Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Public Health comes to an end Part II

Before I started the Public Health (PH) Department, there wasn't a bit of excitement about it apart of getting to escape from the hospital for two months. In fact, few things came into my concern that scares me a little, such as

"Are they serious about letting me go to the people? Already? This early?"

"Am I really competent in doing all these doctors thingy?"

"What if I misdiagnosed?"

“What if the patient and I got into a miscommunication?”

"What if I prescribe wrong medicines? Wrong dosage?"

"What if I go blanked and don't know what to do?"

"What if I did something wrong and my patient died?"

"Can I survive the six weeks in the primary health center, with minimal facilities, with no experienced doctors to supervise me around during on-call?"

"Can I survive being 2-3 days away from home and into the rural?"

"How exhausted it'll be to travel 32km back and forth by angkut everyday?"

"How much money will I spend for the transportations and the community services?"

The 'what ifs' are so killing me. I kept praying that everything will go smoothly and easy for me. I prayed real hard!
The upgraded Puskesmas Lawang, which now is RSUD Lawang
Then I remembered The Secret that Linnet borrowed me. I've heard great stories about it. Being a non-fiction reader, I love motivation books. Half way through reading it, confidence slowly creeping through my nerve. I was never this ready for something but PH. Notwithstanding the knowledge, I am more mentally motivated and ready!
The beautiful scenery I see every morning in Lawang
This is where we were 'warded' for 6 weeks
The first two weeks of PH were fully spent by having lectures at the campus. We were made to understand deeper about the importance of primary health care, about preventions and community services. I like this part of PH, but least on the epidemiology, statistics, data analysis and anything that has to do with calculations.
During the visit to Posyandu (Pos Pelayanan Terpadu)
At Pasar Besar Lawang, buying supposed-to-be cheap fresh fruits!
On the third week, we started our service in the Community Health Center or what known as puskesmas (a.k.a Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat). We were divided into groups of 5, to 7 different puskesmas around Malang. I am very thankful to be teamed up with 4 others whom I am most comfortable with and whom I believe can make the best teamwork with.

We went to the puskesmas 2 days earlier before we started to report ourselves to the head of puskesmas Dr. Lidya. Though she looked kind of fierce physically, but as the ice breaks, she is affluent and very welcoming. As Dr.Anton the surgeon was around, them both gave us briefing on our duty, words of motivation and a very warm welcome. One of Dr.Anton's line that encourage me the most would have been,

“It is time to brush up your skills, practice your competencies, and gain more knowledge.”
The Kepala Puskesmas Lawang, dr.Lidya
Besides, I learn more on socializing, among the people of whom I never thought I’ll encounter with, the very poor, the poverty, the poor people who I mainly think is fabricated from the very cruel authority of their abominable government. They indirectly burn the fuel to my spur to become more dedicated in doing this thing I am raptly directed to, to become a doctor not only by the knowledge of a mountain high but by the pious in the heart. The lesson none of the supervisors can give examples on.
My group mates with the nursing interns
With part of the big family of RSUD Lawang and our supervisor
I also learn on team working of multidisciplinary which I once scorned at due to a bad communication with the super bossy nurses at the hospital. Most nurses (especially the old-dark red lipsticks-seniors) in this hospital where I work at are abhorrent to me, yeah, super bossy and lack of respects to the interns, residents and even to the patients. In puskesmas, the nurses are angelic *letak halo atas kepala diaorg dengan sepasang sayap putih berbulu pelepah*. They make us priority in making decision, they kindly corrected our mistakes and consult us on cases under our competencies.

What more, the GPs, the dentists, the pharmacies, the midwives, the administrators, the ambulance drivers, the janitors, the nursing students and even the ibu bakso are chummy together and they are like one big family! I really love to work in this environment where everyone greets everyone else with the most sincere smile. They put the sunshine up for me every morning.

As it is called Public Health, we are more bounded to the public composition to give health education in order to prevent diseases rather than staying in the puskesmas and give treatment to diseases. We are assigned to many different public health missions throughout. Visiting the people is one of my favourites.
On one of our school visit, we examined on 142 students! Phew~
During one of our UKS (Upaya Kesehatan Sekolah) program
But... we were always served with all sorts of snacks
Even indomie goreng!! Yummmy!
There are so much more experiences I would like to keep down into words, but I guess no matter how long I write, is never as much as I have to keep in this best memory box of mine.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Iota #26 - Reminders

Two important happy dates are just around the corner. Imma exzaiiiiteed!

And I keep getting pings of reminder about em. Aww, always make me smile everytime I got those unexpected cues at the least expected times.



And… I'm coming back home for the weekends!
*senyum lebar2* Lets partyhhh babyhh~

First attempt to cook chicken curry

This is going to be one effin proud entry.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, I am proud to present you… First ever, Bil's homemade chicken curry!

Curry is never my favourite dish, yet it is still tolerable. Besides, I am not a big fan of rice nor chicken either as I will always opt for noodles and fish. More over, I don't fancy spicy food, I rather choose light soupy ones. Then, why did I cook curry then?

First and foremost, it's Saturday. Non-working Saturday, no oncall nor exam either. Consequently, the possibility of stress is high as for Tuan Besar laptop is in comatose still (can only be used for listening to radio and itunes). Hence, I needed something to do that will keep me occupied – cooking it is! 
(sejak bila hobi masa lapang adalah memasak? Oh no! pre-quarter decade blues)

Still, not answering the question… why curry?

Perhaps, it's easy! Oh really? Nah, I didn't quite sure though since I've never tried. But my instinct said so! My housemates cook curry like gazillion times, seems like they can even cook curry with both eyes shut. Feasibly, curry is suitable for an amature masterchef like me *smile*

Second reason is probably because there are redundant of curry powders at home!!! Seriously! Damn these girls, they love to buy spices.
Lelong2, amma appa anne! kari kari!
Niat memasak dah ada, bahan2 memasak dah lengkap, Beras Basmathi pun ada. TIME je takde... bile nak masak? cakap skit!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is how my curry goes…

Firstly, the recipe
Rempah kari Adabi Zaf - my dad always remember my boyfriend's first job at Adabi, because Zuffy gave us lots of Adabi spices and other products last time
Then, the ingredients. Some deviation from Papa's original recipe as it needs a little creative touch from the chef (me!)
cooking like a pro
This is the best part, sauté! This is where the aroma started to emerge and you know that you're doing good accordingly…
Hangit skit!
The final part before serving is waiting to be cooked!
My sisters said it's 'kari bawang'
Honestly, it tastes ok. Ok – as if tak malu la bagi orang rasa, tapi belum sesuai untuk bagi bakal ibu mertua rasa. Hehe. Chup! Jangan salah faham, saya belum ada rencana untuk mendirikan rumah tangga dalam masa terdekat.

I rate it as average *grin* I cook Italian cuisine better than this so famous Indian-come-Malay cooking. I, in some way fry tempe the best! Mungkin faktor keturunan juga memainkan peranan penting dalam memasak. Walaupun masa kecik2 kakak2 saya sering ejek saya 'anak kel***' tapi ternyata saya tidak berbakat berada dalam keturunan tersebut. Jawa? Yes perhaps!

And now, the second dish that compliment my chicken curry could have been stir-fry vege. But I couldn't find any recipe that contains bitter gourd together with carrots and French beans. Oh no, how now brown cow do I cook these?
Masak peria je, sayur lain simpan sebab dah malas nak duduk lama-lama dekat dapur
After some Googling job, I managed to find an easy measy recipe of fried bitter gourd (masak senang macam tu pun patut boleh fikir sendiri tak payah Google pon! Tapi kalau masak mengikut firasat sendiri dan tidak sedap, nanti takde sumber untuk disalahkan). For the record, I never had any home cooked bitter gourd. Back at home, mama don't cook us 'rare' vegetables (e.g lady's fingers, eggplants). That is why I didn't call mama for the recipe, but ask Mr.Google instead!
My newly fad
Other than that, my all time favourite – tempe goreng! Yang ni memang tak boleh miss lah kan? Together with ikan masin bulu ayam. Kelakar kan nama dia? Tapi cute, memang macam bulu ayam!

Last but not least, dessert! Cekodok pisang only comes after dinner due to exhaustion. Ish, memang I tak suka duduk dapur lama-lama... kecut tangan.

Okay, now I'm much satisfied to have known how to cook at least one decent edible dish before I turn 25 next week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank you & good bye sayang

Frust menonggeng ok?!
Ye la, siapa tak frust bila dapat sms berita buruk bila kita tengah mengharapkan berita baik?

Tengah hari tadi Pak Yusuf (dokter specialist kepada Tuan Besar laptop) telah mengisytiharkan bahawa Tuan Besar kesayangan tidak dapat diselamatkan kecuali dengan biaya yang cukup besar. What??! Lebih baik beli baru! Konon je nak beli baru, padahal nak bayar baiki pun takde duit, poodah!

Amatlah sedih. Sampai tidur petang pun termimpi-mimpikan Tuan Besar kesayangan yang tidak lagi dapat berfungsi dengan normal. Macam manalah agaknya nasib saya ni tanpa dia? Terkontang-kanting hidup, haru-biru, hiruk-pikuk, kusut-masai dan gundah gelisah.

Sebenarnya Tuan Besar memang dah lama menghidap bermacam2 penyakit kronik. Setiap kali saya balik Malaysia, mesti Dr.Papa akan memperbaiki, ada sahaja yang diterapi, sehingga Tuan Besar kelihatan seakan-akan sihat walafiat. Walhal, dia sakit, fizik nampak sihat, tapi mental dia merana. Nak kata kena infeksi virus, tak jugak. Tuan Besar ada bermacam2 perangkat imunisasi.

Mungkin saya yang bersalah, tidak pandai menjaga harta benda. Tapi, dimanakah salah saya? Wallahualam. Sekarang, saya dah sadar, walaupun masih bingung. Saya berjanji akan lebih berhati-hati dalam menjaga harta milik sendiri. Tolonglah berikan saya satu lagi kesempatan untuk membuktikan yang saya mampu menjaga harta, tidak lagi lalai atau sembarangan. Tolong!

Atau mungkin juga musibah ini merupakan petanda — bahawa sudah sampai waktunya untuk membeli laptop baru.

Klau ada rezeki saya nak laptop kecik, yang senang dikepit di bawah ketiak dan dibawa kemana-mana. Juga tidak perlulah saya memanggilnya 'Tuan Besar' lagi. Mungkin 'Cik Comel' atau 'Cik Kecik'

Atas katil sebelum tidur pun boleh baca-baca medical journal dari laptop. Baru baca abstrak, langsung tertidur.

Sebenarnya saya sudah berazam untuk bertahan dengan Tuan Besar kesayangan sekurang2nya 1 tahun lagi. Kerana saya berharapkan untuk dapat mengumpulkan wang dari hasil titik peluh sendiri untuk membeli laptop idaman. Please deh anak dara sorang ni, umur dah nak suku abad, tapi satu sennn pun tak pernah dapat. Asyik kena suap je! Eh, bukan rasuah, tapi suap oleh mama dan papa. Tapi bukan suap masuk mulut, cuma transfer dekat bank je.

Oleh kerana Tuan Besar kesayangan telah dengan segala penat lelah menghambakan dirinya kepada saya selama 3 tahun (wOohoo~ laptop korang boleh ke thn 3 thn?), maka, dari hati yang tulus dan ikhlas saya ingin berterima kasih sebesar-besarnya kepada Tuan Besar.

Seandainya Tuan Besar ditakdirkan untuk tidak dapat disembuhkan walaupun dengan biaya yang tinggi, dan harus hidup dalam kecacatan permanent, saya rasa haruslah saya mengucapkan selamat tinggal wahai laptop ku sayang.

Gambar ini memang tak ada kena mengena, atau mungkin ada. Gambar 'Bil dan Zana dibawah pokok di Makam Bung Karno'.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Functioning without

Laptop is still not back on my lap... *sad*

Yet, I suddenly got an assignment which is to be presented tomorrow morning. What? WhOoa! How? Sangatlah malas untuk pinjam laptop orang lain *shy*

But wait... Who said I need a laptop to work? Thank God I got my iPhone with me, which works more or less the same as my laptop could.

See.. I got Safari, not chrome

Since I'm presenting it in Bahasa Indonesia tomorrow, so this really helps..

Then I copy and paste it in my notes

Supposedly I arrange it into powerpoint form. So I tried to search for something that might work...

Oejr&/$]^*¥832heen?? Mboh! Tak paham!

Ah, Tipah tertipu lagi!

Seems like Apple never is going to work with microsoft... I couldn't find any apps that resembles Ms Powerpoint *disappointed face*

Therefore, I just emailed my part to Rou so she can arrange em all into slideshow. Ok, see you tomorrow.

Psst, I can't wait for Glee season 2!!! Damn I'm thrilled!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Well Soon si Bidan Terjun

Laptop tak sihat. Tiba2 dia menggigil semalam, sampai harini jadi semakin parah. Sampai saya yang tengok ni pun jadi fenin la~ dan mual2.

Kesian dia.. Jadi saya cepat2 sms Pak Yusuf,

"Pak, laptop saya layarnya goyang2. Bisa bantu baiki gak?"

Pak Yusuf terus reply

"Ok, nanti sore saya ke sana"

Ringkas, cepat, tangkas!
Sore tu dia terus sampai rumah. Check2 skit pastu dia cakap, laptop sakit parah, perlukan opname untuk rawatan lebih kurang 3 hari dan perlu dioperation jugak.

Ye lah kan, laptop tu dah berumur. Walaupun pada mulanya dia hanyalah sebuah bidan terjun...

Ceritanya begini, waktu itu laptop lama saya tiba2 mogok tak nak ikut balik Indon, tapi flight dalam beberapa jam je lagi, camne nih? Saya harus balik ke Indon, dan laptop harus ikut! Sebab waktu tu saya masih dalam proses menyiapkan thesis.

Jadi, saya pun main bedal je mana2 laptop yang ada dekat rumah dan inilah laptop 'rebound' yang dari saat itu menjadi teman sejati. Free2 je laptop ni dapat ikut naik kapal terbang, dapat tuan baru yang comel pula... (nah, ambik plastik ni kalau rasa nak muntah)

Beberapa bulan setelah kejadian itu, rumah saya dimasuki pencuri keling yang tegar. Alhamdulillah, keling biadap tu tak sempat curi apa2 kecuali laptop mogok saya.

Itulah padahnya wahai laptop, kau berlagak sangat tak nak ikut balik Indon, kan dah kena sapu dengan keling! Biarkan dia, padan muka! Agaknya papa yang nak buat police report pun malu nak reportkan tentang kerugian sebesar sebuah laptop-hampeh-tak-boleh-diharap. Sekian.

Kepada teman dan taulan, sanak saudara dan sahabat handai, saya mohon mendoakan supaya laptop saya cepat sembuh dan tuannya tak dikenakan bayaran yang terlalu tinggi, sebab saya takde insurance, Jamkesmas pun takmo tanggung.

Pastu... nanti saya dah nak birthday, adalah sangat tidak comel meraikan birthday dengan pocket kopak.

Maka dengan ini, segala sambungan cerita akan dilanjutkan setelah laptop sembuh. Oedem jari2 saya kalau perlu type segala bebelan di qwerty ini.

Boringla awak takde... Skit lagi saya jadi emo!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Public Health comes to an end Part I


Another department is completed. By means, I'm done with all the five major departments, from exhausting-but-amazing Medical to the stinky Obstetric and gynecology, followed by the awesome Surgery to the stressful Pediatric, and finally the most staggering Public Health.

Again, praise the Almighty Allah

Public Health is my favourite major department if I must say, mainly because it was not in RSSA. It feels so relief to take a break from RSSA for two months. Despite of having to travel on several angkut rides for almost an hour journey, working in the puskesmas is one of the best moments to treasure. I have gained so many new experiences while in the puskesmas, the experiences that I knew I wouldn't get it elsewhere but in Lawang.

The working environment is simply enjoyable with an overwhelming people to team up with. From the head of puskesmas, the pharmacists, the nurses, the admins, the ambulance driver, the security, the cleaning service, the bapak parkir, the ibu bakso and ibu kue, everyone has the courteous to offer that make me feel so much welcomed, and feel so comfortable to work with regardless the lack of facilities.
Chillin at the UGD. L-R, Zana, Ibu Dian, Roula and :)
I woke up the morning on my last day of working in Lawang heavy-heartedly. Thinking of my life back in RSSA is just devastating. While preparing my morning report in the room, I heard several knocks on the door, it was Ibu Dian. She brought us breakfast of her homemade nasi pecel! Ya Allah, baiknya manusia ni…
Ibu Dian's Nasi Pecel *thumbs up*
  "Kemaren ada yang bilang ke ibu kalo dia ngidem maam nasi pecel"

Oh no! I didn't say that!!! Last night during dinner at the world's best warung nasi lalapan penyet nearby our puskesmas (seriously that was the best lalapan I've ever had and I gonna miss the lalapan for real!), I told her that I've had nasi pecel the night before during oncall, and it was awesome. That's all! Didn't a bit that I mentioned about craving for one! Well, Ibu Dian is simply nice.
The best lalapan penyet I've ever had. My last dinner in Lawang
"Ibu masakin nasi pecel, biar kamu inget nanti pas udah pulang ke Malaysia"

Aww… ibu~ *terharu* do you have to make me miss you and Lawang and the foods? Nanti kang kalau I mengidam time pregnant, habis satu kerja plak nak kena cari nasi pecel! Ade ke nasi pecel best jual dkt Malaysia? Mesti tak sedap macam yang ibu masak!

I remembered one of those days during oncall, I was in the room watching Eat, Pray and Love with Roula where both of us were starving but too lazy to go out for lunch (dah tu tengok Julia Roberts melantak, lagi la memulas2 perut kelaparan… especially the Spaghetti Bolognese! I was all salivated). Then suddenly ibu Dian came, knocking on the door with a plastic bag of soto! It was weekend and she wasn't on duty, but she merely came to send us food!

"Ini ibu bikinin soto, katanya favorit!"

Have I ever said that?! I remember telling her that I like to eat soto and the Indonesian soto is different from Malaysian soto. That's all! Besides, my favorite Indonesian foods are tempe goreng and gado-gado. Conversely, Ibu Dian's soto is my favourite!

About the much salivated spaghetti Bolognese, I got the week after I came back to Malang. It was the nicest spaghetti ever only because I longed it for days, where I actually miss papa's spaghetti so much and I dreamt of having pasta in Italy.
The cause of watching Eat, Pray and Love. I had to wait for days til I came back to Malang for this.
More on food, I once went to eat at Bromo Pojok Mie Pangsit, a treat from Pak Eko. And we went there by an ambulance! I didn't know ambulance ride could be that much fun, hehe! Pak Eko is the pharmacist-come-ambulance-driver in our Puskesmas.

On that very day, we were on duty at the market (have I mentioned that we gotta standby in the ambulance like paramedics nearby the pasar besar on several days from Christmas til New Year?), then we had a call from the HQ demanding the ambulance in order to mobilized a patient to the RSSA. Since Pak Man (the original ambulance driver) wasn't around, so Pak Eko took the wheel, crazily. I mean, crazily! That was the ambulance ride which took my adrenaline to the level!
No wonder those two months in Puskesmas had put me on a few kilos heavier! Nothing to regret, it was fun either way~
The Dokter Muda with the Nursing students. L-R Wildan, Emi, Yam, Roula, Zana, Me. Back : Obet, Silvi.
Sekian untuk entry kali ini, Stay tuned for Part II

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday to cherish

Today is a bless~

This morning, I woke up with the best feeling to wake up to – the feeling of necessity to run to the toilet a.k.a nak terberak.

Honestly, I don't usually get that feeling, people around me think I'm constipated, I think I'm having GIT problem, mama was once worried too that she brought me to Dr.Choo for check-up, and thoroughly after a few history taking, he said I'm fine, it's just my pattern… I envy those who berak every morning and those who do after meals. Jealouslah, korang bangun pagi2 'business' dah laku! (ok, cukuplah bercerita tentang berak)

What's more uplifting was I waked up on a nice spring bed and airconditioned room – I slept over at Frente's. Actually I felt so reluctant to get up and get ready, but since we've planned to go for swimming, and apparently already an hour late, I jumped off the bed, get into my swimming suit and drove off to the club house. There, we met… guess who? Our interne specialist, our supervisor from the hospital (nama adalah dirahsiakan)! Ouch, malu kot sebab my swimming suit walaupun tak macam Victoria Secret's swimwear, tapi 2 pieces yang menyerlahkan perut-tak-belum-sexy-ku. But, since the supervisor was so engrossedly swimming back and forth for only-God-knows-how-many-laps, so we reckon that he might not recognize us. I am positive that he would not recognize me either way, not as much as he would recognize his interne resident (Frente)!!
Swimming on Sunday
 The swimming pool was super chilling! Berli got out of the pool with cyanosis although we already bought her hot milo to keep her warm. Since the water was chilling, I wasn't so sure about swimming that much since I easily got cramps when its cold, so we decided to just sit in the pool cafe sipping on nice hot cup of tea. Subsequently, swimming left me feeling so hungry that I would swallow a Godzilla!
Sego duro : nasi with paru goreng, daging dengdeng, empal daging, nangka masak lemak, kelapa goreng, tempe i-forgot-the-name, and taugeh.
We had 'brunch' at Depot Buk Matirah at the train station. Wanted to come here since few months back, but we never had the time to since it is only operating til noon. The sego duro was awesome! Frente knew this place from the TV show, macam Jalan-jalan Cari Makan, tapi ni version indon. Tapi kita memang suka jalan-jalan cari makan pun, kalau boleh setiap kali makan luar, kita akan try makan tempat lain2. Pastu kalau sedap, kita boleh pergi lagi, kalau tak sedap memang petuuuuih!

Sego = nasi, duro = Madura, speciously means my lunch was Madura cuisine. That was my second time having sego duro though, and the first one didn't taste much different though. Wait, I think I probably have tried sego duro very long time ago during my stay with my foster parents, since my foster mother was Madura origin and she liked to cook me so many unique foods as she wanted me to try as many types of Indonesian food as possible. Hah, memang patut la lepas tu masa first year je I naik berat 10kg! Waargh stress sebab sampai sekarang belum dapat kembali ke berat asal 6 tahun yang lalu!

Lunch done, stomach is fully filled with happiness *smile*. With that wide smile, we drove up to Istana Dieng, checking out Atlas Fitness Center. As I have just mentioned, I have gained 10kgs and still have a few to shred to get back to my normal weight, therefore I need to work it out! Work it out babe!!! Kan nak perut macam VS models kan?? And since Frente said she wanted to do hiphop, so we opt to enroll with Atlas, because my current fitness center doesn't have hiphop class, and besides Atlas seems to be the most well equipped gym in Malang. Sedih, kita takde Celebrity Fitness nor Fitness First dekat sini… *nangis tersedu2*
I went with Nadine to Atlas last year. We dipped in the whirlpool for almost 5 hours, gossiping ^_^
At Atlas with Dayah, this was 4 years back
Oops, dah terlalu malam untuk menulis lebih lanjut. Padahal cerita hari ini masih terlalu panjang… to be continued okay?

Besok masuk department baru (ENT = Ear Nose Throat), ada pre-test at 6am. Betul SIX a.m! okay sudah, haruslah tidur sekarang. Good night!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Epidemiology study, unintended shopping and the biggest tofu!

Assalamualaikum sunny sunshine! A very good morning to you!

Do you know that different coffees come with different smell? I am no expert about coffee, but the smells are distinguishable and somehow come with evocating remembrance of certain memories. Do you feel the same?

It's a good morning to wake up to, Thursday – the module presentation day at the campus! Meaning, I don't have to rush to Lawang this morning on an hour journey by angkut *shake shake*

Yesterday was apparently our last day of working day in the Puskesmas. Since we haven't prepared our epidemiology study (for today's presentation), we had to be excused from work and get it done! As it is 'Public Health', our main stream is on the public a.k.a the community, not exactly the patients neither the hospitals. Right, I'm not going to elaborate on how Public Health is actually working, gotta save that for the next entry!

As according to the statistic data from our puskesmas (fyi, I hate statistics), we went off to the selected village with the highest prevalence of disease. Initially, we thought it would be diarrhea as their main problem (due to hygienic reason), in fact upper respiratory tract syndrome seems to be leading!

Why eh?
You see, this is one of the industries. They are medical appliances suppliers, and they caused hazard to the population surrounding.
This is why… See, there's a factory around here. A big one! Not only one, many more factories indeed! Naughty naughty factories' pollutions causing the population to have major respiratory tract syndromes.

Pathetically, these populations are not aware of how these factories are taking charge of their health and home (aware that most of them are not highly educated and with poor concern on health). But what's more pathetic is how these factories' management egocentrically planting their much-causing-pollutions industries in the middle of a poor village *frown*

Right after we're done with work… we went to this very pathetic restaurant which looks very promising from the outside but very upsetting in the inside! That's another major disappointment of yesterday *frown again*. The bright side was however, I've had the biggest tahu ever in in my entire life. Not that gigantic though, but big
Ya know why Indonesian tofu is so good? It's crunchy outside and aired and fluffy inside! It's called tahu petis, eaten with petis, the black sauce
Huge tofu!
This is how huge the tofu is compared to my already huge head.
Hereby, I'd like to remind whoever is reading this or who are not (maybe you can inform your friends too), don't go to the Depot Sari Rasa, which located along the main road nearby Lawang. It sucks man! Suck big time, that even eating the biggest tahu ever can't recompensed the pathetic-ness of the restaurant.

Despite of eating the biggest tofu for lunch, it didn't surfeit me for long. I was in a ravenous state that evening during shopping, which is very unlikely to happen. Because shopping supposedly is a suppression therapy for hunger and stress. Oh yea, I accidentally went for shopping yesterday after got back from work. I haven't gone out for shopping for months that I even forgot that I am actually a female! Where did I lose my X chromosome at??
I got 4 discount vouchers and this is Tomyam Fried Rich, which taste nothing like Tomyam at all!
The main reason to go to MOG was solely to buy cartridge for Zana's printer, but we got home with shopping stuffs and no cartridge!

I ought to show off my shopping stuff to my sisters *wink wink* but I ain't revealing what those 'shopping stuffs' are! And we accidentally had our lunch at the mall too! Damn those discount vouchers!!! I hate discount vouchers on meals.

Kejam! Teramat kejam!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

License to malas

Oh no it's Sunday!
Albeit of being the only day among the seven to be what we called 'public holiday', everybody secretly hates Sunday! It's hard to love Sunday for the next day is Monday. It's a jinx, no wonder it is always red dated in calenders!

As for me, I always prefer to rest at home on Sundays, to store up energy for a good vibe to start a new week on Monday. Ish, jahat betul Mon(ster)day sampai I kena mengorbankan Sun(shine)day di rumah.

Anyways, I did quite a few things today - that did not consume much energy, and bring good vibes. Waking up not so early, but still the earliest among other housemates, I went to the pasar. As usual, to get something good for my tummy and bought the-never-forgotten tempe!

After breakie (gedik skit nak type 'breakie' instead of 'breakfast'), tidy up the room and shower, I went off to the town for a hairspa and head&shoulder massage at the saloon, but I came too early before they started operating. Therefore I went down the aisle into several textile shops. Ok, boleh jadi gila tengok kain cottons! Sudah lah.. Naik beca, bawa diri balik ke saloon.

If a genie could grant me 3 wishes, one of it is definitely to have my own masseuse and hairstylist - it's the most orgasmic thing I could indulge in so deeply besides having chocolates in my mouth.

Back from saloon, with freshly stimmed hair and calmed aroma, I preferred putting myself on a princess treatment on bed to a beauty nap. Ah~
Now, it's time to bed. I am on my final chance to be malas before I wake up tomorrow morning and take the double angkut ride on an hour journey to Lawang. Therefore, I blogged on bed, with my head on my pillows.

Good night Sunday!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Iota #25 - Super Ring

Sila mengaku siapa masa kecik2 tak pernah makan benda ni?

Takde orang mengaku? Ye lah, sebab semua (kot) orang suka makan ni especially masa kecik2 zaman sekolah rendah.

Pastu, kalau dulu I makan benda ni dengan penuh gaya, macam ala2 mami jarum. Bling bling habis~

Dulu muat masukkan jari sampai ke bahagian proximal phalanges, tapi sekarang macam dah tak muat... Gemss!

Lepas makan, mesti jari2 jadi macam ni, pastu malas nak pergi basuh tangan.

Maka baju sekolah akan ada kesan2 degil color oren2 sebab kena benda ni. Kalau dah tahap pemalas sangat, kain baju sekolah akan jadi mangsa, lap tangan dekat situ. Budget tak nampak la kotor sebab kain baju sekolah color dark blue.

Bila balik rumah and Kak Siah nak basuh baju baru dia bebel2. Tapi I kan rebellious, atau kira macam majikan derhaka, akan buat muka annoyed!

Pastu mama pun marah sebab makan benda2 tak senonoh macam tu. Bila dah besar... Baru sedar betapa tak sihatnya makanan ni. Tapi, lepas dah beberapa tahun tak makan, rindu plak!

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