Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan is coming!!!

Just got back from hanging out with the guys (+Dyen) to catch up with the latest gossip. Well not exactly, cause we're now on Ramadhan practice which is 'just lepak, no gossip'. Apparently, the 'no gosssip' part didn't fully happen, cause we sure do have a lot of things to 'discussed' with.

Since it was drizzling just now when we got out of the house around 9p.m, therefore we had surrogate to Old Time kopitiam in 15 instead of Old Town in Taipan (our regular place) since it has an alfresco with a better shelter compared to the one in Taipan. Though Old Time has a more variety in the menu compared to Old Town but however nothing can beat the Old Town's white tea and their signature kaya butter toast! After all, these two are what kopitiam is all about.

We then switched to Canai CafĂ© which is just opposite the kopitiam for some mamak experience. Having Naan Cheese has checked one of my To-Dos, yum! Oh wait, I did had Roti Cheese yesterday for breakfast didn't I? Then I had 4 fatty pieces of Big Apple donuts. Gemokkknyaa! Tapi takpe… happy! Oh btw, last two days me and Zhaf went to Chillis and ordered all sort of foods cause we were initially famished, plus the pictures on the menu looked so insatiable. So he ordered Fajitas and the buffalos while I had the club sandwiches. After an hour and a half dealing with the meals, we ended up having halves of everything packed up and rushed for G.I Joe. Bile dah kenyang gile, start la mengantuk. Thus, I took a few minutes dozing off while in the movie. Hmm.. G.I Joe? Biasa je!

Back to this evening, In between our taiti game, Faris and boys came (Syed Amir and Faid). Consequently, we stayed for another hour catching up with them. By 2 am, I reached home. Bored of FB, then I blog. Here I am and guess gotta get to bed now and wake up for breakfast tomorrow morning! Perhaps the final breakfast before Ramadhan.

Hereby, I'd like to wish all fellow Muslim in the world a very Happy Ramadhan! Happy Fasting and doing extra Ibadah! And I would also like to ask for an apology to everyone for whatever wrongs and mistakes I have done that might offended and hurt anyone whether if they are intended or unintended.

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Nadine Mazbar said...

Happy Ramadhan to you too loves ! ;*

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