Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paragliding Again - Puncak, Bogor

That was one of my sweetest travelling escapades with Frente.
Good Morning Bogor!
Waking up as early at 4:15 a.m didn’t seem to be a bit of a problem for me. That was the day we’ve been planning for for monthsss! I was so thrilled, despite of the very gloomy in dawn down town Jakarta, but not right after we hit the highway.

“OMG, these people are starting congesting the road as early as 5 a.m?”

The way up to the paragliding platform, where we parked the car while waiting for the time to fly.
Itulah, orang pergi mencari rezeki. Nak kata apa… tapi nasib baik kita tak tersangkut dalam jam, sebab kitaorg pergi the other way, out from Jakarta. To avoid the traffic wasn’t really the reason why we went out the house that early. Actually, we were planning to go for paragliding in Puncak, Bogor. Yayy! Excited!! jealous tak?
The view from the platform, before it gets a lil bit crowded.
Arriving Puncak a bit too early for paragliding. We called the instructors (in fact that we already went here the day earlier, but it wasn’t too windy for gliding, therefore we asked for the instructor’s number for booking), and they were still sleeping yet. hahaha excited terlebih punya pasal.
Chilling up the paragliding platform waiting for the wind to get a lil bit stronger
One of the best moments together, doing things we both love
However, Puncak was mesmerizingly beautiful. It is hilly sides about two hours drive from the Jakarta city. Just like Batu to Malang (but in a more developed manner). Needless to say, it was cold up there (but still I can afford to stand in short pants), and the hills are gorgeously covered with tea plantations and a lot of other colorful mountains shrubs. We parked the car on top of the hill, with the rare side facing the slope, we open up the car boot and snuggle ourselves inside while beholding the scenic greenish hilly view of Puncak. That is why I love big cars, and Frente’s CRV is just perfect!
Frente took off
Safety checked!
Then it was almost 9 a.m, the paragliders started to ramble up to the platform. We waited for few hours til the weather is perfectly windy for gliding. I was informed by the professionals that paragliding in Batu is way much better than one in Puncak, in terms of the height and wind. Cost wise, both are almost of the same price. I am more than proud that both of us had been on the paragliding in Batu back last year. Conversely, the view in Puncak was way much charming albeit of only got to be in the air for 10 minutes or so.
The view from up above. Excuse the snickers, they've got to lend me the shoes since I was barely on slippers
Apart from just gliding with the wind, I’ve met few people and made a few friends there. There was an uncle who has a big love for flying, that he worked all his life for this hobby. He once had stayed in Malaysia too and still managed to practice gliding somewhere back in Negeri Sembilan (I am yet to find out paragliding sites in Malaysia). Pilots from Malaysia got their license and training from Batu! *ehem!* and most of all, I tandem on my pilot who was the champion of paragliding back in the recent Sea Games.
Can you spot me?
Enough of paragliding, we went up Puncak to have the famous Sundanese cuisine at a famous Sundanese Restaurant on the hill top. Oh wait, sorry! The Sundanese lunch was the day before. After paragliding, we went straight to Bandung actually.
The landing pad
Those kids were so helpful putting the gears off us as soon as we landed. How adorable!

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