Thursday, January 20, 2011

Functioning without

Laptop is still not back on my lap... *sad*

Yet, I suddenly got an assignment which is to be presented tomorrow morning. What? WhOoa! How? Sangatlah malas untuk pinjam laptop orang lain *shy*

But wait... Who said I need a laptop to work? Thank God I got my iPhone with me, which works more or less the same as my laptop could.

See.. I got Safari, not chrome

Since I'm presenting it in Bahasa Indonesia tomorrow, so this really helps..

Then I copy and paste it in my notes

Supposedly I arrange it into powerpoint form. So I tried to search for something that might work...

Oejr&/$]^*¥832heen?? Mboh! Tak paham!

Ah, Tipah tertipu lagi!

Seems like Apple never is going to work with microsoft... I couldn't find any apps that resembles Ms Powerpoint *disappointed face*

Therefore, I just emailed my part to Rou so she can arrange em all into slideshow. Ok, see you tomorrow.

Psst, I can't wait for Glee season 2!!! Damn I'm thrilled!

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