Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girlfriends' visit Part II - Safari and Zoo

Good morning Sunday!

I’m getting ready to bring the girls out for another crude day of shopping in Malang. We’re planning to go to the Pasar Wisata Malang or locally known as Pasar Minggu, which only held in Sunday morning. Then, I’m planning to bring them to Pasar Besar in Alun-alun, since Farah and Yang are looking for fabrics.

The girls got really excited about spending their last day here for shopping, and we planned to be there by 6 a.m (apart of making a date with Reggy at 6 a.m sharp in front of the library).

It’s already 6 a.m, none of the girls are not awake yet. Lol! Hangat2 taik ayam je. Oh now, Khairun just asked me to sms Reggy and told him that we are running a little bit late. I guess, we’re way ahead of being late since none of us bathe yet.  We are all drained out of yesterday’s exhaustion.

Yesterday was a full day of fun that ended up me getting damn exhausted. I started very early in the morning since I couldn’t get back to sleep after Subuh. Then I brought Farah to Pasar Klojen (when Khairun and Yang were still tuck in their blankets) which is stated few meters away behind my house. We got some breakfast. They love the bubur ayam! Farah got 4 bottles of kecap manis too as she already had that stated in her shopping list. Yeah, I must admit that the soy sauce here tastes a little bit better than those we can get in Malaysia. It’s thicker and more tasty, but I’m not a really big fan of kicap though.

Our driver came 1 hour late than scheduled that started to get me slightly irritable.

“Kok telat mas?”

“Maaf mbak, mampir cuci mobil sebentar tadi” dengan muka senyum2 kambing.

*eye rolling* penting banget sih ya nyuci mobil pas kita lagi buru-buru mau ke Safari?

It took one hour drive down the Taman Safari Indonesia II
We stopped by some stalls to get 'buah tangan' for the 'kids'
Map - checked, video - checked, cameras - checked!
Feeding time baby~
When the Zebras got a little bit naughty, the girls got the shocked of their life!
Muka-muka sedih mintak makan.. aloloo
Pak Arab got high after being kissed
Khairun, Farah and Yang
Geli, tapi nak pegang jugak..
The camel ride
Get close and personal
It was my third time though, still excited nevertheless! The animals got friendlier, that I could actually have the guts to touch them. Khairun even kissed some. Let the pictures speak…

Back from the Safari, we straight for luncheon at Rumah Makan Kertanegara. I’ve always known this place for their awesome Tom Yam and keuw tiow capjay. But yesterday, besides the scrumptious tomyam, we also had bebek penyet, udang bakar and stir-fry broccoli.
Frente and Farah
Kata pegi zoo, tapi tak banyak ambik gambar binatang, tapi ni pon okay kan?
Helppppp! *even the king kong looks disgusted*
Right after lunch, Frente came and pick us up from my house and brought us to Batu. Since it was already quite late in the evening, we couldn’t get to the famous Argowisata Apple Farm. So we went to Batu Secret Zoo instead! Yes, it was indeed my third time to the zoo within the past 2 months.
Exhausted faces, could hardly wait for our foooooods
Half of the menu for dinner
Bersantai lepas melahap
We then had dinner at Pondok Desa. The stunning concept restaurant by the hill side, where there are lanterns at night and the village ambiance surrounding the dining halls. There are also fishing ponds nearby that we can fish and have them freshly cooked right there. Since the first time Frente brought me here last year, we’ve been planning to go fishing, but to no avail. Okay, someday we will. I’m planning to go here with Zhaf too on his next visit.

Thanks to Khairun, Yang and Farah for the nice treat!

Then, we got back home. Belum sampai rumah, I dah tertidur dalam kereta. But the girls had quite a conversation with Frente.

Alright, the girls are all geared up for pasar. I’ve got to get ready now!

So sad that they are going back this evening *crying out loud!*

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Girlfriends' Visit Part I - Coffee for the pillow talk

Kiss the sunshine!

My girlfriends are here! Oh lupa, I supposed to sms my parents updating them since they’ve been asking if my friends have arrived.

For the first time after almost 10 years, the sleepover is invigorated! Here we are, sleeping in the same room again. It was good to have had the pillow talk after a long hiatus from the warmth of girlish kinda school days. Though it wasn’t the same as how we used to have during school days, since everyone was so damn exhausted that we fell asleep not long after the talk, but I’m glad that we still managed to keep the warmth and comfort in between us.

Khairun, Yang and Farah arrived Malang yesterday evening before Maghrib. They ran late from Surabaya due to heavy shopping. After Maghrib, I brought them to Rumah Makan Inggil, the museum concept restaurant. Their first stop of Malang cultural visit indeed.
Macam familiar je pose ni kan? Actually Pak Akbar (the well-known waiter) yang suruh pose macam ni, ever since! I have the exact same picture with my housemates
Hello hello
We got the 'Topi Perjuangan Indonesia' at the souvenir shop outside the restaurant, pastu terus berangan and ambik gambar.
Part of our dishes.. see got lele!
How to threesome on a scooter?
We wanted to go for karaoke later after dinner, but I thought of just hanging out for a coffee so we could have some talk instead of singing our heart out the whole night. We can do karaoke back at home right? So, off we walked to my favourite coffee place, Java Dancer.

We walked our way home that chilly night, hand-in-hand and even hugging. Aww, I miss having friends who do hugs. Nowadays, it might be a little odd to do that with our new friends that we met at a mature age. I’m grateful these girlfriends I have still bring out the childhood in us no matter how old we have all grown…

Friday, February 18, 2011

First emergency on-call

So, there was it. My first Emergency on-call, perhaps my first time feeling so excited about going on-calls.

Lol! Ape dah jadi dengan I ni? Rajin tibe2…

Particularly because I've heard a lot of good feedbacks from the seniors and friends who had been in this department before me. 100% of good feedbacks on their experiences in the UGD (Unit Gawat Darurat @ A&E), with the administration and most of all good communications with the residents (well, how many times have you heard me complaining about other residents in other departments I've been to being unfriendly, bossy and annoyingly panicky? A lot!).
Koas jaga di UGD - Ceria selalu! :P
Ever since the first day, we were warmly welcomed, the secretary clearly explained to us every single detail of our job scopes and tasks. The supervisors came to welcomed and gave us some briefing too, and we had our first tutor and practice on how to intubate! I felt overwhelm!
Dekat UGD kiteorg mmg kerusi/bench very limited...
Jadi kalo pas lagi capek semua, berjongkok aja disamping pasien... 
Tonight's 16-hour on-call was fairly good. Though there were not many 'interesting' cases to gained experience on, but every now and then, we were briefed on some common cases to master on. Although emergency is known to be the most hectic department ever, but I  find tranquility and total calmness in almost all the doctors – they are independent and have professional work etiquette.

Okay, gotta get some sleep now. So excited that Khairun, Yang and Farah are arriving this evening! *happppy*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New hands of wonder

My sickness comes usually without particular illness that I could diagnose myself. Generally fatigue, muscles aching, or more specific; tension headache, rhinitis allergica most of the time, and once in a blue moon; asthma.

This evening, my evening nap was awaken by a strong feeling of sudden nausea and terrible headache. Hey, apehal ni?! Symptoms macam morning sickness, but it's evening and I am not pregnant for God's sake!

Ahh, this is familiar (actually), bak kata orang 'masuk angin'. I was trying to get my symptoms into more relevant explanation on how the 'angin' could invade my body and how do I get rid of it technically. But I was too sick to even get out of bed and get my brain working! I was too sick that I almost vomit in bed. With all my might, I grabbed my phone and call my masseuse.

Wait, she wasn't even my masseuse in the first place, I didn't know her either. She was recommended by a resident who is working at the same place with me. Been wanting to call her ever since, but I was too busy to treat my body.

So now, to replace Ibu Leny, I now have Mbak Mey. My search for another magical hand that could warm with my skin is finally over. She’s the most educated masseuse I’ve ever know, a daughter of an orthopedic alright. The 3-hour of massage was soothing. If only I could sleep during the massage, it would be a blast! (but she was too busy talking to me, and I kinda enjoy the conversation though).

Ibu Leny is coming back for a short holiday in March! Can’t wait, so excited! Wajib panggil dia untuk urut!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Frente!

To the woman who brings sunshine to my day and paint rainbow after the rain,

The person who got lost (with reason) in finding her way into my mother’s crib, or else we would have been sisters.

The person whom I found a mirror that reflects every good and every bad of me,

The person who helped me discover my maturity in disguised,

The person whom I need no reason to enjoy life with,

The one whose laugh is a magic spell which can turn every melancholy into oh-holy!

To whom I will put the blame on of I accidentally splinted my temporomandibula joint,

The person who make my 5 ½ years worth spending just by lavishing in the final 2 years,

To whom I can call a friend and would love to keep it for forever,

The candles don't resemble the age
Thank you for the treat!
No, we never have decent photos together.
Happy Birthday Frente!!!
I wish you all the happiness in the world,
More of lucks to knock on your door,
And friends forever!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lover Boys

Ok Sambung cerita,

Semalam lupa nak cerita pasal ice-cream yang paling susah nak cari dekat Indonesia (ingat entry ni The Cost to Breathe?).
Nah, berlambak! hambikkkk kau!
During shopping for Adam’s stuff (because we chiefly make ‘shopping for Adam’s stuff’ as our reason for Sisters’ Day Out, not to make any of us feel guilty for leaving the cute drooling baby boy at home) at Toys R’ Us, I accidentally stumble upon Wall’s ice box which is fully filled with that-so-called-ice-cream! What an odd prompt?!!

Pernah ke korang pergi Toys R’ Us (dipendekkan jadi ‘TRU’ – penat nak type panjang2) and ‘ter’tengok ice-cream box?
Siapa pergi TRU untuk beli ice-cream?
Kita selalu beli ice-cream dkt 7-11 or kedai2 runcit je kan? Pegi TRU untuk beli toys lah kan, atau party stuffs, atau imported candies.
Apa kejadahnya orang tua ni beli ice-cream dkt TRU?
Orang yang dah ‘dewasa’ patutnya tau kenapa ada ice-cream dkt TRU tu… ini semua muslihat! Muslihat management TRU supaya bila budak2 nampak ice-cream, mesti diaorg melalak2 nak beli sampailah terguling-guling atas lantai dan terpaksalah parents dorg beli jugak untuk menjaga air muka.
Bertuah punya budak! Perangai tak senonoh! Kira baik jugak lah parents korang bawak pegi beli toys dkt TRU, ni nak beli ice-cream plak!

Wait! dah lost track of story plak. So, the conclusion is, saya beli ice-cream tu! Dan belanja adik-adik saya juga! *terima kasih, saya memang seorang kakak yang baik*
2 from left, mereka memang adik saya, yang paling kanan pula adalah mak budak!
Then what’s for Adam?

He got a looottttt of bibs! Hmm… bib banyak buat apa kalau Adam tak kuat makan? Hah?! Hopefully with his new cutlery set, new bowl, and lotsa cute bibs, Adam will have new appetite to chomp on more healthy foods! Nom nom nom nommmmm!

Adam is turning to one year old in few months, and Zhaf thinks he should learn how to drivethough he can’t even walk yet! And Adam (ibu’s) was hinting for a car. Ok lah, kita pun kan jarang belikan Adam apa-apa, so Zhaf agreed to get him a car. All over the mall (from Midvalley to The Gardens – bunyi mcm jauh je, tapi padahal dkt Gardens tak jumpe satu pun!) we went to look for a suitable ride for him. Most cars seem too big for my cute little nephew, and we were about to just get the big one (cause he will soon grow to fit on it right?), when suddenly… *jeng jeng jeng* eh, cute! Ada pun kereta yang kecik sikit (dengan harga pun lebih kecik jugak). Rezeki Adam dapat kereta hari tu! *tepuk tangan!*

Nanti Adam dah work, belikan Aunty Bil bende ni k?? okay? pinky promise!
Sempatlah kita dating sekejap...

Adam datang!!! Eh, apa ni budak kecik kacau orang tengah dating! Tak surprise lah camni! Bukan setakat Adam je, ibu dan abah Adam juga ada. Mestilah kan, tak mungkin Adam boleh datang sendiri kalau bukan ibu dan abah dia yang bawak. Bukan setakat Adam, ibu atau abah, malah Maklong dan Poklong Adam juga datang! Errrr…

Sisters <3
Dkt Krispy Kreme MV ada waiter2 handsome lah! Sporting plak tu bila kita nak ambik gambar dorg...!
Lover Boys
Ok fine! Dating terganggu, tapi fine! One big family meet up in Mid Valley. Hence, we had dinner together *smile*

Supposedly, I was still full of Papa’s So Famous and Scrumptious Hainanese Chicken Rice, mana tak kenyang, I lost count of how many times I tambah! I swear no nasi ayam chef can beat papa’s! Sedap yang melampau, macam papa letak ganja kot… I pernah mengidam sampai termimpi2 and terbau2 *sedeyhnyaa* (read : Nasi Ayam)

But since everyone was already waiting at Tony Romas for dinner, then why not? Besides, I really wanted to try how the Wagyu beef tastes like. Kata orang, daging paling sedap di dunia, kebetulan pulak Pak Tony baru pandai masak Wagyu, and ada buat promotion hebat of set of Wagyu ribeye at less than RM100 (which is 10 sen less than RM100 actually). But it’s okay, worth the try. Next time nak makan Wagyu lagi kena fikir 2-3 kali. Terima kasih kepada kekasih hati yang belanja makan.
Mula-mula macam kenyang, tapi tengok dia yang makan macam Man Vs. Food
My wish to eat the best ribeye in the whole wide world *please ignore the crazy woman at the back*
Tony Roma's Wagyu Ribeye
Pernah tak pergi TR tapi tak order benda sedap ni? TAK
Human great invention over God's creation
Romas Rack for the men
Abang Dd bukan tunjuk peace, and Along pon bukan tunjuk Hi-five..
While we were scoffing on our foods, this little fella dozed off.
In Mid Valley, we met Umi! Umi dropped by the entrance just to passed me my birthday present which came all the way from UK, from my beloved cousin, Soraya. Thank you Aya!! I love you Aya! The handbag looks stunning and I’m still finding a perfect occasion for it.
After dinner, we went to Angah’s house. Adam got a car!! Vroom vroom! He is yet to take driving course to legalize for driver’s license which only permitted for road tax to drive around his house. Albeit, he has to learn how to stand still on his own, and walk on both his feet first. You can do it boy!
Uncle Zhaf please hurry, Adam dah tak sabar nak drive ni...
On your mark, get set... Vroooom!
Thank you Uncle Zhaf! Sambil belajar driving, Adam belajar shapes and colors jugak!
Why you so comel? so geramable? I am so gonna kiss you and eat you and chew you! *cara buat Adam mengamuk*
Besides the car, my sweet boyfriend has actually gotten him another toy which he has kept for quite a few months while waiting for the time to meet Adam. But since he was too busy with his study, and he and Angah couldn’t find a time to meet, the gift got ‘pickled’ til I went home last week. At least they both have to make time for me right?!

It was quite late at night by then… alarm pun berbunyi…

“Ude dekat mana? Cepatla balik!”

Si Cinderell-Ude ni pun balik lah rumah, sebab ibu bapa dan adik-adik merindukan Si Cinderell-Ude.
Malam itu, kami bermanja-manja di rumah sehingga keesokan harinya sebelum Si Ude terpaksa berangkat meninggalkan keluarga dan kampong halaman untuk meneruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai selesai ni…
Takper, jap lagi selesai lah~ *pray hard!*
Lover Man of all time!
While I was waiting for my flight, Angah WhatApp me and sent me this. Adam wave and say "bye bye Aunty Bil"
Pastu sedih, rasa macam nak patah balik rumah. Tapi papa mesti dah takde dkt luar... So, terpaksalah tunggu Pakcik Pilot datang. Next destination - Surabaya!

Bubbye Adam!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happpppppy to be home, even just for awhile

Too happy to blog!

Do you remember when was the last time I could smell this place where I call home? Dah lamaaaa ok!

Imma too excited that I’ve lost the sense of blogging. Or probably, I had no time to think of anything but just to enjoy the few days of short break in Malaysia with loved ones.

First of all,
Of course with mama and papa. Everyday is a homecooked meal! Aah, food for comfort...~ *heart heart*

My lover boy! Sekarang dah jadi lover boys, sebab Adam comel pun included.

On that Thursday night via arrival, I sampai airport dengan muka gelabah gile sebab taktau siapa ambik, sebab tak sempat inform papa that my flight was brought forward. Tapi bila sampai je arrival gate…

*jeng jeng jeng*

Muka gelabah berubah menjadi berseri-seri ditambah dengan sound effect jantung berdegup laju sebab nampak Si Kekasih Hati dengan penuh kekacakan dan senyuman yang paling mencairkan,berjalan menuju ke si kekasih hatinya *drooooling*

Eh, si kacak berjalan menuju saya rupanya! Eh eh, boyfriend I rupanya, patutlah I got all the sympathetic effect suddenly. Nasib baik boyfriend sendiri, kalau tercair atau ter’drooling’ dkt boyfriend orang lain, habis lah I kena belasah dengan girlfriends diaorg~

First bit of happiness – to see him!

He sent me home directly from the airport. Tak sempat kita nak pergi dating sebab…

“Cepat2 balik rumah, jangan pergi mana2!” ujar ibu ku melalui telefon.

Sebagai anak yang solehah dan tidak menderhakai ibu, saya pun terus pulang ke rumah tanpa melencong ke mana-mana. Cuma kalau tidak diingatkan, pasti kami sudah singgah ke mana-mana untuk makan sambil meluangkan sedikit masa bersama. Huhuuu…

Bila I sampai2 je rumah, Muhammad Aaron Adam dah tunggu rupanya! Jadi, nama I pun terus berubah menjadi ‘Aunty Bil’. Alololooo cutenya nephew I ni, rindu and nak spent time dengan Aunt Bil sampai kena overnight dekat rumah Tok Boss dengan ibu and Pitpit and friends.
Good morning Aunty Bil! Cepat lah bangun... nak main2 dengan Aunty Bil!
Every night Adam sleep dengan Aunty Bil. Every very early in the morning mesti Adam dah bangun, membebel sorang2 and panjat atas I sampai I terjaga and tak boleh tidur balik. Kalaulah budak tu bukan Adam, mesti dah lama kena power taebo dengan I and tercampak sampai ke rumah sebelah. Nasib baik Adam, so Aunty Bil pon bangun tidur dengan kesyukuran dan muka bantal yang berseri-seri, and kiss kisssssss sampai Adam rimas and cry!

That morning, mama was already got herself frantic in the kitchen. Ahh, so mama *breathe in… and smile*. Mama was making lontong and lodeh for lunch, which I was inquired to make the serunding kelapa.

Who on Earth invented this so complicated junk???

Penatttt tau! Agak2nya orang yang bukak restaurant and masak serunding everyday, mesti biceps dia dah besar and deltoid muscle dia dah kencang habis, fuiyOoo! Terus I jadi semangat mengacau serunding sebab dalam hati ada niat supaya hasil mengacau serunding, dapatlah I mengencangkan otot tangan yang dah menggelebeh ni.

During lunch, wawa took the serunding and said
“Whoaaa! This is my favourite!!”

Tapi dia tak fikir, kepala humerus siapa yang nak tercabut menggoreng bende tu! ciSs, makan je tau!

After lunch was “Sisters' day out!”

In Pyramid, nak pergi cari papa's favourite chicken, tapi kedai dia tutup... :( sorry papa!
Guess the asses!
Initially, Angah wanted to shop for Adam’s stuff, and I wanted to get her nipple shield since Adam’s starting to grow his teeth and always give us the fright of our lives when he bit on the nipple during nursing and Angah will scream out loud. Yes, there is such thing as ‘nipple shield’ baby!!
Wee!! Mengidam ku menjadi kenyataan. Of all the foods, kenapa I mengidam Tako Tao?
Besides, I realllllly drooled for some Tako Tao where only available in Jusco outlet. Most of the shops in Sunway Pyramid was still closing down to the second day of CNY, and our pockets were not that filled to, therefore we only opt for window shopping and snacking.

From Sunway Pyramid, we drove all the way down to The Empire Mall. Wow! Subang Jaya now has a new mall besides Subang Parade. I fancied the twirl slide that goes down over 4 floors, but it was closed too. And I wanted the cute macaroons and red velvet at Whisk too, but the customer before us grabbed them all. Kurang ajar! I hate you perempuan gelojoh!
Bubbye Adam, kite pergi jalan2 dulu, Adam stay home with Nen ok? Jangan notty2~
*while this scene was happening, Adam was left home with Nen, which then Along came by and brought them all to KL to mama’s office to pick up boxes of mandarins* Gong xi! Gong xi!!

*while this scene was happening, Si Kekasih Hati was at his house doing his take-home exam. Then was his second last week of studying and was ‘inflicted’ with major examinations
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