Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New hands of wonder

My sickness comes usually without particular illness that I could diagnose myself. Generally fatigue, muscles aching, or more specific; tension headache, rhinitis allergica most of the time, and once in a blue moon; asthma.

This evening, my evening nap was awaken by a strong feeling of sudden nausea and terrible headache. Hey, apehal ni?! Symptoms macam morning sickness, but it's evening and I am not pregnant for God's sake!

Ahh, this is familiar (actually), bak kata orang 'masuk angin'. I was trying to get my symptoms into more relevant explanation on how the 'angin' could invade my body and how do I get rid of it technically. But I was too sick to even get out of bed and get my brain working! I was too sick that I almost vomit in bed. With all my might, I grabbed my phone and call my masseuse.

Wait, she wasn't even my masseuse in the first place, I didn't know her either. She was recommended by a resident who is working at the same place with me. Been wanting to call her ever since, but I was too busy to treat my body.

So now, to replace Ibu Leny, I now have Mbak Mey. My search for another magical hand that could warm with my skin is finally over. She’s the most educated masseuse I’ve ever know, a daughter of an orthopedic alright. The 3-hour of massage was soothing. If only I could sleep during the massage, it would be a blast! (but she was too busy talking to me, and I kinda enjoy the conversation though).

Ibu Leny is coming back for a short holiday in March! Can’t wait, so excited! Wajib panggil dia untuk urut!

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