Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hand and mouth hygiene

Today's activity is to teach the school kids about hand and mouth hygiene. Despite of being very impromtu regarding the plan, the program went smooth and just well. As a saying said, plan it and it will all fall into places.
Since the school is right beside our puskesmas, we went there on foot. Are you ready kids??
Introducing, Dr.Yam and Dr.Bil. No, we're not here to take off your nasty teeth. We're not dentist either...
Dr.Roula and Dr.Zana were on hand hygiene
Budak sihat ni paling enthusiastic! Thumb up!
Let's practice!
We put on coloring to their teeth, they've gotta brush it out correctly!
Them brushing up
Dah bersih! tingggg! *sunglasses on*
First round of group photo
Bila ada group photo, ada je la geng2 yang tak puas hati
Budak paling cute! hehehe
Ok, sudah selesai.. ngeplas yuk!
We had fun, and I'm sure the kids too! Credit to the teachers especially to the principle who has given their very best hospitality to us and preparing the pupils for our program regardless the very short notice.

The program went too smooth that it ended way ahead before time. Oh no! We would like to hang around longer (practically because we were too reluctant to get back to the puskesmas, very reluctant indeed!). Therefore, we made a detour to the pasar, and stop by Mungil for some dessert. Gile manis and tak sedap kau punya es teler! Makan es poden tepi pasar lagi best! Ok, so it was a major disappointment, especially when the es teler cost three times more expensive than the usual. Cekik darah kau eh. Dah la manis macam nak suruh aku potong kaki!

Alright, I gotta laid back and relax now.. I wish tonight on-call is going to be safe and sound, amin!

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