Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 memories

*in random order according to my indiscriminate mind*

Celebrating NYE in Surabaya was the worse idea. But thank God I was with good company!
My 24th on 31st January 2010
First time celebrating birthday away from home. Thank god Zuffy came. Best birthday present ever! :') ∞ Perfect Addition

Been on 390 consecutive days just in Indonesia. That's my record of not going back to Malaysia. 390 days... *proud*The Precious 36 hours
My favorite major department - Surgery
First time I flunk, by one freaking wrong answer! Now I understand why stupid students committed suicide. ∞ He has His Plan
When the traffic is bad, we go against the flow!
First time riding on ambulance

First time conducting labor. I hate bloody vaginas, but babies are worth the bloody job! ∞ Your Mother
My favorite housemates potrait, Inggil on April 2010
The only dinner we had together as housemates. It sucks that everyone is so busy nowadays.

Hypocrisy, selfishness and lies blew a friendship. I'm glad however!

Made a new friendship instantly!

Find a reason to come back to Indonesia, even after I leave…
Learn to self-twisted-braid my hair from a video on youtube
I got new skill to twisted braid my hair.

Outstations to Bangil (end of 2009), Wlingi, Kediri, Lawang. I feel freedom outta RSSA! Away from the residents and cruel nurses.
Paragliding, May 2010
Went for paragliding on the hill side!

The most hectic, most stressful, most heartbreaking year! REASON TO HATE 2009-2010!

The mending period of a broken heart. Don't touch!

Constructed a shiny armor for my fragility. Strong and stronger I am!

The year I miss Zhaf and my family the most, but surprisingly I didn't get homesick. Stay focused for graduating on 2011!

Soviet Stars Circus, Surabaya, December 2010
Went to a circus

Decrease of almost 80% of my saloon, spas and massage time for work!

My favorite masseuse was cruelly taken and abandoned to Malaysia *distraught*

Mount Bromo, March 2010
Visit from Mama and the kids, discovered the beauty of Malang that I would dearly miss.

Held a lion and a white tiger
Taman Safari Indonesia II, March 2010.
No asthma attack for the whole year! *air mata kegumbiraan*

Four times of tonsillitis. I knew I had to cut this tonsil off since the first time 16 years back!

Found a perfect ointment for my dermatitis. See I got a complete atopy – rhinitis, dermatitis and asthma.

Eid 1432h, before heading to work
Celebrated Aidilfitri in HND (High Nursing Dependency), Pediatric ward of RSSA, the worse place in the hospital, perhaps the worse place in the entire world!

But I got the sweetest Raya gift from Zuffy *heart*

Really into watching a football match on TV for the first time. Though I only watched through the second half of AFF Suzuki Cup, I think I like it! Thanks Khairul Fahmi Che Mat for bringing the sexy back!

Song of the year – Mine by Taylor Swift

Hot hunk of the year – Lee Min Ho

Series of the year – Glee season 1

Coolest movie of the year – Iron Man 2

Animated movie of the year – How to Train Your Dragon

Movie I slept half way through – Eat Pray Love

Intriguing movie I ought to re-watch – Inception

Believe me, but I haven't watched this movie yet – Salt

Trip this year – Surabaya 'Study' Trip

Best purchase – none!

Best holiday – none!

Best weekends – October, 36 hours in Malaysia.

Coffee of the year – Java Dancer Jelly Coffee
Aaron Adam, born 17th May 2010
Cutest thing in 2010 – Aaron Adam

Total blog entries – 58 (paling sikit!)

Target weight achieved and stayed for only 2 weeks!

2010 resolution to smile without having to show teeth – failed!

Over all, 2010 was... a bunch of brand new experiences! Love-hate it.. :)
Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah for all the blessings!

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