips, don't worry!! (?)

And… the after party was the best I ever had! That I now left with tights and legs cramp, shoulder spasm and all over body aches. I should have had exercise more often and do more stretching I guess. My (modern) Cinderella story ends as early as 1.30 a.m when papa called insist me to come back home. I thought I could wait for Naqib who was still relishing at the World Stage concert so that we both could come home together. However it seemed like my parents only called me to come home that early and not my younger brother (who actually got back home minutes before dawn). *sigh* I live by the cite that "life is never fair, live it!", and this fact has brought me wonder why was I born a girl.

The afternoon

Coming to today, Zhaf missed his class. Who wouldn't missed their class after a long night of partying? Somehow, I like it! That means we got the whole Sunday to spend together. After lunch, we went to Sunway Pyramid for some shopping. Supposedly he got a suit for an office occasion tomorrow evening, however nothing really fits him that masculine-ly. To find a perfect suit, it has to be tailored exactly on one's body, and the fact that my boyfriend is a perfectionist, he wouldn't want to have any suit that even half an inch diverse from his own size.

We ambled up down and around the mall where we finally destined to bring to a halt at this very plushy saloon. The second I took a glance at the well-appointed saloon, I thought to myself,

OMG, saloon!!! Rindunyaaa!

My monolog silently scream out my heart but not a decibel out of my mouth. Conversely, one person could actually 'heard' my heart scream suddenly answer to it right away.

"I need a haircut. Do you want anything? Wash and blow perhaps?"

"Alright, wash and blow sounds good!"

Yes yes yes!!! I finally got my saloon therapy after 2 weeks of saloon-less. I numerously claim on my FB status how much I need a head and shoulder massage and someone to make my hair for me.

The saloon in some way, is the coolest saloon I've ever been to I must say, the fact that it has personal flat screens and wireless keyboards for every client!!! Exactly the delicacy I've been wishing for – a simultaneous treats of a nice hairspa and a decent computer to online. Two of my most favourite indulgences! And not forgotten we were also served a herbal tea, oh zen!

The evening

We got out of Snwy Pyrmd later then with our new-styled hair. Then I realized that it was a very beautiful evening to waste. The sun gorgeously shines down the picturesque sky of cute clouds make me feel like I should still be out and not to go home just yet. As an understanding boyfriend again, Zhaf brought me for an ice cream treat at Baskin Robins. Oh that's so my flavor! Isn't my boyfriend sweet or what?!

The night

It is an ordinary night at home. Me on my laptop in the family hall, in front of the TV together with mama lying on the bamboo mat while Nawal on the couch. Naufal and papa are in the study room both facing their own computers doing their own business. Then Aye, is preparing for school tomorrow. Naqib and HuaHua already got back to their colleges. Angah came for a short while to collect few of her stuff, while Along – wallahualam!

So that's it!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Angah's wedding and everything in between

It's been a while since I reached home and blogged myself. It all has weighing up my deliberation to finally get this blank page before my face and these keys for my fingers to dance onto. Despite the fact that I missed about 11 days to appraised in in words, I pretty much confused of what to write and where to start with.

Well, I just got back from a sleepover at Along's house. It's like my holiday ritual. I normally 'perform' that ritual either with my other sisters or either with my cousins. Apparently, none of them were available at the time as Aya is busy preparing for her Middlesex Uni application, Min is busy keeping secret (which I don't bother to care anymore as I think she'd wish to have not-kecoh cousins), while Angah is on honeymoon! So left me mingling alone in Along's house, practically raiding her fridge (and I found 4 tubs of Baskin Robins!) and jeopardizing my diet and my lung! Damn, I'm not going to elaborate about that!

Then this evening we all (me, Along & Abang Amir) went to Midvalley where I met my prince of shining armor (whom Along thought is a metro sexual, but who cares anyway?~). Had a quick buka puasa and went for The Ghost of Girlfriends' Past at GSC Signature. I don't wonder why he always prefer Signature than the normal cinema, of course it's wayyyy nicer and not-so-way more expensive. I actually like it too, except that they don't have many shows there. Next, we had supper at Lorong Seratus Tahun @ LST. Damn, the food is good, taste so-malaysia! I remember the other day we went there the whole family and we had a lot of good laugh, I like!

Talking about Angah, yea she is now a married woman! Believe it or not?! And guess whose next?

It literally annoyed me annoyed me annoyed me annoyed me majorly when almost 99.9% of the people I met on the wedding day were being too cliché-ly questioning when my wedding is going to be? "Bil bile?", "Bil, you're next", "Bile Bil nak kawin?"

OH MY LORD! Have me some mercy. Allow me unlock this mandible to open this mouth gap as wide as possible in order to fit every head of the person who asked me that too-infuriating-irritiating-exasperating questions! Or at least, let me scream my lung out of this so stressful situation and make all these people to swallow back their chestnuts! This is so not funny alright? As if I know when my time will come?

Situation 1

Orang-orang tu : Bil, you're next

Bil (live) : yes I guess

Bil (dalam hati) : mane kau tau?! Pandai-pandai je! Klau Naqib dulu camne? Kalau Huahua dulu camne? Or Naufal ke??!

Situation 2

Orang-orang tu : Bile BIl nak kawin?

Bil (live) : nanti la, lama lagi!

Bil (dalam hati) : SEKARANG JUGAK NAK KAWIN!!! Kenapa?? Nak sponsor ke? Sebok jer~

Situation 3

Orang-orang tu : Bil bile nak kawin?

Bil (live) : nanti la, lama lagi. Belum habis study pon lagi, then nak kerja lagi..

Bil (dalam hati) : mood agak baik, jawapan subjective siap dengan elaboration.

Orang-orang tu : kenapa lama lagi?

Bil (dalam hati) : amboi-amboi!!! Tak puas ke dgn jawapan aku?!

Orang-orang tu : kawin je la, klau nak tunggu habis belajar, sampai bile pon tak kawin… apa salahnya kawin je masa belajar!

Bil (dalam hati) : WTH?! Yang kau excited sangat nak suruh aku kawin kenapa? Mcm aku nak kawin dgn anak kau je!

Bil (live) : HE HE HE *eye rolling and ran off*

Well, I survived another point of aggravation! Congratulations Bil! The funny thing is… the other 0.1% of the people at the wedding whom never asked me about 'it' were my sponsors. They are cool people! Or cold, maybe?

After all, Angah's wedding was an immense awesome episode of my holiday. It was so beautiful despite of it being simple yet modest. I am so going to miss having a bedmate with whom I can natter with til we both fall asleep, where in the middle of the night I'll scream of foot cramp or I'll wheeze of asthma but she would dug her head deeper into her pillow. Now that she has a new bedmate…

Til my next post!


*blogging on bed with my new bedmate who sleeps with an acrobatic stance and probably practicing cheerleading in her sleep*

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And today…

Exactly after 5 months (minus 1 day).

So many things had been going on since then. The contentment and the harass, the fortunate and the wretch, the jovial and the stress, aver blended perfectly hence neutralized the situation. More triumphs achieved, more ordeals faced, reaching a wider degree of aggravation and after all hardship pays!

Eighth semester, an interlude of clinical subjects, final year thesis, KKN and clerkship. All done! It's time for me to rest in peace while waiting for my theory graduation in September, then I'll become a what they called 'Dokter Muda'.

Thank you for all the perpetual prayers and infinite encouragement! I owe you!

Happy holiday!

MH 872 is waiting. Malaysia here I come!!!

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