Thursday, January 13, 2011

Epidemiology study, unintended shopping and the biggest tofu!

Assalamualaikum sunny sunshine! A very good morning to you!

Do you know that different coffees come with different smell? I am no expert about coffee, but the smells are distinguishable and somehow come with evocating remembrance of certain memories. Do you feel the same?

It's a good morning to wake up to, Thursday – the module presentation day at the campus! Meaning, I don't have to rush to Lawang this morning on an hour journey by angkut *shake shake*

Yesterday was apparently our last day of working day in the Puskesmas. Since we haven't prepared our epidemiology study (for today's presentation), we had to be excused from work and get it done! As it is 'Public Health', our main stream is on the public a.k.a the community, not exactly the patients neither the hospitals. Right, I'm not going to elaborate on how Public Health is actually working, gotta save that for the next entry!

As according to the statistic data from our puskesmas (fyi, I hate statistics), we went off to the selected village with the highest prevalence of disease. Initially, we thought it would be diarrhea as their main problem (due to hygienic reason), in fact upper respiratory tract syndrome seems to be leading!

Why eh?
You see, this is one of the industries. They are medical appliances suppliers, and they caused hazard to the population surrounding.
This is why… See, there's a factory around here. A big one! Not only one, many more factories indeed! Naughty naughty factories' pollutions causing the population to have major respiratory tract syndromes.

Pathetically, these populations are not aware of how these factories are taking charge of their health and home (aware that most of them are not highly educated and with poor concern on health). But what's more pathetic is how these factories' management egocentrically planting their much-causing-pollutions industries in the middle of a poor village *frown*

Right after we're done with work… we went to this very pathetic restaurant which looks very promising from the outside but very upsetting in the inside! That's another major disappointment of yesterday *frown again*. The bright side was however, I've had the biggest tahu ever in in my entire life. Not that gigantic though, but big
Ya know why Indonesian tofu is so good? It's crunchy outside and aired and fluffy inside! It's called tahu petis, eaten with petis, the black sauce
Huge tofu!
This is how huge the tofu is compared to my already huge head.
Hereby, I'd like to remind whoever is reading this or who are not (maybe you can inform your friends too), don't go to the Depot Sari Rasa, which located along the main road nearby Lawang. It sucks man! Suck big time, that even eating the biggest tahu ever can't recompensed the pathetic-ness of the restaurant.

Despite of eating the biggest tofu for lunch, it didn't surfeit me for long. I was in a ravenous state that evening during shopping, which is very unlikely to happen. Because shopping supposedly is a suppression therapy for hunger and stress. Oh yea, I accidentally went for shopping yesterday after got back from work. I haven't gone out for shopping for months that I even forgot that I am actually a female! Where did I lose my X chromosome at??
I got 4 discount vouchers and this is Tomyam Fried Rich, which taste nothing like Tomyam at all!
The main reason to go to MOG was solely to buy cartridge for Zana's printer, but we got home with shopping stuffs and no cartridge!

I ought to show off my shopping stuff to my sisters *wink wink* but I ain't revealing what those 'shopping stuffs' are! And we accidentally had our lunch at the mall too! Damn those discount vouchers!!! I hate discount vouchers on meals.

Kejam! Teramat kejam!

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