Sunday, January 9, 2011

License to malas

Oh no it's Sunday!
Albeit of being the only day among the seven to be what we called 'public holiday', everybody secretly hates Sunday! It's hard to love Sunday for the next day is Monday. It's a jinx, no wonder it is always red dated in calenders!

As for me, I always prefer to rest at home on Sundays, to store up energy for a good vibe to start a new week on Monday. Ish, jahat betul Mon(ster)day sampai I kena mengorbankan Sun(shine)day di rumah.

Anyways, I did quite a few things today - that did not consume much energy, and bring good vibes. Waking up not so early, but still the earliest among other housemates, I went to the pasar. As usual, to get something good for my tummy and bought the-never-forgotten tempe!

After breakie (gedik skit nak type 'breakie' instead of 'breakfast'), tidy up the room and shower, I went off to the town for a hairspa and head&shoulder massage at the saloon, but I came too early before they started operating. Therefore I went down the aisle into several textile shops. Ok, boleh jadi gila tengok kain cottons! Sudah lah.. Naik beca, bawa diri balik ke saloon.

If a genie could grant me 3 wishes, one of it is definitely to have my own masseuse and hairstylist - it's the most orgasmic thing I could indulge in so deeply besides having chocolates in my mouth.

Back from saloon, with freshly stimmed hair and calmed aroma, I preferred putting myself on a princess treatment on bed to a beauty nap. Ah~
Now, it's time to bed. I am on my final chance to be malas before I wake up tomorrow morning and take the double angkut ride on an hour journey to Lawang. Therefore, I blogged on bed, with my head on my pillows.

Good night Sunday!

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gunsirit said...

if I were you, my first wish would be to have a lot of money..then you can buy anything even a personal hairstylist hehehe...

Bil said...

Yes exactly! That is why i Said 'one of the wishes', but not my #1 wish though..

Lotsa money! Lotsa money!!

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