Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You define your own success

An arduous confession to be made by one is to admit their wrongs. Be it sins, mistakes, or guilt, it is an insult for human to voluntarily stand up and point it out, hence to go through all the erroneous, despite we all genuinely know that to fix a mistake starts from the basic of where it all started.

Not saying that I'm on a wrong turn, yet not to make any affirmation of the direction of where I am heading is 'The Destiny' I dream of. Merely, I ought to review my map as I am sailing it down my future. The road I mapped before I started my steps may not be the road I would want to trail as I walk by. Perhaps, there will be cross roads on which I would like to take my chances on, or when reverts seem better than forwards, or bogus junctions that I would like to peak into, roadblocks, or just about any possibilities that may come by as I enroute my way down to my destination. In fact, the destination itself may or may not be certain. How can I tell? How can anyone ever told what is there written in the Luh Mahfuz for me?

Life is about countless of trials and failures. Making plans or planning futures are the trials I mean, in which no insurance company dare to cover upon its failure. Nevertheless, we ourselves have to have the guts in taking chances for our own, on our own. But why? Because we are just too ambitious perhaps. Is it wrong to be ambitious facing plans of no guarantee? I am here, have plans, so many indeed and still asking myself why…

Should I stick to my plan? On any circumstances?

Shall I alter some when considered necessary?

Can I still end up there of where I wanted to be?

Might I still be wanting something else besides of what I have planned?

What if I failed?

What if I don't reach there?

What if I am happy of not becoming what I wished for?

What if I just feebly turn failures into something in which I have to succumbed? And fake happiness?

What if I don't like what I am intended to do? Will I still be striking in achieving that so-called dreams?

If my plans were to happen, will I still be celebrating my success of sticking to my plan or will I celebrate my joy of being there?

What if? What if? What if?

Success is a mixture of innumerable ingredients. Only you yourself have the perfect taste buds to it and hold the absolute definition. You define your own success. No one is better than anyone else in the term of self-accomplishment. You can be filthy rich with mansions all around the world, but if you still haven't feel good enough, you will still not success yourself. Every individual have his or her own threshold of triumph. Nobody can tell what you should do and what you should have done.

Know yourself, set a target to accord your needs. It is okay to ditch an old time dreams, life isn't a fairy tale…

Saturday, October 3, 2009

‘The People’

Almost majority of The People I saw today wore batik. It is an alleged of their victory over claiming the originality of batik divulged by the Unesco. How enthusiastic everyone was to be wrapped around their so-proud-of so-called batik. Gelabah seyh!

Alas, what I saw today was among the well fortunate people living in a quite decent area of the country that have worn their 'array-of-victory'. On the other hand, I believe of what I didn't see on the other side of the country is however another bunch of community of a little (or VERY) unfortunate not to have the money to get any, while another hordes of tribes and people in privation that are not even covered in proper clothing. How embarrassing to have half of the citizen to be celebrating their own pompous clothing while the other half are indeed in destitution of poverty and disastrous.

I am sick. Albeit of the awfully emotional racism that's happening around, I am more than sick-to-death to see people of the same race not to even morn for one's grief or even have the heart of concern over other's devastation. There was an earthquake that took the lives of thousands yesterday, and there is a celebration of 'victory' today – how ridiculous!

This place and the people around here are making less and less sense as time goes by. They are much driven by emotion of defending their helplessness over other country (particularly their neighbor of the same ancestors) that they claimed to have so much in rivals.
They seem to 'overly care' of what's happening outside than what's within – behind their own door is actually much more overwhelming agendas.

Why must they stress on protecting their culture to the extent of proclaiming a constitutional rights (while everyone knows that 'culture are hereditary and as neighbors who came from the same ancestors must have inherited of somewhat the same customs and civilization') when they have heaps of other internal problems to be worry about?

Have all the region under your govern been provided with clean drinking water yet?

Have all the children obtain their rights for free education?

Have all the poverty placed under a welfare?

How about the 1-bagger-per-1/2 km2 ? are they going to bag all their life and give birth to more baggers? Is 'bagging' a trend? Or an occupation?

Come on! WAKE UP people!! Enforce your arm before attacking others! Cure your wound before starting a fight! (Black Magic?? Amok? aren't those yesterdays??)

Honestly, the earthquakes that happened yesterday and last month, didn't quite hit my sympathy. Though I pitiful of my friends who are studying there and am sorry for the victims, but little am I dejected for it, yet despicable on how The People sees it – as if nothing. And how they reluctant to mention the name of their so-called-neighbour-in-rival in the news. Well… nothing for us to lose anyway. After all, it's you who are in trouble.

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