Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 6th Semester

The 6th sem…
A treat for all students of Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya. The first shocking moment of this sem was even before the sem started. I looked at the timetable and couldn’t believe my eyes. Everyday, classes end by 11am. Some might start from 7am, some are from 8am. Only for four days a week?! Actually, there’s a radiology class on Friday, but since I already took that class during last semester, so Friday is a free day. Subsequently, I registered for another class to fill my Friday, which is Gigi & Mulut @ Gimul (Oral & Dental Care), which is supposed to be taught on my 8th semester.

Gimul class is held on every Friday, 8 to 10am at the lecture hall in the teaching hospital. Which means, I’ve to take the angkut to the hospital. Angkut ride was fine for me despite of the uncomfortable, cramped, smelly, dampen situation in that old mini van with tiny seats (which can actually fit in up to 15-16 person per angkut). But what concern me the most was the fare. It used to be Rp1300 when I first came, then it increase up to Rp2000, and starting last 2 days, the fare rose up to Rp2500 per ride, regardless of the destination, as long as it’s along the route. Rp2500 is not cheap compared to the condition of the angkut, it almost equals to RM1, which by that amount you’re able to get a way much comfortable ride on an air-conditioned spacious bus with velvet covered cushion and high headrest. After all, how can I expect anything better in Indonesia. Live with it! At least for another 3 more years, bare with it Bil, you can do it!! (As a true survivor I am, I’ll outback, outwit, outlast! OeOoEo-eo-eO-aAa EeeOo *The Survivor theme song playing in the air*)

The second ‘best’ thing about 6th sem is that, there is only lectures. No lab work, no assignments, no out bounding to give free medical check-up at the rural areas, and some of the time, there’s not even classes to attend the whole day! We’re actually given a lot of free time this sem to settle on our thesis. Thesis must be done by the 8th semester as a ticket to start our practical at the hospital or by the other word, becoming ‘Dokter Muda’ (Housemanship). I’ve already started writing my thesis and submitted the proposal. It was an exhausting process! And it’s still a very very long way to go. My next step is to get my second consultant before I could proceed with the laboratory registration. Meanwhile, I should re-organized my proposal as to re-print it with index page and maybe meet my consultant if he has anything to add in. Btw, for my thesis I’m doing the easiest and cheapest experiment. I’m testing on environmental elements (plants) to see their effectiveness as insecticide. As easy as it sounds, I am procrastinating!!! I hate myself for being so.

The funniest thing about 6th sem is that, my girlfriends (my housemate especially) are indulging into sorts of new hobbies. At first, it was a knitting craze. Started from Ima and Maryam who brought the knitting habit from home. Then it spread to Jaya, Zana, Idayu, Anis, Kim, Niken and even Sit! They started visiting the knitting shop at Matos (Malang Town Square – the biggest shopping mall in Malang, situated few steps away from our doorstep), bought rolls of wools, stick and other knitting equipment. They turned the balls of wools into pretty shawls (muffler), socks and even baby’s shoes (orang takde keje…). Thank god that I didn’t get influenced! Kim started knitting few lines and she found that she wasn’t born with the talent, so Sit took over her rocking chair and reading glasses (imagining an old lady doing knitting by the veranda).

Now, after notching and pulling threads, they seem to have a different interest. They are now into musical instrument, guitars and drums basically. They knew zero about music and now they’re starting from stretch. Even I myself who learnt the piano and music theory for years (during my school days) didn’t get a slight triggered to start playing any instruments now. Nonetheless, I’m proud of my friends who are well determined and very positive about learning new things (Meli, our Indonesian housemate as the FOC music teacher). Since we don’t have drums at home and no sufficient budget to get one, they only bought the drumstick and start making their own imaginary drum set (not so imaginary, they’ve been hitting tables, beds and whatever, you named it). Currently, most of the night, me and my girls will be singing along with the guitar at the hall. Maybe they’re thinking of building up a band, and already appointed me to be their keyboardist. Lol!! I feel like Taylor Hanson!!!!

Then what about me? As all my friends are possessing into new hobbies, I’m getting back into my old hobby, which is… blogging (lame…). Looking through my previous blogs, I realized how much I’ve missed and how much more I’ll be missing if I didn’t keep track of my thoughts.

6th Semester is packing its bag, and soon to wave us goodbye. The track is still long for us, two more semesters to go, and plus another 2 more years of practical. Shall I say hello to the seventh semester? Oh, I'm just not ready yet... thinking of hectic my life can be... Let me get my holiday!! Come on final exams! bring it on!!! Bring it on now!! (uh.. no no, I must be joking, finals just can't start now! not ready yet!!!)

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Millie said...

i am very much kagum with ur ability to write this long! :)

best of luck being the next taylor hanson! ahaha. ;p

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