Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conceited vanity

Orang melayu cakap lenguh-lenguh
Orang jawa cakap pegel-pegel linu
Orang putih cakap muscle aching
Doctors cakap muscle spasm

Walau apa mereka cakap, saya rasa sama saja. My back is aching and I’m on Ammeltz Yoko-yoko *wink*
In addition to that, a fruit platter and a bowl of nutritious whole-grained cereals with raisins to ensure adequate vitamins consumption and to encounter back all the nasty toxins and caffeine residues that are still encircling in my body system.

To my twins (the kidneys), I really pity that you guys have to work extra hard these days filtering those nasty caffeine. Glomerulus, Bowman’s capsule, and all the tubules, thank you guys for your faithfulness. My urine wouldn’t get caffeinated and smell like one if you guys are not working…

To my heart, you think I didn’t, but I actually realized those tachycardias… I feel bad for the elevated demand of blood supply throughout my systems, but I just can’t help it. The situation is inquiring me to… Please hold on, just a few more days to go.

To my bone cells, I’m sorry that the absorption of calcium is declining nowadays due to the inhibition from the caffeine. I promise I’ll get back with a high calcium intake and protect my bony babies. Thank you for moving me up anyways…

To my fat cells, serve you guys right! I wish all of you will shrink and die, lipolysis and apoptosis. That's my intention for the invaders who make me fat! If I have the money, I would go suck you guys all out! nasty!!

To my muscles, I’ll get back on track and jog up once all this exam phenomenon is over. I promise to get you guys all toned up!

To my brain, you are my very precious. Thanks to the devoted neurons and dedicated neurotransmitters who have been working hard day and night producing, releasing, transmitting, re-uptaking, and degrading just to ensure that this Bil is working fine and live out through her days.
p.s : may I get more dopamine please?

To my whole body and soul and the systems within, thank you for being inside of me and be apart of me! Another 4 more papers (and maybe few remedial papers) to go! And 17 days to home!!! Chayok chayok my body!! We work it out together, we’ll make it through this!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


*sniff sniff* hmm… smells familiar!

My room – smells like Starbucks already! *eyebrows raised twice*

I am so much caffeinated these few weeks. If I used to drink coffee occasionally, say once or twice a month (with half packet brew in a full mug of water), but now it seems like everyday!!! This is just not Bil!

I was brought up to think that coffee is not good, especially for kids. Mama prohibited us from taking coffee (as there was always an inquisitive factor in the environment where I was breed - there were always 2 pots of caffeinated drinks at Mak’s house, one is filled with tea, and the other is coffee). If coffee is bad then how can the elderly drink them? Now, at the age of 22, I guess I am ‘old’ enough to endure myself in the caffeinated state.

Coffee is not bad after all…
(trust me, read this article “Drink Coffee May Extend Life” and you might want to hit the Starbucks by then)

Black coffee reminds me of atok…
Nescafe reminds me of mbah…

Both my grandpa had quite a long life, they both lived up to more than 80 years! – might be the caffeine effects. It’s just that atok passed away few years before mbah, maybe because atok used to smoke pipe, with all the nicotine, tobacco, tar and stuff… (naughty2!).
(Al-fatihah to both of my warriors)

Caffeine products that fueled me lately:
  • Nescafe Body Partner with Hi-Calcium
  • Kapal Api Kopi Moka
  • Good Day Carrebian Nut
  • Power Root Chocolate with Kacip Fatimah
  • CNI Ginseng Coffee
  • CNI Ginseng Tea
  • BOH Teh tarik 2 in 1 (sugar free)
  • Milo Fuze with Hi-Calcium milk

I should burn out my Lampe Berger tonight so that I won't be sleeping in the 'coffee aromatic' room. Though I love the so-called Starbucks smells, but I prefer sleeping with eucalyptus aroma better.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Letter to IPD

Dear IPD 6th sem final exam,
I wouldn’t want to categorize you as the son of a bitch.
No matter how hell you put me through the hundred minutes in the examination hall
- I still want to thank you for the wonderful 98 shitty questions.
They were tough enough, I am punished.
You make me realized that I am not competent to become a doctor - Not just yet...

Nevertheless, I won’t give up on you.
You might win this fight and failed me this time.

I will never let some bitch came in between my way and ruined my dreams.

You knew that I never skipped the lecture,

You knew I wasted a lot of my printer cartridge just to make you perfect cheerful notes to be read,

You knew that I gave up my laptop the whole day just to concentrate on you,

You knew that I gave up my pillows and comfy blanket just to get to know you,

You knew how much I struggled for you in the burning midnight oil,

You knew I got caffeinated because of you,

You knew that I was serious with you,

Do you know that you break my heart?!

You knew, you knew, I know you knew!!!!!!!

Heartbreaking moment

If I were ruthless I would shout this out loud “bittttchhhhh, you fucked up my future!!!!” Well, though it is not confirmed that my ‘future’ is ruined just yet, but for the moment my emotion is all wrecked up and “whaattha?!!”…

My mood is filled with a twist of devastation, anger and resentment, all weaved up neatly like a tangy marshmallow. If only I could eat them, I would chew, grind, crush and squash them up into tiny unidentified insignificant pieces, swallow them and turned them into a stinky, smelliest shit the bowl has ever get!

IPD (Ilmu Penyakit Dalam @ internal medicine) was such heartbreak. I’m under suppression, stifling down my depression. I wouldn’t say that the questions were tricky, but the whole paper was rather a bizarre itself!

First of all, there were 98 MCQ questions, in the duration of 100 minutes. It means that 60.2 seconds for each question? Less actually, minus the time for us to fill up (blacken up) our names, date and student ID number. Almost half of the questions came with a long specific cases, there must be few seconds wasted just to read out the case, a few more to analyzed, a few more to think and decide on the best possible answer, and a few more seconds to tick/shade on the OMR paper. So basically, it was more a fight-over-time battle rather than striving for the best answer situation there. I understand the value of every millisecond in life especially when dealing with deadly situation later when I am facing the real life-saving situation, but in this theory exam case, would you guys please be more lenient and have some merci on us? Relax la…! Kecoh btol! Give us more time and we’ll think better!

Secondly (ridiculously), there can be more than one possible answer to one question. Means that, we can shade up more than 98 circles in the OMR paper to the maximum of 490 shades (if someone is silly enough to shade up all 5 answers for all 98 questions…) !!! There is such a wide range of number shades among 168 students who sat for the paper just now. If you have more than one answer means you’re shading up more and wasting a few more milliseconds than those who have lesser answer than you! The marking system is however, still an absurd.

Thirdly (comically or tricky?), there were cases such as e.g : “Pria berusia 56 tahun, ibu rumah tangga dengan keluhan blabla, gula darah blabla..” So, this patient is actually a house husband? Or there is a mistake in that sentence?

Fourthly, I need to get to find out what kind of Diabetes is Diabetes Mellitus type 1½(It reminds me of 'Platform 9¾')

I was driven with dawdling pace back home in a hypoglycemic state and a slight hypertension. I decided to get some big lunch, for once in a blue moon I had rice. A quarter portion of rice with sayur pecel and ikan tongkol. Damn, I won’t eat that tongkol anymore! Tak sedap!!! The bones are weird either, and one still stuck in between my sinister maxillary 2nd premolar and 1st molar teeth :P

IPD was bitching up with me today…

Pediatric was rather more rascal than ever! There are just too much to blogged about it – I rather keep it to myself. But I would be so much proud of myself if I can be a pediatrician one day and tell my little patients that I flung my 6th sem pediatric final paper. Wait, NO! how can I fail? I never flung any paper before this, and I won’t let that happen.

Oh Allah, the most merciful, I rely on you, if you won’t give me an A, at least not less than C+ pleaseee… Amin~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wise move!

I'm taking this laptop off my desk and into the closet!

Anything, call my cell or just sms.

*hidden hysterical mode*

Blog quotes

My random thoughts are put down into words, so if ever I have dementia, at least I know that I once had a wonderful life.

When I write about myself, I detailed on my life. Then I realized that I am alive, and I have a life…

To those nosy noses out there, I dedicate this blog for you – considering more space for you to fit your nose in.

Spontaneous – that’s what you can’t argue about.

I write, when nobody is there to listen.

This blog has zero benefit to the blinds and patients with visual impairments.

Here, where the untolds are told


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy currently

I have to make myself busy, well…
I don’t want to actually, but I just have to. You just have to know how differentiate between HAVE and OUGH especially at times like this.

Exam is taking its toll on me.
But it’s okay… cause once it's over, I’ll hit the airasia's uncomfortable flight seat to get back home, and give myself a big treat of home indulgence, friends’ gossip sessions and lotsaaa dates with my love.

So now, go Bil!!! You can do it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello exam!

One paper done! Seven more to go! Obstetric and gynecology (or nama famousnya Obgyn) paper was a typical kinda set of questions.

Some are ridiculously easy;
e.g: how many phases are there during parturition?
A. 1, B. 2, C. 3, D. 4, E. 5
- of course the answer is D! like duh~

some are tricky;
e.g : The signs of puberty in female are as follows, except :
A. Body growth, B. Telarche, C. Pubarche, D. Menarche, E. Ovulation
- So, what the heck are those weird languages? Luckily, I’ve read some of the past years seniors’ notes and bumped into those alienated words. Telarche means something like the growth of breast, Pubarche is the growth of pubic hair and Menarche is period. Anyway, the answer is E!

And some****** up question;
e.g : arrgh, malas nak fikir!!!

Hundred of MCQs in 100 minutes can sometimes lead me to a state of restlessness, numbness and most of the time I’ll get nausea. This time, I was a bit laid back, sitting on the chair for 100 minutes, flexile my coli (a.k.a tunduk kepala) while my brain is working hard transmitting the neurotransmitters among million of my brain cells. My muscle tones got cranked up a little especially on my back around the scapula area, maybe a slight spasm on my trapezius muscle. Therefore I did some stretching up while sitting on the chair by extending most of the joints and de-flexing the cranked up muscles. Have you seen how the cats menggeliat? I was doing something like that, until… some of the clothing hooks came off (you guess!). Damn! it was terribly uncomfortable throughout the last 30 minutes before the exam ended! However, I thank god that I was sitting at the very last row, means that nobody was behind me to notice any changes in my attire (though the slight change was underneath the main clothing).

Today’s lesson: Do not do excessive stretching in the examination hall.

Regarding my experiment on insecticide for my thesis, I first need to get the mint leaves extracted into concentrated liquid. After blacking the circles on the OMR papers, I went to the pharmaco lab to see Ibu Vera. Seems like she’s my only hope to help me with the extract. Supposedly, she only accepts a 100 gram of dried and pulverized leaves to be extracted. But I don’t have grinder at home, so I gave her the un-grinded dried leaves. She weighed the leaves and it was only 35 grams!!!! Damn it!!! I bought 1 kg of fresh mint leaves, wasted 3 hours in 3 days plucking off the leaves, leave it to dry and at last, all I got is only 35 grams?! Where did the other 965 grams gone?!

However, the good news is, Ibu Vera can call up the herbs nursery in Batu and get me a 100grams of dried and pulverized mint leaves powder for only Rp 30 000. Phew~ but, I should have known about this earlier so that I won’t be wasting my time and money over the fresh leaves.

If the herbal nursery can send me the thing within 3 days, and Ibu Vera can extract it in the next 7 days, then it would be enough time for me to get the extract and start on my experiment before I go back for holiday. Oops, wait there, I need to make an appointment with Mas Budi, see if he can get me about one hundred of Culex (mosquitoes).

Bed is calling, I’m needing my daily evening nap before I can start crashing myself with the books tonight.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The question that strikes my threshold

A simple and gentle question from Man that sounded like this “U watpe?”, grasp me up and hit me to the threshold. Then I got the answer, and I’m blogging it here!

I didn’t know exactly what I was doing few minutes ago. Looks like I was driven in the schizophrenic state for quite sometimes - seems like I’ve been sitting here on my chair since after I had my breakfast of double toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam. Now that someone hit my thinking box and unintentionally made me come to a realization that I was (I am) wasting my most precious minutes fritter away over the internet, looking through some interesting yet not important stuff while in fact, I badly need to face the books! Exams start tomorrow Bil!!!

I didn’t wake up at 8am as planned yesterday. I woke up 1 hour and 11 minutes after that. Taylor Hanson did sang me ‘Get up and Go’ right at 7:55am, but I kept him on snooze. Kim did sms-ed me asking me to wake up, and she even knocked on my door! Oh Bil, you’re such a &!*@#&$^%

Alright now, come on! Study!! Study!! I still have a great heap of things to read and stored in my long-term memory box.

Random fact : I got a gossip from one of the GBs last night. Didn’t know that GB news spread faster than the GG! Oh I can’t wait to meet my Gs~
(In case if you’re blur... GG : Gossip Girls, GB : Gossip Boys)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's Cry Out Loud!

I hate you along!!!!!
Your fotopages entry spells me a S.T.R.E.S.S with capital letters!

Check out what my so-called lovely family did behind my back when I was not around (when I was squeezing my braincells for exams especially) - for I'm crying out loud! - click here

Wake up call

Most of the morning, I wake up by the alarm on my handphone. The tone had been the irritating ‘noise’ of Asereje (by Las Ketchup) for the past 4 years. I thought I needed some aggravated annoying noise to make my adrenaline rushing abruptly through my veins and thus evict off the sleeping wave in my brain. That was an impulsive way to get me off bed, it was rather mean and detrimental especially to my heart – not a very good morning beginning to start a day.

My all time favourite sound is the sound of water, like in the calm river with a stray of little streams, the sound of waves hitting the beach, the raindrops or something like the sound of man-made water fountain. Particularly, the sound of H2O molecules in the hitting motions. Oh yea, and I love to wake up listening to the birds chirping. I listen to that every morning, and I somehow can envisage the messages the birds are trying to tell. Most of the time, I think the birds are having some bitchy cat fights and arguing each other.

Back to my alarm tone, I’ve changed it to the most energetic tone ever that can keep me bouncy the whole day. Ceewaah~ It’s ‘Get up and go’ by Hanson. Hanson must have composed the song especially for me I reckon *wink*

Then few minutes later, Zhaf called… what a beautiful morning to start with. First I was waken by Taylor Hanson chanting me to ‘Get up and go’, then Zhaf called, giving me the morning spirit and the thought that… I AM LOVED! (by both men I love, hehe)

One of my new year resolutions was 'not to neglect' the Daily Health Newsletter from Medicinenet. So far, I've only read a few, and here's for today -
For those who needs some realization, read this! 'For Happiness, Seek Family not Fortune'

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I swear I was studying. I was reading IPD notes on Rubella when I suddenly miss home so much... looking through the photos of my family, and I found these...

This is my little brother Naufal when he was 10.
Time flew by too quickly that he's now grown up to be a young tall and skinny 13 year old lad. He no more as cute as how he seems in this picture, but some girls his age must have think that he is. Cause now, Naufal has a girlfriend (a long distance relationship) with this girl named Natasha who lives in Shah Alam. Well, taktau la klau skrg Naufal dah tukar gf (he actually dumped his primary school sweetheart, Ima, for this Natasha girl! Ciss...!!).

This photo was taken in the year 2000.
My little brother, Naufal and little sisters Najat (left) and Nawal (right).
p/s: They are not twins!
OMG! they were that cute... weren't they?

I miss the old days when the house was full of whining, screaming, crying, shouting, laughing, fighting and toys scattered all over the place and my school books will have some stickers and doodles on (their misplaced creative artworks). Then our maid will have hard time chasing after them to feed them (especially when it was the stinky Scott's Emulsion time!).

Well Naufal, Nawal and Najat... Ude misses you guys!

p/s to Along : ayo donk~ kapan sih loe?! capek deh nungguin keponakan kuWw...

Dayana Nisbar: hari tu i nampak naufal dkt mamak bistro..
Dayana Nisbar: tinggi dah dia..
Dayana Nisbar: dia tak perasan i lah tapi..
Dayana Nisbar: i still remember him in those phua chu kang boots.

Not just an ordinary instant noodle

Nothing beats homecooked meal (tak kesah la mama yang masak ke, papa ke, kak Siah yg masak ke, Kak Santi ke, Kak Ati ke, Kak Nia ke, Mak ke, angah ke, along ke, sesiapa je la..). Since I came here living alone under my own supervision (living independently la katakan…), meal has been quite a big issue in my daily life. Everyday, in one specific compartment of my mind is reserved for food. Not exactly thinking of a specific food and get drooled off, but it rather comes with a question mark in the end of the sentence e.g; “what should I have for lunch today?”.

If mama thought I was the girl who eats everything, well mom, not anymore. In Indonesia especially, my mind has to work extra hours thinking whether or not to eat, even if the food is right there before my eyes. Why do I have to turn my shiny black hair (with a little golden stripes or highlight) into grey thinking of food?

1. First and foremost – Hygiene factor. I’ve been living here for 3 years, and 90% of the food served is worse than the dirtiest pasar malam you could find in Malaysia. (ada je kedai jual babi and still consider their foods are halal. kepala otak kau!!!)
2. Taste factor. Some taste weird, some are really hot, some are rather too sweet.
3. Money factor. I’m using my own pocket money to buy food!!! If only dirt is edible, I would have saved more cash for saloon and massage.
4. Time factor. Sometimes, I’m always in a rush. So I need an instant or ready-to-go kinda food stuff. Which is, yea.. more expensive.

As it should be, to get all nutritious balanced on every meal, with extra confidence on the hygiene factor, I always make my own meal (waahh… don’t I sound impressive enough?). Wait there, precisely I said, ‘make’ my own meal, not ‘cook’.

What do I usually make myself? My most common meal is a bowl of nutritious cereal of whole-grained diet cereal mixed with normal cornflakes, low fat milk, pieces of apples and slices of banana. One bowl of that can at least keep me energetic the whole night to study. Besides that, I make my own rich sandwich of tuna mayo, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, and a lotttt of lettuce. Sometimes I add in low fat cheese and few slices of tomato. If I feel like cooking something, then quaker oat it is! And of course… instant noodle or what we called it Maggie! However I restrict myself to one packet of Maggie a month. But I actually have more than that since these girls sometimes make Maggie and we share together. My favourite foods in Indonesia I must say are tempe goreng (heaven!!!!), gado-gado (a.k.a ceaser salad Indon style) and tahu telor (not beancurd, but fried tofu, with omelet, and nasi empit, mixed together in kuah kacang).

For dinner today, I ate the healthiest instant noodle so far. It’s called Mie Sehat a product of CNI, Soto ayam flavoured and… with GINSENG *wink*. So theoretically, that ginseng makes it a healthy instant noodle. Well, that’s just the healthiest so far! Why ‘so far’? Cause I have a more more more healthy instant noodle besides that! I have a packet of instant noodle with NO MSG, plus chorella and calcium equivalent to one glass of milk. Now, how’s that sound??

Alrite, done for today. I’ve to wash the dishes and get ready to thump up the books!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Study week challange

PLN must have some hidden agendas behind all these blacked-out thingy. The electricity has been on and off since last month.

Woke up at around 5pm in a blacked-out house. Mbah (my nosy maid) said that it may drag out til 10pm. Damn!!! I was planning to start studying after maghrib since I already spent the whole day for nothing. The girls thought of going to Matos to study there. What??!!! Are you kidding me?! Studying in the mall? At the food court??! *errr??* Alrite, give it a try!!

So then we went to Matos, sitting at the most peaceful corner we could find at the food court. Not exactly the food court, but the restaurant one floor above the food court. Okay la jugak… dpt la cover one topic of psychiatry. Hahaha funny!!

About the massage just now, one word – Superb! A straight 3 hours massage plus lulur (body scrub) non stop.

Holy cow, Ibu Leny is simply marvelous! Later after that, I tidy up my room, change the bedsheet, get a shower and made myself a cup of hot lemon tea. Hmm… If going for spa in Martha Tilaar, they’ll serve us herbal tea with jamu tablet after the body treatment, if going for facial in Melliderma, they’ll serve us hot tea with salted biscuits, if going to the spa in Bali, they’ll make us any fruit juice or any drinks we’d love to have. But if panggil Ibu Leny urut dkt rumah… buat la air sendiri!! Nak minum ape2 boleh, tapi… buat sendiri!!! Hahaha

Alright now, I gotta start hitting the books once again... toodles~

Lesson learned today :
To make a lemon tea, dip the teabag into hot water first before squeezing the lemons. Thank u!


You make me so hot, make me wanna drop, it's so ridiculous, I can barely stop – (handphone ringrone) 5:28am, my handphone screamed and screeched right beside my ear. Ni yang hot ni, siapa yang call pagi2 bute?! Oh… Ibu Leny. Panjaaang umur! I was about to call her today asking her to come over to my room for a massage. Oh ibu, you’re my credit saver!

“Nabilah, selamat pagi sayang, ini Ibu Leny! Ibu cuma mau coba nomor baru. Skrang ibu udah pake XL. Katanya Siti, anak-anak smua kebanyakannya pake XL kan? Pelanggan2 lain juga byk yg pake XL, jd ibu juga tukar nomer. Murah ya Bila?”

(Dalam hati) “Ya Allah, ape kejadahnya nak test nombor baru pagi2 bute ni??!”

(Dengan suara control tanak dengar mcm baru bangun tido) “Eheem.. Oohh ibu leny!!! Ya ya, pake XL murah buk!”

After a few minutes of conversation, Ibu Leny agreed to come by my house around 10am. Yay!!!

In one hour, I’ll get a full body massage. All these aching and pains will be banished off and I’ll be back hitting the books with full of concentration this whole week until exam! (amiiiin~)

I skipped my Saturday Saloon-day last week, so this is going to be a good treat! *wInK*

Dr. Bil is MC for a day

I’ve wanted to do this the whole day – blogging. Somehow something is hindering me – wonder what. Today is such an unproductive day! Been sleeping and tossing around on bed the whole day! Body is aching, no appetite for food (only had biscuits and quaker oats). Its study week now, finals start on the 23rd which is just less than 6 days. OMG! (yeah, OMG!).

Why didn’t I blog earlier?
1. Head was spinning (IS still spinning though)
2. Air filling up my gaster, thus I’ve no appetite, no food consuming, no energy to write
3. Whole body is aching. My back especially
4. Is it just because it’s ‘study week’?
5. I have no idea what to blog about? (aahh tipu!!! I had a lot to write)
6. No time to online (tipuuuu lagi!!! I’ve been online since I woke up this morning)
7. Just need to study (yeaaaaaaaaa rite Bil!!! Yeah you NEED to study, but did you??!) *bLush*

So now I’ve started writing... what is that ‘so many things’ to write about?
1. The 1 day countdown before Hari H of Dekan Cup (Saturday, 14th July)
2. Saturday was a damn hectic day of choral speaking practice and dancing the Bendera song (8am – 4pm)
3. Also supporting our liveband in the battle of the band
4. My batch won the cooking contest. Congrats guys!!! And we messed up the whole place cooking the leftovers and celebrate our victory
5. Dekan Cup Day – one heck of the hectiest day so far.
6. I was a lousy conductor for our choral speaking, but things turned out great though
7. Maybe I got Indonesianized – as I wrote the script on Perjuangan Indonesia for the choral speaking, wore the red+white neck tie, and was totally enjoyed dancing and singing along the lagu Bendera, holding up one Indonesia flag on my hand.
8. Batch 2005 is officially the over-all champion for the Dekan Cup year 2008. Worth all the hard work, pain, time and money spent.
9. I’m loving my batchmates, I’m loving Indonesians.
10. Got home, drop dead! All body aching.
11. Planning to call Ibu Leny for massage tomorrow.

Check out the song Bendera by Cokelat. It’s one heck of a cool patriotic song. Can some Malaysian write a patriotic song like this??? It gives the effect of nationalism, minus the ‘kindergarten-like-melody’. To Malaysian, take time to compare this Bendera song with our Jalur Gemilang.

Starting tomorrow 17th July, 2008:
Jogging - MC (body aching)
Studying - Night shift (Gotta start hitting the books somehow!!)
Procrastinating - Quit!!!
Shopping - weekends only
Sleeping - After 11pm at least
Pool - Quit!!
Chatting - On condition
Blogging - Short entry with time limit.
Facebooking - With time limit. Application limited for FFS and My City. No checking out other people's profiles! Stop being nosy granny!!

p/s: below are photos taken yesterday, before and after the Dekan Cup event. I'll update with more pics later!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bil, Bil, and Bil

The conversation that takes place right here, right now :


: Bil, study la!

Bil lagi

: Ye la, tau…

Bil jugak

: bistu?? Pegi laa study, ape tunggu lagi?!


: Ntah! Pegi la blaja skrg!

Bil lagi

: Skrg penat la, ngantuk…


: Camne boleh penat? Dah la byk tido, still penat lagi?

Bil jugak

: Penat buat apa?! Dah la semalam, kelmari, haritu, dulu2, pun tak penah study jugak… *bluErk*


: Spatutnya tadi nak blaja, tapi tiba-tiba Niken panggil utk practice dancing :(

Bil jugak

: Aaah alasan!! Sebelum Niken panggil, Bil buat apa?

Bil lagi

: Bil tengah… nak tido. Ingatkan nak study mlmni, so nak tidur skjaaaap je!


: Haa look! Even before Niken panggil pun… dah nak tido. Before nak tidur tu, Bil buat apa?

Bil lagi

: Sembahyang

Bil jugak

: Before sembahyang?

Bil lagi

: Ngaji

Bil jugak

: Before ngaji?

Bil lagi

: Baca yaasin, before baca yaasin smbhyang Maghrib, before that mandi, before that lagi bersantai2 dpn laptop sambil tunggu time nak maghrib, before that lagi… anyway, harini kan balik lambat dari campus, hujan plak tu, dah la practice byk, penat tau!! Waaaa~


: okay2… semalam?

Bil lagi

: Semalam… quite stress pasal Dekan Cup, pastu practice lama gak. Petang tu Kak Nad ajak kluar. So pegi kluar dgn Kak Nad and Abg Sam, jln2 dlm kreta. Rindu kak Nad, dah lama tak kluar dgn dia. Dia asyik busy jaga dkt hospital je.


: hmm..!!! Before kluar dgn Kak Nad?

Bil lagi

: Petik daun mint drpd balik dari class, pastu basuh2, bilas2 daun mint.


: okay, at least tu something yg berfaedah there I see... TA (thesis) work.

Bil jugak

: malam semalam??!

Bil lagi

: Pas mghrib, pegi main pool utk menenangkan fikiran, pastu, gi tengok liveband skejaaaap. Rupanya, nama Panji punya band tu is Spaghetti Band, baaaru makcik tau~

Bil jugak

: Cis! Buang masa jer!

Bil lagi

: klau tak pegi pool pun, mesti tak study, sbb takde mood. Nak buat camne? *eye rolling*


: okay2, lepas balik dari pool?

Bil lagi

: sampai2 rumah je, tak sempat2 nak masuk bilik, tengok the girls tgh lepak2 dpn TV, gossiping and… urut mengurut!!! Bil k an mmg pantang tgk aktiviti urut mengurut ni, so join la! Aaah~ sedapnyaaa…


: Eeeee Bil!!! Tak penting!!! Patut balik tu, dah hilangkan stress, boleh la study… *geram mode *

Bil lagi

: ntah la, tapi urut mcm lagi best jer~ nak tau apa jadi lepas aktiviti urut mengurut and gossiping? *blink2*

Bil jugak

: APE?! *marah mode*

Bil lagi

: Mandi, smyang, ngaji and… tido!!! Hahaha

Bil jugak

: tak guna btol!!!

Bil lagi

: lepas mandi malam mesti rasa bessstt gile utk drop dead on bed. Nak buat camne…~


: Bil, please!!!!!!!!!! Study la!!!!!!!! Exam is so damn freaking near…

Bil jugak

: dah la tough subjects. Notes dah complete belum?

Bil lagi

: arrghh!! Stress!!! Printer kan dah mabuk! Camne nak print notes?! Besok la.. besok Bil pegi cari notes and Photostat jer. Okay?

Bil jugak

: betul besok? Promise?

Bil lagi

: Oops, besok kan practice dekancup. Petang besok then. Then malam boleh start study.

Bil jugak

: Kalau tak study jugak?


: Klau tak study besok, denda hari sabtu tak boleh pegi saloon!


: So now? Nak buat apa?

Bil lagi

: Tido la… dah kol 12 okay~

All Bils

: Aarrhhh!!! Kenapa kena ada exams??!!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catching the 'z's

Nasi lemak!!! Yea, I had that for breakfast this morning. Aww~ how I miss Malaysia. I’m not going to tell further about this nasi lemak, it’s just that, it was the most pedasssss nasi lemak I’ve ever had in my entire life. The pedasness camouflaged the lemak taste of the nasi, I burned my gaster and my lips were numbed. I usually don’t eat a lot of sambal here (Indonesian sambal is fiery flaming hot!), but since it was registered in my mind that it was nasi lemak’s sambal, so I just ate up everything and got my nose running.

I guess the ATPs a.k.a adenosine triphosphate a.k.a energy all frenziedly worked out in my stomach and the whole process along my digestive tract. Therefore, a reduced amount of blood distribution to my brain (which was suppose to get 80% of the energy consumption quota), and thus it became less oxygenized. As a result, I was sleepy the whole morning during surgery class. Fortunately, it was just an extra surgery class where the dosen arranged just to show us the animated video on how the digestive tract is formed in embryo. I actually learned that in anatomy during first year, and also in obgyn class early this sem.

So I guess, it wasn’t about the dosen who marched in the class with devils this time. It was the inadequate blood distribution to my brain that caused the siesta. Since was all in a snoozy mode even when the class has ended and badly need to catch a few ‘z’s (a.k.a nap), so I ran back home, skipped Obgyn class and dozed off!! (burok perangai!!!! but... sumpah mengantuk!)

The IPD class which was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled today was cancelled. Hmm… suke hati kau la nak ajar ke tak!!! Dah taktau nak cakap ape~

Dekan Cup practice went smoothly this evening. My team was fairly okay, I hope everyone will give their full commitment to practice hard and give their best as time goes by til the ‘hari H’. *I wonder why they call it ‘Hari H’, why ‘H’?? Normally, if people is referring to some unknown, we usually take the letter ‘X’… ape2 lah~

Oh no, the rain has stopped??! I was thinking of catching a few ‘z’s while listening to the mellowness of the rhythmic rain drops and wrapped up in tranquility of the chilling mist. Nevermind… tido jer lah!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh when the saints go marching in

Internal Medicine class was cancelled *pretending to be normal-kinda mode*. For god’s sake, final exams are in less than 2 weeks and these lecturers still buat perangai??!! Come over here, I order you to teach us! The class is re-scheduled tomorrow at 11am. So tomorrow will be a wild marathon of tough subjects, starting from Surgery at 7-9am, Obgyn at 10-11am and IPD (Internal Medicine) at 11am-(?).

We liberally enjoyed our 3 hours of free time (IPD class suppose from 7-10am) practicing for Dekan Cup performance (the interval of time before our psychiatry class started). My team is almost perfect, everyone is getting more ‘kompak’ despite of the ‘issue’ we had yesterday, and the breathing space is wider for me in handling the responsibility to this task. I believe that teamwork is all it takes!

Little did we realized that 3 hours flew by, while we were busy dancing and stunting and shouting, the ‘class watchers’ rushed in “dosen udah datang!!”. The chaotic mess turned into a neat and tidy lecture hall just in a blink of eye, as if there was a genie picking his fingers to settle us up before the dosen walked in.

No offence but let me put it in this phrase “Lecturer march into the class with devils”.
Once I saw the figure in white coat by the door, I could feel as if there were tones of weight on my eyelids and the contagious yawn started to spread. Why? Why do the evils have to be so devilish? I was trying hard to concentrate in class, I always sit on the very front row and in the middle of the class, right in front of the dosen – with hope that dosens can somehow be the saints to expel all the devilish spells off me, and let me study in peace.

Is this the end of the Oreo era?!

Oreo – obviously fattening. So?

Nicely wrapped up half packet of oreo dunked in low fat milk in my adiposity tummy. Maybe I should get some of the musculus rectus abdominalis developed in distinct shape too. Not ‘maybe I should’ instead ‘I really badly need to’!

Oreo – my major weakness in the whole wide world.

Look what I found in my mailbox yesterday, a forwarded email from mama :

Subject: USA & European countries banned on OREO cookies consumption!!!

Dear OREO Luvers,

For those who can't read Mandarin, here is the translated version of the article attached below:


An attorney fromCalifornia filed a lawsuit against Krafts, stating that OREO produced by the company not only causes damages in health, but also dishonestly promote their products; requesting the company to halt the sales of OREO in the market.

OREO contains hydrogenated oil or Trans fats, to prolong the storage of the biscuit, but at the mean time increase the consumption of BAD CHOLESTEROL, increasing the possibility of diabetes and heart disease.


Although the research on Trans Fats affecting health has not been concluded, the national institute of science research states that any amount of Trans Fats consumed is not safe.

[Hysterical mode] : Whyyyyyy??!!!! Why does it has to be my baby??!! Ohhhh no!!! please tell me that this is only a phrank! A rumor sabotaging my baby love Oreo… Awww... I've been an ardent oreo monster since I was a little... (yea no wonder I grew up to be such a gigantic size monster too) but, so saddddd :(

Do I care? Will I stop consuming? ahaaa~ we'll see...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Capek deh~

Quite an exhausting day~
Woke up for Subuh around 4:30am (first time in this week I managed to wake up on my own – usually Zana or Kim will be my Subuh alarm), recite few pages of Quran and got very lazy to lift up this ass from the sejadah, so I continued with other morning doa and rituals til it turned 6am. Quite sleepy in the class, especially when the dosen talked over a 2 slides presentation of graphics, as he kept on repeating the same thing over and over. It was supposed to be a surgery class, but he was too much into further details which we have learnt in biochemistry years back. Practically, a kopiko and mentos yoghurt kept my eyes wide open and plunk a constant stimulation on my ‘short-term-concentration-loss’ disease.

Choral speaking was a chaos early this morning when we (the Malaysian) thought of cancelling the show (yea, ‘cancel’ it, not ‘quitting’ it, cause we the one who are in charged). After giving much tolerance to the unpunctuality of the batch members and being a mediocre of out batch’s presentation for Dekan Cup, I told the coordinator that we might not going to make it if things keep on being under the procrastination of the other members. I was firmed on my decision as I feel responsible for my friends who were much eager and excited about the whole thing at first. To cut the long story short, we managed to persuade and gather numbers of people to join in the performance. Practice ended around 1:30pm.

Evening napping cut short due to some task. I was plucking 1 kg of mint leaves (separating the leaves from the stems) for 3 hours this evening. Did the same thing since yesterday and going to continue plucking again tomorrow. My fingers smells like smelly mints up til now! Tediously wasting my time plucking the leaves, which at first I thought of paying someone to do it for me, but it’s always better and cheaper to do it by myself and get to hold delicately of every tiny bit of the leaves with my own hand – there’s apart of the precious sentimental value from the whole experiment.

So far, this is how much I’ve spent for my thesis:
Last sem, Photostat + binding – Rp ±20000
29th May, Photostat + binding – Rp 23300
8th June, Mint leaves – Rp 1650
9th June, Mint leaves – Rp 14383

Soon, there’ll be more to spend. Tension gak la… Lab registration fees, upah Mas Budi tangkap nyamuk, upah Ibu Fera untuk extract-kan mints, and few lab apparatus. Relax… relax, I already got a sponsor for my thesis. Thanks Along cantik!!!

Sunday is Dekan Cup, Saturday is the saloon-day. Next week is study week, and the week after next week is finals for 2 weeks! And then… balikkkkk!!! Kita enjoyyyy!!
Zuffy, here I come baby!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Customers' right - always

I hate to say this, something which I’ve been wishing I could say and now that it’s the time – Malang is getting more interesting than ever. Lol! Compared to when I first reached here, it was nothing less than how the scene was in the P.Ramlee movies. I mean, Malang was such a very conservative place I’ve ever been. So old fashioned! The buildings, signboards, people, malls and almost everything (except for the cars – they drive quite luxurious car I must say, tapi bukan la Lamborghini, Bentley Continental, Porsche, or anything like that).

Now, Malang has Mal Olimpik Garden a.k.a MOG! Though Subang Parade is better than MOG, but I thank god that at least there’s another place to shop besides Matos (yang setaraf Summit USJ). There’s Giant supermarket there!!! At least it’s cheaper, bigger, and more variety than Hypermart.

Do I always sound like I’m complaining much about Indonesia in my previous posts? Well, here’s another complain! There’s no such words as ‘organized’ and ‘systematic’ in most of their dictionaries. We went for lunch at this one restaurant. The futuristic design coated with calmness ambience was the main attraction of the restaurant. The menu raised us into salivations despite of the quite-ridiculous price.

Patiently waited to be served, we observed the customers around, they come and they go, yet our tables are still empty. Whattha??! “tolong panggilin manajernya ke sini!” the waitress seemed blurry, and said “ada apa yg bisa dibantu mbak?”, “ga, panggil aja manajernya, ada yg mau di ngomongin”. I started my engine, the fuel was about to burn, the accelerator was about to be pressed down. The manager came and I complain about the unfairness of their poor service. He apologized for their ineffectiveness, but I just couldn’t take his apology and asked him to come out with a different way of apologizing to us. Then our meals came with complimentary single-scooped ice creams for each of us.

Maybe it was just their luck to get to see my bitchy-ness of the day, the food came, but Siti’s Udon came with an extra ingredient inside – a little piece of paper inside!!! OMG! “Okay, Mr. manager, come and see this!!! Look!!”.

They seemed to get few chances to see my bitchy performance with my slutty words. Finally, it came to the bills. Siti and I was checking it to calculate our prices, then we realized that there was ‘Mee Sapi Teriyaki’, who the hell ordered that?! Jaya?? Jaya was suppose to have mee ayam teriyaki, not sapi. She’s a hindu for god’s sake and is forbidden to consume beef! So, where did this problem came from? The waitress? The chef? The counter? We called the waitress, asked her for the paper where she wrote our orders. She was confused, but we insisted! Lucky her, she wrote ‘ayam’ there. Then a different manager came, we told him about the receipt, was it a printing mistake, or they really did serve Jaya with Beef teriyaki? As bias as they can be, of course they said it was just a printing mistake.

At first when Jaya’s meal came, I really thought that the meat was beef. They looked like beef, dark and really beefy. So she asked the waitress if it was either beef or chicken, and the waitress said it was chicken. So, we just succumbed. Others thought that it was beef too actually, but as ravenous got into Jaya’s vein, she couldn’t care less about how the meat looked like – and so did us. The row between us and the management of the restaurant didn’t just end there, we insisted to differentiate between those two meats, to be firm, we asked them to bring some chicken meat and beef meat, so that we can confirmed back what we have just saw in Jaya’s bowl previously. I must say that they wore shoes on their heads – simply stupid… they brought us raw meats in two different bowls! Of course we can differentiate raw meats you idiots!!! Go and turned these two meats into teriyakis and show them to us!

In view of the fact that Jaya was in her lowest point of being sinful of eating beef and wanted to puked, we turned all these stupid mess off and leave the place… urgh!!!

Is it the Indonesian, or it's just because I'm in Indonesia??

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 6th Semester

The 6th sem…
A treat for all students of Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya. The first shocking moment of this sem was even before the sem started. I looked at the timetable and couldn’t believe my eyes. Everyday, classes end by 11am. Some might start from 7am, some are from 8am. Only for four days a week?! Actually, there’s a radiology class on Friday, but since I already took that class during last semester, so Friday is a free day. Subsequently, I registered for another class to fill my Friday, which is Gigi & Mulut @ Gimul (Oral & Dental Care), which is supposed to be taught on my 8th semester.

Gimul class is held on every Friday, 8 to 10am at the lecture hall in the teaching hospital. Which means, I’ve to take the angkut to the hospital. Angkut ride was fine for me despite of the uncomfortable, cramped, smelly, dampen situation in that old mini van with tiny seats (which can actually fit in up to 15-16 person per angkut). But what concern me the most was the fare. It used to be Rp1300 when I first came, then it increase up to Rp2000, and starting last 2 days, the fare rose up to Rp2500 per ride, regardless of the destination, as long as it’s along the route. Rp2500 is not cheap compared to the condition of the angkut, it almost equals to RM1, which by that amount you’re able to get a way much comfortable ride on an air-conditioned spacious bus with velvet covered cushion and high headrest. After all, how can I expect anything better in Indonesia. Live with it! At least for another 3 more years, bare with it Bil, you can do it!! (As a true survivor I am, I’ll outback, outwit, outlast! OeOoEo-eo-eO-aAa EeeOo *The Survivor theme song playing in the air*)

The second ‘best’ thing about 6th sem is that, there is only lectures. No lab work, no assignments, no out bounding to give free medical check-up at the rural areas, and some of the time, there’s not even classes to attend the whole day! We’re actually given a lot of free time this sem to settle on our thesis. Thesis must be done by the 8th semester as a ticket to start our practical at the hospital or by the other word, becoming ‘Dokter Muda’ (Housemanship). I’ve already started writing my thesis and submitted the proposal. It was an exhausting process! And it’s still a very very long way to go. My next step is to get my second consultant before I could proceed with the laboratory registration. Meanwhile, I should re-organized my proposal as to re-print it with index page and maybe meet my consultant if he has anything to add in. Btw, for my thesis I’m doing the easiest and cheapest experiment. I’m testing on environmental elements (plants) to see their effectiveness as insecticide. As easy as it sounds, I am procrastinating!!! I hate myself for being so.

The funniest thing about 6th sem is that, my girlfriends (my housemate especially) are indulging into sorts of new hobbies. At first, it was a knitting craze. Started from Ima and Maryam who brought the knitting habit from home. Then it spread to Jaya, Zana, Idayu, Anis, Kim, Niken and even Sit! They started visiting the knitting shop at Matos (Malang Town Square – the biggest shopping mall in Malang, situated few steps away from our doorstep), bought rolls of wools, stick and other knitting equipment. They turned the balls of wools into pretty shawls (muffler), socks and even baby’s shoes (orang takde keje…). Thank god that I didn’t get influenced! Kim started knitting few lines and she found that she wasn’t born with the talent, so Sit took over her rocking chair and reading glasses (imagining an old lady doing knitting by the veranda).

Now, after notching and pulling threads, they seem to have a different interest. They are now into musical instrument, guitars and drums basically. They knew zero about music and now they’re starting from stretch. Even I myself who learnt the piano and music theory for years (during my school days) didn’t get a slight triggered to start playing any instruments now. Nonetheless, I’m proud of my friends who are well determined and very positive about learning new things (Meli, our Indonesian housemate as the FOC music teacher). Since we don’t have drums at home and no sufficient budget to get one, they only bought the drumstick and start making their own imaginary drum set (not so imaginary, they’ve been hitting tables, beds and whatever, you named it). Currently, most of the night, me and my girls will be singing along with the guitar at the hall. Maybe they’re thinking of building up a band, and already appointed me to be their keyboardist. Lol!! I feel like Taylor Hanson!!!!

Then what about me? As all my friends are possessing into new hobbies, I’m getting back into my old hobby, which is… blogging (lame…). Looking through my previous blogs, I realized how much I’ve missed and how much more I’ll be missing if I didn’t keep track of my thoughts.

6th Semester is packing its bag, and soon to wave us goodbye. The track is still long for us, two more semesters to go, and plus another 2 more years of practical. Shall I say hello to the seventh semester? Oh, I'm just not ready yet... thinking of hectic my life can be... Let me get my holiday!! Come on final exams! bring it on!!! Bring it on now!! (uh.. no no, I must be joking, finals just can't start now! not ready yet!!!)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Adapting exasperation of the typical locals

Tossing and turning up on the bed monotonously for hours before this flabby arse is finally lifted up very classical of Sunday morning... It was six by the time my chi found its body. Albeit of missing my compulsory morning ritual, another sin is made to myself of ‘violating’ my own body for missing my morning jog. Betraying my own self of omitting jogging for a sinful slumber is unforgivable, especially when I have a portion of fried rice, 2 pieces of KFC pekerdil (mmg KFC sini ade jual begedil okayy~), half packet of Oreo strawberry with few glasses of milk (nasib baik low-fat, but still…) and a medium bag of Lays still dominating my stomach – I need to burn em all up!!!

I shouldn’t be too stressful today, calming down my soul and clearing up my mind of all the awfulness that’s happening yesterday. Yesterday, Saturday – saloon day ; Bad-haired-day (dragged up to be bad-haired-months). [calm mode] Practically, a bitch (undergraduate hairstylist I suppose) made a big mess with my hair. I am not going to elaborate this story as it’ll spoil my whole Sunday. Despite of my fiery anger and my full-lighted big palm for a big spank on her face, I was controlled by this pure iman I have in my heart *eHeem*. In addition to my forceful iman, the annoyance was reduced down when the person who was doing me a hairspa and head-and-shoulder massage was quite a cute lad. No feelings involved here, but at least I wasn’t handled by another stupid looking Indons which probably will intensify my stresses. I came back home with a lighter head burden, shinier and healthier, yet newly stupid looking hair. The evening while waiting for dinner, everyone was actually complaining about their Saturday – The saloon day. Jay and Zana actually went to saloon too that evening (a different saloon) and had a bad-haired-day too. What was wrong with the entire saloonist nationwide? Simply stupid typical Indons! (No offence…)
(reminiscing of old blog - 20th Nov, 2005, "Accidentally pampered")

Nothing much happening last night except that I had to walk down the mall with this hair. Kak Nuzul asked me to accompany her doing some grocery shopping at the hypermart, then later for a quick dinner at KFC before heading up to her room for a little chitchat. Btw, she had done with her thesis drudgeries, and had her thesis presentation and exam last Friday. Guess what she got? Of course an A!!! I was there outside the examination room while she was presenting, and I was the first one to know her result! Congratulations to you!!! How I wish I will get an A for my thesis too. It was planned for me to be around the campus after I got back from Gimul lecture at the hospital. I needed to see my consultant for his approval on my lab registration procedure (me and Kak Nuzul have the same consultant), since I knew that he would be there at the examination room, so I straight away came, waited for him (it’s very hard to get to meet him, even on appointment, he’ll be busy all the time). The lab registration procedure is almost complete now, but I still haven’t gotten my 2nd consultant yet. I need to get my 2nd consultant (from the Methodology department) as to complete the protocol of registering my thesis at the thesis department. However, some plain-another-typical Indon habit, the Methodology Department is procrastinating on the route! Okay Bil… sabar… With a rather big frustration running through my vein, I went to get some lunch at the cafĂ© where I met Thanes The Gossip Guy busy studying for his pancasila exam! As usual, I was updated with gossips *wInK*

Alright, enough blogging for now. I get to get out of the room and feel the Sunday morning sun, tidy up my room, take a shower, eat some breakfast and maybe do a bit of reading.

p/s : referring to title of this entry... 'locals' here means 'the citizen of the country where I am currently at now' (ya'l know...)
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