Friday, January 7, 2011

Ingat ni! (My version)

This cannot be happening!!! I mean, this MUST be happening to me… like this time, right now!

For God's sake (dah lama tak guna perkataan ni) I'm turning 25 years old in 24 days! Gile apa? What's so gila about being 25 anyways? The thought of it is devastating. Not so devastating actually, until…

Until wawa posted on her blog about something about her wedding dream!

Wawa, my gedik younger sister whom always thought I'm more gedik than her but as truth will hurt her by the fact that she is and always be more gedik than me, sadly she has to live with the fact that she's gedik-er nonetheless how gedik I am, anyway this gedik little old girl has already planned something for her wedding! Read this!

Told ya she's gedik! *eye rolling*

Me, going to be 25 in 24 days (mendada sambil mencekak pinggang), while she (menunding jari telunjukku yang tak runcing) is not even 20 is already getting itched (menggatal) to get hitched!

Papa, tengok wawa ni dah gatallll nak kawen!!!

No, no (tunjuk jari telunjuk sambil yang digerakkan ke kiri ke kanan, dan kening yang mengkerut) not before me! Hey you, ada boyfriend pun ke?? *bLuerk* Ok, Wawa and Nawal if you are reading this post, I know you both are laughing out your asses there and rolling on the floor over my bahasa melayu mak nenek. I can hear youuuu if you must know Melbourne and Malang is not that far… still both start with the letter M (walaupun letter M tu takde kena mengena pon dengan jarak antara Melbourne and Malang, but so what?).

Thanks anyway, you make me started thinking about getting married somehow – although I'm not planning it to happen too early. But heck, I can still plan it right? Just like how you did! If you're in for the laces, I think I'm going for the blings! And ruffles too! Yes, all blings from head to toe. I want my wedding dress to have Swarovski crystals studded all over, and kalau orang Melayu said 'manik dan labuci', kalau orang Indon said 'payet', well I want it all, and all over!

Even on my shoes and head gears! Though I haven't think of what head gears I'll be wearing since the Wedding Don'ts #3 says 'Tiara is only for princesses not brides', so I'd probably not be wearing tiara (or maybe I might who knows, I kan princess~ *gedik mode*). But for sure, my head gear won't be helmet or swimming cap, I can bet on that!
Wawa, look what I've found for you! Beautiful vintage lacy wedding dress. But sexy la wa, nanti wawa mimpi ustad cakap "Kenapa awak kawen pakai baju sexy?"
Then, as universal precautions to all my guests, I'll send my wedding invitations with a red alert, warning them to bring along their sunglasses. Kan nanti I jadi terlalu bling bling sakit pulak mata saudara-mara kita tengok I terlampau bergemilapan especially yang dah tua-tua tu (for examples; mak, tok puan, tok nah, tok nora, tok yu, tok chom, along). If I have extra budget, I'll slip along pairs of 3D-glasses (you know, the green and red screens), so that they'll get to see me in 3D, or probably binoculars too!
As for me, I dream of a beach wedding in that kinda beautiful bling blingy dress
This is for Nawal. Don't you just loooooove Hello Kitty? Bye bye Panda?
So, to Wawa, I've got my wedding plans too! And you please, please, at least for this reason don't be more gedik than me cause I'm older was born earlier than you and I ought to get married before you! Pergi India sana!

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