Monday, October 17, 2011

Found it!

I finally found what I’ve been searching for my whole life from every inch of the world! *exaggerating mode*

These are my happy pills today!  More to like an overdosed drug.
My all time favourite notebook
Sekarang saya sudah lebih bersemangat untuk memulakan alam kehidupan yang  baru iaitu alam pekerjaan. TIPU JERRR!!! *konflik dalam diri membuak-buak*

But honestly, with these notebooks in hand, makes me feel more stylo about walking in the boring white coat with a stethoscope hanging around my neck. This kind of notebook has a little significant story in the history of my life. First of all, I fell in love at first sight when I first saw this notebook during window shopping back in Malang. Due to economical reason, I got a couple of these after a long consideration. Secondly, I am always in search for a unique, easy-to-use-and-keep and pretty notebooks to have in hand, and this is my most macho!

This is what I woke up to. This is where I first had my roti cheese. I forgot who introduced me to this, probably Elisha or Syaz or anyone of the girls, and this is where I first had it. Back then, there were no other mamak who had this on their menu except here in Taj, then Melur had it. Talking about Taj, I’m glad to know that they are categorized as restaurant ‘sangat bersih’ by the MPSJ. Seriously, once I checked-in there (in 4sq) most of the tips were about the cleanliness of the place, and seriously habuk pon tarak!

Then this! Quarter chicken with the marvelous gravy at Dave’s Deli. I love Dave’s Deli at the same level of my love for Kenny Roger’s. I like the fact that they had the protein as the main dish and the carbs as side dishes (talking about nutrient imbalance which I supposed to suit me). Again, I am glad to know that they had upgraded the restaurant to double (or triple) the size of the previous ones (which is now taken over by Starbucks). Okay, there’s Starbucks in Subang Parade! WeEehOo~ excited tanpa makna atas sebab pengangguran :(

Silalah ke Subang Parade! It has always been my comforting neighbourhood mall… me and my aunt used to walked to Subang Parade when we were bored (eleh, macam tau je ‘boring’ tu ape, padahal mase tu masih zaman higunsan budak tadika…)

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Day I Say My Oath

“Wherever the art of medicine is love, there is also a love for humanity” – Hippocrates

By the Dean, dr. Karyono, Sp.PA, who interviewed me during the admission test 6 years ago.
On the 27th September 2011, after a long awaited moment, in order to start practicing my dream, I had to say the Hippocratic Doctor’s Oath.
Read, and signed!
Located in our own university’s main hall, Samatha Krida, Universitas Brawijaya, 101 students new doctors were gathered again for what we called Sumpah Dokter.
Demi Allah, saya bersumpah bahwa :
Saya akan membaktikan hidup saya guna kepentingan perikemanusiaan,
Saya akan memberikan kepada guru-guru saya penghormatan dan pernyataan terima kasih yang selayaknya,
Saya akan menjalankan tugas saya dengan cara yang berhormat dan bermoral tinggi, sesuai dengan martabat pekerjaan saya,
Saya akan senantiasa mengutamakan kesehatan penderita saya,
Saya akan merahasiakan segala sesuatu yang saya ketahui karena pekerjaan saya dan karena keilmuan saya sebagai dokter,
Saya akan memelihara dengan sekuat tenaga, martabat dan tradisi luhur jabatan kedokteran,
Saya akan memperlakukan teman sejawat saya sebagaimana saya sendiri ingin diperlakukan,
Dalam menunaikan kewajiban terhadap penderita, saya akan berikhtiar dengan sungguh-sungguh supaya saya tidak terpengaruh oleh pertimbangan keagamaan, kebangsaan, kesukuan, politik kepartaian atau kedudukan social,
Saya akan menghormati setiap hidup insani mulai dari saat pembuahan,
Saya tidak akan memepergunakan pengetahuan kedokteran saya untuk sesuatu yang bertentangan dengan hokum perikemanusiaan, sekalipun saya diancam.
Saya ikrarkan sumpah ini dengan sungguh-sungguh dan dengan mempertaruhkan kehormatan diri saya.
101 doctors of batch 2005 Universitas Brawijaya
Congratulations to all my classmates for making it to the first class graduation, and especially to my Indonesian fellows who successfully passed the UKDI. I am really sorry for those of you who did not passed. I am honestly believe that God has a better plans for special people like you (seriously!!), and to my very first Indonesian friend, Dicky, you’re one of the very compassionate person I knew, thanks for being there, singing for us, despite of everything!

Thank you everyone for the warm wishes, thank you to my best friend Frente for attending the ceremony even if it means for her to skip work, and a very big appreciation to the one person who deserves it all, mama.
With mama and Frente

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Last Day of School

So, it is official that we’re not student anymore. Alhamdulillah.

6 years of study completed. As scheduled, 5 years and 9 months. Everything is settled, on time, just on time.

Today is the day where my prayers are being answered – to graduate on time!
14th July 2011, Yudisium dokter, angkatan 2005, gelombang 1.

Today is our Yudisium. I don’t know what ‘yudisium’ actually means, but what I get is, it is the day where something is to make official. We once had our yudisium sarjana kedokteran on September 2009, it was when we took the Dokter Muda oath, denoted that we had successfully finished our study and getting license to practice as trainee.

Today, our yudisium is to appoint us officially as doctors or better known as general practitioner (tapi nanti balik Malaysia kena jadi houseman balik…)
We'll be back to serve you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Besties - From Bogor to Bandung

Enough of paragliding, we went up Puncak to have the famous Sundanese cuisine at a famous Sundanese Restaurant on the hill top. Oh wait, sorry! The Sundanese lunch was the day before.

After paragliding, we went straight to Bandung.
The view on the way Puncak - Bandung
Not using the new highway which connect Jakarta-Bandung, we followed the old road which has to go up and down the hill through Bogor instead. Just as we sail down the road, we missed the first intersection to Bandung and drove down the way to Sukabumi. Fortunately, we had the iPad 2 in hand and given direction from a very nice and friendly policeman, we made it back to the right path.

By chance, we found many durian stalls by the road side, so we stopped by for some! Duriannnnn time!
I *love* durian ^_^
After hours of driving…
Welcome to Bandung, Bil!
Taraaa it’s Bandung baby! That was my very first time in Bandung (yeah, after almost 6 years in Indonesia!). I always wanted to find out about what is there in Bandung that attracts so many Malaysian to go to. My mom, my sis, my aunts, everyonneeee goes to Bandung. They said it’s for shopping. Let’s see… wait! no shopping for me! I had just enough cash for something else, and shopping was never on my top priority. Well, we’ll see…

First stop in Bandung was to have lunch. Lapar gile kotttt, kita makan durian je dari pagi! This is it, the famous steak in town Suis Butcher. Memang sedap!
Frente's grilled sirloin with chef's sauce
Mine, tenderloin with cheesy bolognaise
We first drove down the most talked about Jalan Dago. Since it was weekends, the traffic was a bit shitty. Jalan Dago is well-known for it’s shopping spree! Well, most factory outlets are there. I didn’t study much on shopping in Bandung (cause I simply wasn’t looking forward for shopping!!). Hell yeah, the factory outlets look so alluring from the outside, like villas, like holiday cabins with beautiful landscapes and homey. Alhamdulillah, dugaan hari pertama tidak membawa ku masuk ke mana-mana FO.

Before it gets dark, we decided to find a place to stay. Thanks to Bang Agnes who had arranged an accommodation for us. Without any help from the GPS, Frente confidently drove up the hill of Jalan Setiabudhi to Hotel GH Universal.

“Buseeeett!! Is this the hotel?”
A very Victorian style hotel
And wait til we get inside…
I should have take some photos of the maids, their uniforms are very victorian-ish and cute.
“Doble bussssettt! I am Your Royal Highness”

Inspite of the little technical problem with the receptionist, we were brought into our room after about 30 minutes of waiting. But it was alright, I enjoyed the feeling of sitting on a comfy huge Your-Royal-Highness-kinda chair while admiring the interior of the lobby.
Frente is dealing with the receptionist
It seemed like we had to cancel all the to-dos in Bandung at night. The room was so gorgeously designed that we chose to just stay in, besides Frente was so worn-out after a whole day driving and flying (the paragliding) hehe. No Bandung street foods for dinner… we dropped down and dozed off in our princess-like beds.
Our princess-like beds
The next day, with full of enthusiasm, we checked-out the hotel after breakfast and put on our adventure hat and drove back down to the town. First stop was Cihampelas Walk. It was bad that I found TLTSN (The Little Things She Needs) shop. It is more or less like Vincci, but in a more funky and easy-going style. I successfully bought… 3 pairs of shoes and few sets of bangles. Damn, tak puas!

Next was, Rumah Mode. Who on earth had been to Bandung but didn’t know what Rumah Mode is?! I am not going to explain any further about what Rumah Mode is, but holy sheep, awesome!! Again, I successfully bought… a dress, a blouse and a vest. Alhamdulillah, only 3 items. But, whatthaaa?! Kata tanak shopping??!!! There goes!
Ibu Batagor. Kalau pergi Bandung kena makan road-side Batagor. MESTI tau!
Initially, I was trying on few very comfortable floral-printed cotton dresses in Rumah Mode which they didn’t have my size (busettt, emang rame yang seukuran/segede aku sampe abis bajunya?!), I thought it was fine, it means that I got to save my cash! However, Frente thought that I really should get those dresses cause they look so good on me (she said!), therefore we had our next stop at Heritage.

Dang, two more dresses safely tuck in the bag now. *happppppy!*
Getting souvenirs at KertaSari
I felt so overwhelm yet defeated by my own shopping-desire. Hence, I ought to buy some souvenirs for the others. The traffic was worse than ever, we stuck on the road for hours that we didn’t get to move to many other places. No Trans Studio, no Tangkuban Perahu (actually memang tak plan pon nak pegi sana… kemarin kan dah puas main dkt Dufan).
Cut the crap out, we went to The Valley for a late lunch. Frente memang beria-ia nak bawak I pergi sana, sebab dia asyik cakap pasal tempat2 best for dining + sightseeing in Bandung, it was like everytime we went for melepas-stress at Batu, it would reminded her of Bandung. So, there was The Valley – amazing! We had our lunch at the balcony of a restaurant-resort on the hill top, overseeing the view of Bandung, Subhanallah there was such a breathtaking moment.
Can't I get enough of pasta?
Over-looking this while having lunch
Next, balik!!!

Driving back to Jakarta. Daaa~

Paragliding Again - Puncak, Bogor

That was one of my sweetest travelling escapades with Frente.
Good Morning Bogor!
Waking up as early at 4:15 a.m didn’t seem to be a bit of a problem for me. That was the day we’ve been planning for for monthsss! I was so thrilled, despite of the very gloomy in dawn down town Jakarta, but not right after we hit the highway.

“OMG, these people are starting congesting the road as early as 5 a.m?”

The way up to the paragliding platform, where we parked the car while waiting for the time to fly.
Itulah, orang pergi mencari rezeki. Nak kata apa… tapi nasib baik kita tak tersangkut dalam jam, sebab kitaorg pergi the other way, out from Jakarta. To avoid the traffic wasn’t really the reason why we went out the house that early. Actually, we were planning to go for paragliding in Puncak, Bogor. Yayy! Excited!! jealous tak?
The view from the platform, before it gets a lil bit crowded.
Arriving Puncak a bit too early for paragliding. We called the instructors (in fact that we already went here the day earlier, but it wasn’t too windy for gliding, therefore we asked for the instructor’s number for booking), and they were still sleeping yet. hahaha excited terlebih punya pasal.
Chilling up the paragliding platform waiting for the wind to get a lil bit stronger
One of the best moments together, doing things we both love
However, Puncak was mesmerizingly beautiful. It is hilly sides about two hours drive from the Jakarta city. Just like Batu to Malang (but in a more developed manner). Needless to say, it was cold up there (but still I can afford to stand in short pants), and the hills are gorgeously covered with tea plantations and a lot of other colorful mountains shrubs. We parked the car on top of the hill, with the rare side facing the slope, we open up the car boot and snuggle ourselves inside while beholding the scenic greenish hilly view of Puncak. That is why I love big cars, and Frente’s CRV is just perfect!
Frente took off
Safety checked!
Then it was almost 9 a.m, the paragliders started to ramble up to the platform. We waited for few hours til the weather is perfectly windy for gliding. I was informed by the professionals that paragliding in Batu is way much better than one in Puncak, in terms of the height and wind. Cost wise, both are almost of the same price. I am more than proud that both of us had been on the paragliding in Batu back last year. Conversely, the view in Puncak was way much charming albeit of only got to be in the air for 10 minutes or so.
The view from up above. Excuse the snickers, they've got to lend me the shoes since I was barely on slippers
Apart from just gliding with the wind, I’ve met few people and made a few friends there. There was an uncle who has a big love for flying, that he worked all his life for this hobby. He once had stayed in Malaysia too and still managed to practice gliding somewhere back in Negeri Sembilan (I am yet to find out paragliding sites in Malaysia). Pilots from Malaysia got their license and training from Batu! *ehem!* and most of all, I tandem on my pilot who was the champion of paragliding back in the recent Sea Games.
Can you spot me?
Enough of paragliding, we went up Puncak to have the famous Sundanese cuisine at a famous Sundanese Restaurant on the hill top. Oh wait, sorry! The Sundanese lunch was the day before. After paragliding, we went straight to Bandung actually.
The landing pad
Those kids were so helpful putting the gears off us as soon as we landed. How adorable!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trip to Banyuwangi - Ijen Crater

The next day, we woke up real early. The frigging cold bath didn’t even matters; we got into our hiking gears and excited to go!

Mas Agus picked us up. Mbak Syifa handed us under his responsibility because she believes that Mas Agus is the king of the mountains. Oh yes, he is! He climbed up numerous of mountains nationwide, and I bet he could hike up Ijen in blindfolded.

We climbed up 2368m in 2 and a half hour. yeah!! 

On your mark… get set… GO!
Go! go! cayok!
The sulfur carrier. This is half way through the creater, at the balai penimbangan.
This is at the balai penimbangan sulfur. These men can carry up to 100kg of sulfur on their back down the mountain. They get Rp1000 for every kilogram. It is so sad... especially when I saw an old man sitting at the side of the hiking track, taking out his water tumbler and mixed it with a sachet of Enerjoss powder (energy drink something like RedBull). It is tearing me to know how much effort they have to take to earn that very little money for living, and even worse, they have to jeopardize their health and take the energy drink which is the major factor for most kidney failure cases :'(

Ya Allah berkatilah hidup mereka,
murahkanlah rezeki mereka,
permudahkanlah urusan mereka.

Continue walking...
The fluffy clouds
Subhanallah, the breath taking view on the way to the top
Girl power!
Ada sikit2 macam Teletubbies Land?
Spot me!!
Reaching the top
This is it!!! Kawah Ijen
Yay, we've made it girls!!!
Ada signal! boleh check in foursquare
Men carrying blocks of sulfur from below the crater, up to the top, and down the 2368m mountain.
pinggir kawah Ijen
Wish Zuffy were here...
On the way down, lapar... POpMie time!

At the other side of the mountain, this is the man made sulfuric water fall. Was built hundreds of years ago by the Dutch.
Kite naik 4WD tu..

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