Saturday, November 29, 2008


Happy birthday mama!!!
Hugs and kisses XOXO

Once I published my first ever bahasa melayu entry, I got few feedbacks on my YM the day after. Some are encouraging and rally round on my vocabs (as some words are off-translations) and not to mention, few of them even found that one particular entry rather as a joke.

Well folks,
I don't do jokes. Maybe I am just born-hilarious *giggles*.

Honestly, I have next-to-great Bahasa Melayu, I converse in BM in my everyday life and certainly know the right grammar though sometimes I might get loss in translation with the vocabs (and though sometimes some people might hear it a bit funny but don't know where to pin-out the mistakes).

As for me, I found it less sentiment writing in BM as the mode of reactions is not fully expressed in a single vocab. For instance 'restless' in BM would be 'tak senang duduk' and it doesn't sound so literature-ly professional. No wonder Dewan Bahasa is now adapting few of wide-ranging rational English words into their Bahasa Melayunisasi program. As for example 'budget' for BM is 'bajet', 'calendar' is 'kalendar' (where we can actually use 'takwim'), 'communication' is 'komunikasi' (where the word comes from various meaning depending on situations such as percakapan seharian, isyarat, perbualan, but these subtexts are just not as comprehensive as what komunikasi has in connotation and thus give no much gist to the listeners).

Honestly, if I were asked to translate this whole article into Bahasa Melayu, I wouldn't have much idea on what BM words would be appropriate to replace the all-inclusive single words of English in this piece. Siapa kata BM senang??! Cakap memang la senang… cuba tulis!

Enough for now, it's my Saturday-saloon-day today. And before I go enduring the hairspa, I need to clean my room of much mess.

P.s : it's PKPMI Annual General Meeting today. I won't be around the whole day til night. Anything, just call/sms

Besides Hanson and Paris Hilton, this is my all time idol - Tun
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Friday, November 28, 2008


Comel jugak tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu...
Walaupun kurang perkataan-perkataan yang bagus dan ayat yang berbunga dan kurang menonjolkan ekspresi, tetapi seronok juga membacanya (walaupun terketar-ketar juga memikirkan ayat-ayat yang sesuai sambil melakukan translasi yang cepat di dalam kepala otak saya daripada english ke Bahasa melayu). takper... Inilah yang dinamakan Beginnner (tak dapat saya fikirkan perkataan bahasa melayunya)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dengan penuh perasaan

Semalam sempat terkembang bila dia perasan saya macam Gabriella Montez. Dia kata, waktu pertama lihat Gabriella, dia teringat saya. If that was supposed to be his biggest kept secret… dia buat saya perasan. Sejak dari itulah dia menjadi penggemar no.1 HSM. Tapi saya juga perasan dia macam Troy Bolton. Jadi kami memang secocok!!! Bak kata orang putih, we have the chemistry. Kenapa chemistry ya? Kalau ditranslatekan balik – kami ada kimia. Hah, pelik!

Tapi, adik-adik saya malah rasa saya lebih kepada Sharpay Evans. Mungkin sebab saya seorang kakak yang macam Sharpay kepada Ryan. Atau di rumah, saya agak gedik seperti Sharpay. Walauapa pun, saya lebih suka pendapat si dia yang mengatakan saya seperti Gabriella! Dengan perasaan yang agak confident (perkataan confident tak dapat difikirkan bahasa melayunya), kami telah menukarkan nama kami menjadi Zuff Efron dan Nabilah Hudgens. Bunyinya juga sesuai! Kan kan???

Ada juga pendapat dia yang saya tidak berapa setuju. Biasa lah, bukan semua orang perfect kan? (perkataan 'perfect' tak dapat saya fikirkan bahasa melayunya). Dia kata saya sesuai menjadi seperti Blair Waldorf di atas beberapa sebab yang tak sampai hati saya nak luahkan di sini (akan mendatangkan banyak kontroversi) lagipun initial kami sama – 'B'. Tapi sebenarnya saya rasa jiwa saya lebih kepada Serena van der Woodsen. Mungkin sebab saya memang suka Blake Lively sejak dari Sisterhood of Travelling Pants dan sama sekali tidak pernah mengenali Leighton Meester sebelum dia menjadi 'B', dalam kata lain, popularitinya kurang.

Saya rasa dia juga amat sesuai menjadi Nate Archibald memandangkan wajahnya yang macho dan perwatakan dia yang sememangnya baik dan tenang. Padahal, dia lebih menganggap dirinya sebagai Chuck Bass. Memang la Chuck tu hot dan sesuai dengan B, tapi… Well~

Kalaulah adik saya membaca apa yang saya tulis ini, mesti dia demam dan termuntah-muntah. Harap-harap tidak. Lebih baik jangan! Nanti mesti tak dapat konsentrasi untuk SPM (sebab saya selalu menjadi 'nightmare' untuk dia). Setelah menonton HSM on ice haritu pun, dia terpaksa menyerah kalah dan mengakui bahawa sayalah Gabriella, dan bukan lagi Sharpay, or I'll be bugging her her whole life (tolong ditranslatekan...).

Phew… akhirnya, saya berjaya mengarang dalam Bahasa Melayu *tepukan gemuruh!*. Saya tak dapat recall (perkataan 'recall' tak dapat saya fikirkan bahasa melayunya) bila kali terakhir saya menulis dalam bahasa Melayu – masa SPM kot. Jangan pandang rendah dengan penggunaan Bahasa Melayu saya walaupun ayat saya tidak berbunga-bunga, tapi saya adalah pencapai A1 dalam SPM Bahasa Melayu. Sebab… saya adalah Perempuan Melayu dan amat berbangga!

Ps: nnt saya akan cuba berlatih mengasah bakat dalam menulis dalam bahasa melayu lagi sehingga saya menjadi seperti Datuk A. Samad Said. Tengok la nanti…

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There'll be a piano at our Annual Grand Dinner. Awww… wish I have my piano books now.

Piano – one of my favourite functional furniture at home. I remember going on piano hunting with papa and my sisters years back and found wide choices of piano, but nothing is better compared to our shiny black mahagony upright piano. Papa always get the best for us despite of the price. Since I'm far away from home, I wonder if my piano ever get tender thumps from anyone. Therefore whenever I'm back, if I don't go whacking on my laptop, I would have spent a lot of time on the piano.

Reminiscing of Miss Lee Si Si, the fiercest piano teacher I've ever had. I had been locked for hours in a room all alone to practice on one particular piece til I got it perfectly, she had always chosen me the most difficult piece to play for our annual concert, and I once made her proud of me when I got the highest mark for one particular theory exam amongst the students of our Maestro Yamaha SS19.

If only I got a better piano teacher, I would have had continue my piano lesson I reckon, and I would join in Hanson in their band and go tour around the world. Miss Lee had taught five members in my family on piano but none of us successfully completed the course. Oh wait, was she the one teaching Nawal & Naufal piano as well? Maybe I was too daft to tell her to teach me on more pleasurable pieces to play since the first few piano books were totally tedious. I knew I had in mind to play the Hitz Parade or something like that (just like my other friends did that time), but the idea just didn't get to her concern. And perhaps, I should have had told my mom to tell the school that I wasn't all comfortable with that Miss Lee who always sneeze. If it's not because of Miss Lee Si Si, I wouldn't know even as simple chord as C major. But if only I got a better teacher, maybe I'm now next to Maxim and on my way to get insurance for my fingers.

Oh whatever… that never once had crossed my mind. I am certain to become a doctor, and better get this childhood dream of mine! So, baca la buku...!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nana Tanjung

That was the sleepiest class so far this week!

When Dr. W walked into the class for Anesth this afternoon, the reflection of him on my first glance "Wow, retro!", he is a reminiscent of the good old 70s where pointy glasses, leather jacket and bell bottoms were zealously the-in-thang. Despite of his exotic look, he also has those pointy spectacles and quite a 'trendy' jacket on (where lecturers usually come in their so-doctorish white blazers). With a quite familiar look, I added "dia ni mcm… penyanyi2 zaman dulu, boria ke kugiran like that kan?", then Ima and Kim came with a more precise picture of him "dia ni macam pelakon Nana Tanjung tulaaa!". Oh great, there goes the description of my so called lecturer to whom I failed to give 100% attention.

Perhaps it was the seat where I sat in class today. Be seated on the very last row (very top) at the center of the class was not quite suitable for me. Nevertheless, the seat psychogenic-ally injected sedative anesthesia and thus inactivated my Reticular Activating System (a.k.a the RAS) or I'm not sure how exactly the pharmaco-dynamic of anesthetic sedative drugs work (damn!). The front seats have always had my name visibly written on them as I am always one of the members of 'Front Seat-ers Community' ever since I started studying in lecture halls (college I mean... sbb dekat sekolah duluasyik kena duduk belakang jerrr!).

It was quite a struggled to keep these superior and inferior palpebras (a.k.a eyelids) widely gaping from each other. I was figuring out ways to keep me awake, and found little piece of butter bun in my bag. Eating seemed to help, temporarily. Then I took out my phone to see if there's something I can do and started to sms with Kak Nuzul. She grumbled about her first day of ko-as at the pediatric department. She was on call since yesterday and only came back home for few minutes for shower. Awww… kesian.

Oh well, check out this picture captured in class, sorry I couldn't get his photo from the front side, maybe posterior helps my description - Posterior view of Nana Tanjung.

Talking about phone, the GSM provider of the company which I'm using now is making such big mess with me. I keep getting promotion on countless smsses since this morning! The message tone kept beeping and I kept on be cheated as I am always thrilled of the sound hoping to receive sms from Zhaf ke… so far I've been receiving about 50 of the same freaking sms! Irritating gile nak mati nak kena penyepak dgn *tOot* Sabar… sabar…

Okay I think I better get my evening nap now before this blood pressure elevates again.

Nothing out of the ordinary

Class today was okay, As usual, two classes were cancelled. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery session which was suppose to be replaced with pediatric surgery was called off on the very last minute before 7am. Maybe it was announced on 6:45am, right after I stepped into the hall, while ophthalmology class was cancelled without notice beforehand. Sabar… sabar…

Dr. H from pediatric department has such, hmm… how do I put this? Soft voice that I hardly knew if he has started teaching! Zana accidentally caught some Zs in his class this morning and scribbled down her note of chicken scratch. In her very heavy palpebra (eyelids) almost stuck together that barely show her eyeballs, she claimed that the doctor’s voice was too romantic and cuddly. Lol!

Following the cancellation of 2 classes, I jumped into an angkot to get to the town or better known as Alun-alun. Get some of my to-do-list tasks checked. For some people who think that living in Indonesia is cheap and fun, you might want to consider about their postal cost, their international calling rate and imported food stuff.

I missed today PKPMI meeting due to the heavy rain. It has been raining cats and dogs nowadays here, mostly every evening and night. Thanks to Zhaf who generously bought me a bigger and better Esprit mechanical umbrella for my convenience. I knew you're always my guardian angel, protect me through the rain and UV light everywhere at anytime no matter where you are. Awww…~
Good night!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Detached cord

Ouh, magical! It worked! So now I can start working at this juncture.

*Slipping off her fluffy flip flops and twisting her gangly legs into a modified pretzel position, making herself comfortable blogging in Ms word with a slight jakun-ness*

Now I can have more colorful blog (Blogger color palette is too limited though…). First topic first, my proud-off hydrangea died. No elaboration on that, I still can't diagnose her problem yet. But Miss Pink Rose is blooming another bud.

Secondly, am listening to Flirty At Ten-thirty on Fly Fm as usual. Quite awful on tonight's flirt, but not surprised on how mean people nowadays can be. Sometimes, it may seems mean, but I'm sure there must be a strong reason on every wicked act that goes round the world. Uh, zaman sekarang, nothings so surprising and always ready to expect the unexpected. Truth hurts, live with it!

I'm trying to learn how to read novels, as not a very reading-type of me. *taking deep breath* currently reading Total Rush by Deirdre Martin and fairly getting keen on it. The last novel I remember reading was Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic Series and it happened years back, and totally in loved with em! Those were the only novels I could fit myself into and had a lot of imagination of myself as Rebecca. Oh, not forgotten, I read Konserto Terakhir and constructively finished the whole book within a day even before the new session of school started! It always comes snooping in my mind, how one can get so emotionally endured when they are reading or watching movie, hence whimpering cried to soak the whole pillow out? Some people cried watching the Titanic, One Liter of Tears, reading the Notebook, P/s I Love You, etc… Tips my friend, if you ever came across reading or watching something awful, snap out of your wild imagination on imagining yourself in the picture!! ain't that easy? Or am I just too cold? Hatiku kering mungkin?
Ya, mungkin juga.

I miss home. (Short ad)

Maybe I should get some of the Public Health work done and dozed off (best way to suppress homesickness). Oh yea, I went to the polyclinic the other day. It is one of our IKM tasks, and didn't expect it to be such an easy task. Supposedly, we met the director of the clinic and interview him/her about their management, but the doctor was too busy I reckon that he offered to take our interview questions as his homework and will get the answer typed and done. Baik kan?


Okay lets try how this work in between Microsoft word and Blogger. I just knew that they have this kinda connection that whenever I typed here in Ms can be posted directly to my blog. So… see if this works.



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Of red hot clutch and hydrangea

And so comes the red hot clutch…
Oops, spoiler!!!

Mozza Burger this evening didn’t really taste as yummy as it was years back. Did the Mozza actually have pickles in it? Eeuu… practically that was my lunch which was eaten during dinner. One fact proven today – shopping suppress hunger. That’s one of many easy and fun diet tips I’ve ever discovered. I would be so trim and slender if I were rich and all the money would be spent on clothing, accessories, entertainment and health but not food.

Talking about shopping, I wonder if I have such expensive touch. Whenever browsing on the clothing line, I would grab to check out on the most expensive outfit in the line. I never really wardrobe shopping here in Indon, maybe I should try sometimes. I found out that there are some nice clothing lines at Centerpoint on tolerably affordable prices and renowned quality such as The Executives, Simplicity and such. I ought to get some outfit to class, rather than casual ones. Concerning on another stressful 3 months to survive in this so-called ‘The Lucky Malang’, I need retail therapy besides all the massages, hair spas, mani and pedicures. Since the currency exchange rate has severely plunged, hopefully my fund benefactors will take this matter on their deeper concern and thus bank-in some extra numbers and decimals in my bank account. Amin…

I woke up this morning with much anticipation to visit the nursery. No no, not that nursery… but Splendid, the market where they sell plants and pets. Well, I got a pot of pink rose tree and a big white pot of yellow hydrangea. The hydrangea will turn purple as it grows. My other two housemates were keen on edible plants, but due to the prices which were a little more than their budgets, seeds seems to be good enough. As we returned home all sweaty and nasty (I was carrying my hydrangea in a pot all the way home because the bapak beca was so demanding on the price! Padan muka tak dapat duit langsung, we rather walk!), our other housemates were just woke up and Zana cynically said that my flower will last for at least a week, oh well we’ll see about that…!
Well sayang, since you always see me as Blair Waldorf, I dedicate this hydrangea for you (remember Blair's house always have these flowers on her round table by the stairs?)

Sunday is showing up tomorrow… see if I can start blogging about my chockfull Jogja trip. And yes, put up some pictures here. I just gotta blog about the bursting bus tyre.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Forensic class is not that bad actually. The first few chapters must have been jaded which include the laws, the law sections, the judges, police officers and bla bla. I never love the laws (always go against em`). Conversely, the topic discussed for today is much more sensible and rational for a medical-student-who-don’t-wish-to-work-at-the-forensic-department to learn. I like what have been thought by Dr. Tasmono today, he spoke of a shrewd and made me noted down on 2 and a half pages of extra infos.

Despite of the tautness stress of exams I had which last a fortnight, I am now on a ‘vacation’ in embracing this post-exam week. Also thanks to the lecturers who are too busy to enter for lecture since Monday morning. So far, we’ve been missing lecturers on Surgery, anesth, IPD and dermatology. Nevertheless, the classes have to be replaced sooner or later… Oh yea, and I had 10 hours of safe and sound slumbers since the night after exams over, until Zana somehow could notice these panda bear rings around my eyes.

Yesterday futsal friendly match was good. Though Ball & Blusher got beaten by 2–null, we were still enjoying the whole game since it was all under the opponent’s team expenses. As told by Clara, they paid the court for us as compliment since we agreed and willing to have a match with her team. In other word, they are practicing their skills with the so-called professionals. Their team had been practicing for the match in Jogja this weekend, and they have all the skillful men to trained them, while my team, we played to release our exam stress, without any practice and resigned coach (Hadi resign ke? Or dia merajuk? Lol, wte~!). Wishing you girls all the best for the game in Jogja, I’ll be there to support!

Talking about Jogja, it’ll be my second trip with the PKPMI after Bale Kambang camp. This isn’t really a trip, more to like an invitation for the whole of Malaysian students in Indonesia get together. I hope to get to see the people I know around there… Jogjakarta, depart on Thursday night and will be back by Sunday, InsyaAllah. See you there!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Altered lifestyle

If I were asked about what makes me feel sexy, I would say ‘drenching in sweats’. My favourite sweat is those oozing after 20 rounds of jog around the rector’s field. The dripping of sweats that trickled down from my face and soaking my whole attire, plus the soft morning breeze to evaporate it all, perfectly makes me feel like Angelina Jolie, or better Jessica Alba.

Oh my, how I can get back on such good track like that again? Nevertheless, I am still trying for a work-out regimen on my own, at my own space without having to invest on gym fees and expensive exercise equipments. Exercise ball and dumbbells are still trying to work their magic on me. I just need more time and motivations to work out I reckon… These 160 repetitions of crunches don’t squirt out enough sexy sweats. I feel like Kelly Osbourne instead.

Moving into this new place has altered my daily schedule and taken its toll on my lifestyle. No more jogging every morning, no more walking of two thousands steps to and fro the campus every day and thus, I gained extra 5kgs approximately and I have stopped blogging since then, obviously. Frustrated of the facts, but no initiative for health modifying plan yet. The kitchen by some means has adjusted my peristalsis. Seems like my gastrointestinal has been working 24/7 nowadays and not forgotten, the omentum which has fats proliferation in a drastic rate.

These are simple facts I live by now, not a list of complains. I love this new house (who don’t?). Bigger pinky room, spacious sharing space among my housemates, strategic location behind the hospital and very kind landlord, how can I thank more?

Midterm exams are just over. Some plans need to be arranged and obediently respected for the value of fullest living. I need to get back soaking in sweats and yea… study!

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