Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not just an ordinary instant noodle

Nothing beats homecooked meal (tak kesah la mama yang masak ke, papa ke, kak Siah yg masak ke, Kak Santi ke, Kak Ati ke, Kak Nia ke, Mak ke, angah ke, along ke, sesiapa je la..). Since I came here living alone under my own supervision (living independently la katakan…), meal has been quite a big issue in my daily life. Everyday, in one specific compartment of my mind is reserved for food. Not exactly thinking of a specific food and get drooled off, but it rather comes with a question mark in the end of the sentence e.g; “what should I have for lunch today?”.

If mama thought I was the girl who eats everything, well mom, not anymore. In Indonesia especially, my mind has to work extra hours thinking whether or not to eat, even if the food is right there before my eyes. Why do I have to turn my shiny black hair (with a little golden stripes or highlight) into grey thinking of food?

1. First and foremost – Hygiene factor. I’ve been living here for 3 years, and 90% of the food served is worse than the dirtiest pasar malam you could find in Malaysia. (ada je kedai jual babi and still consider their foods are halal. kepala otak kau!!!)
2. Taste factor. Some taste weird, some are really hot, some are rather too sweet.
3. Money factor. I’m using my own pocket money to buy food!!! If only dirt is edible, I would have saved more cash for saloon and massage.
4. Time factor. Sometimes, I’m always in a rush. So I need an instant or ready-to-go kinda food stuff. Which is, yea.. more expensive.

As it should be, to get all nutritious balanced on every meal, with extra confidence on the hygiene factor, I always make my own meal (waahh… don’t I sound impressive enough?). Wait there, precisely I said, ‘make’ my own meal, not ‘cook’.

What do I usually make myself? My most common meal is a bowl of nutritious cereal of whole-grained diet cereal mixed with normal cornflakes, low fat milk, pieces of apples and slices of banana. One bowl of that can at least keep me energetic the whole night to study. Besides that, I make my own rich sandwich of tuna mayo, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, and a lotttt of lettuce. Sometimes I add in low fat cheese and few slices of tomato. If I feel like cooking something, then quaker oat it is! And of course… instant noodle or what we called it Maggie! However I restrict myself to one packet of Maggie a month. But I actually have more than that since these girls sometimes make Maggie and we share together. My favourite foods in Indonesia I must say are tempe goreng (heaven!!!!), gado-gado (a.k.a ceaser salad Indon style) and tahu telor (not beancurd, but fried tofu, with omelet, and nasi empit, mixed together in kuah kacang).

For dinner today, I ate the healthiest instant noodle so far. It’s called Mie Sehat a product of CNI, Soto ayam flavoured and… with GINSENG *wink*. So theoretically, that ginseng makes it a healthy instant noodle. Well, that’s just the healthiest so far! Why ‘so far’? Cause I have a more more more healthy instant noodle besides that! I have a packet of instant noodle with NO MSG, plus chorella and calcium equivalent to one glass of milk. Now, how’s that sound??

Alrite, done for today. I’ve to wash the dishes and get ready to thump up the books!

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