Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What’s your flavor?

Mint choc!!!

It's gotta be the combination of chocolate and mint. Just how much chocoholic I am, chocolate alone has to come in second place, and of course followed by mint flavor. Whoever created this holy combination is a pure genius and has the finest and most delicate taste buds ever!

Chocolate – is an undeniably the taste of heaven. While mint, is a majestic substance used in every possible magnificent way, be it for consuming, for cleaning products, for aromatherapy and you name it (what is there in the market that comes in flavors without mint?). While the combination of these 2 remarkable essences are simply a taste to be blessed by Godsubhanallah!

I just had my second J.Co donuts for this month, and as usual I never missed my all-time-favorite flavor – Mint Caviar!

Hold on there, 'caviar' is not the real caviar though. There are round chocolate coated rice balls of the same size of the caviars, and they look real! The donut is however topped with green minty icing where the 'caviars' are helplessly sprinkled on top of it. aww…

And with that, supposedly came compliment with Choco Mint ice blended. Too bad I couldn't get that as the J.Co came all the way 2 hours drive from my place. Why don't they set up a branch in Malang??!! Even Rotiboy is already here all the way from Malaysia!

Talking about chocolate minty drinks, there used to be a seasonal flavor from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, it's called the Holiday Mint Ice Blended. They actually blend the candy canes together in the drinks and it makes it taste so Christmasly! I'm not sure if the product is still available on every Christmas season. I last had that more than 4 years back while I was still in college. Too bad there is no Coffee Bean outlet in Malang (or could it be too good so I can control my sweet tooth?).

On top of that, my all time (since childhood) favorite ice cream flavor must be the Baskin Robbin's Mint Chocolate Chip. Once again, I never failed to order for that flavor everytime I step near the BR counter. I would walk along the refrigerator to look for some other flavors that might get into my attention, and would ask for free tasting for almost all the flavors, but I'll always end up with Mint Chocolate Chip. Oh, except for this one time… I ordered for Polarbear Chocolate Chips or something like that, and made that chuckles of mint gums and chocolate chips in a very minty white-bluish vanilla ice cream. Too sweet! I don't wish for another scope since then.

These are all the minty-chocolaty flavors I can re-call now… oh yea, besides that, I droll for the combination of chocolate and banana! Back in Malaysia, where the citizens don't really have the creative tongue for desserts, I always make my own dessert of banana with everything. My all-time favorite should be bread with Nutella spread and slices of bananas, put that in a zipper cling bag and into my school bag, good enough for the dreadful 6 hours of school everyday. Conversely, when I came to Indonesia, I find various of desserts that has the chocolate-banana flavor, oh heaven!!! And the best should be terang bulan pisang coklat. I wonder why Malaysian don't make our apam balik into variety of flavors… come on, buat la!!! bOoring~ *yawning*

Wait, Banana Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Banana Cheese Cake are however two of my most favorites Secret Recipe's cake! (Chocolate Indulgences the best!)

On the other hand, I used to think that everything that comes in red or pink tastes the nicest. Part of it, I was right. About more than a decade ago where I am totally madly crazily over Hanson, I would quote everything that came out from their mouth, and one of it was

"Red – coz red candies always taste the best" – Taylor Hanson talking on favorite color.

Since then, my eyes were never missed to catch a glimpse of every red candies. As time goes by, I grow up to develop my own taste buds without the influenced from anyone. I find my own favorite foods and drinks, I don't drink and love Dr. Pepper Snapple just because Taylor Hanson does. Nonetheless, most red candies are always the best among the others and I always find red jams more salivary than the yellow ones. And I never stop loving Oreo for God knows why (though it makes me obese fat!)

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Angkut Story Part #2

This morning I had an angkut ride with the most friendly driver in town. Not that he was being friendly to me, but just the way he was behaving with other passengers throughout the journey was just different, in a good way. Unlike other angkut drivers, you hardly hear them talk. And surprisingly, for once in a blue moon, I rode on the exact same angkut with the exact same driver on the way home from campus too.

I seriously have this one 'hating' kind of feeling of riding angkut. But the fact that I eventually have to live by it while I'm here is making me ignoring (like totally ignoring) my feelings. Angkut ride is not fun. Out of the thousand rides, maybe there is a couple or two rides that can be considered as enjoying, or else, I wish that I could be dead for a few minutes before reaching my destination.

For me, the main reason of loathing the angkut is that it's a good source of spreading air-borne diseases. Everytime someone sneezes or coughs, I only could pray that I am well protected and that my immune system is prepared for a battle.

Secondly, greedy angkut drivers are one of my main detestation. Passengers absolutely have no freaking rights on their ride. These kind of drivers would wait for hours for their angkut to be full before they start moving. Before the angkut is full-filled, the passengers would want to have to wait for the uncertainty of the other passengers to come. Some drivers would drive as slow as possible and at the same time eyeing the whole scope of their windscreen, side mirrors and rare mirrors of people with possibility need a ride off their ass. They can stop in the middle of the road waiting for these people to come, and they can even reverse on the one-way busy road!
These drivers are obviously the kings of Indonesian road traffics. Amazingly, nobody (road users) cares of their unethical and wicked way of conquering the road. After all, this is the fact they lived by everyday and everybody seems to be in peace and harmony. No such thing as road-bullies (cause everyone is!).

Third reason is, I hate squeezing myself in other people's sweats. So eeeuuuh! Ass-meet-ass kinda situation, sometimes even ass-meet-face! It's so squeezy and squeaky and sweaty in angkut and with Rp2300, you'll get the worse class sauna therapy!

With Rp2300 also, you'll get no obligation to travel with rucksacks of onions or rice or whatsoever, or even with big basket full of durians, as long as it can fit inside, everything go!
I guess, if there is an angkut to the airports, the international domestic helper (a.k.a the maids) would load the angkut with their boxes and big huge luggage as well.

There are just too many things to list out here about the revulsion of the angkut ride, but I just don't have the mood to list it all out for now. Oh by the way, another blue moon appeared this afternoon on my way back home, there were two mothers breastfeeding their sons. Hmm… dalam angkut yang sempit2 tu jugak anak dia nak minum!

Wondering upon the harshness of life and how hard it can be, then again I can never thank God enough for what I have and how the lesson of solidity have come to my approach, no matter how much I hate the angkut ride, I can't just ask for a car, neither can I not go to campus. I was made obligatory to be tough, to be durable to survive, to taste every bitterness, to live in every ruggedness, to face every ruthlessness, to make through every resistance, to balance off every instability, and most importantly to make sure myself come back home in one piece with the scroll, I'd be happy enough!

In spite of everything less that this country has to offer, I wish I never be anywhere else but here.

(wait, did I just say that??!!! *bluerggh*)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Iota #16 – exam giggles

I knew this. They are very poetic and creative. I lyoke! (though sometimes it may sounds funny)

Two phrases I found on the front page where they state the rules and regulation for the exam papers :

Barang siapa yang melanggar peraturan, berdiskusi atau menyontek jawapan peserta ujian lain, maka akan dikenakan sangsi.

Okay, this sounds… incredibly serious? Or dreadfully scary? When I first read this, it reminds me of some phrases I thought I only heard from hadith, which usually start with something like : sabda Rasulullah S.A.W, "Barang siapa… maka Allah akan…" I thought these sentences are only being used in Hadith. Rupa-rupanya, berguna juga dalam peraturan Ujian THT.

Ingatlah bahawa hanya ada satu jawapan yang benar untuk setiap soal.

And this one, sounds like… Firman Allah S.W.T "Ingatlah wahai manusia, bahawa… "

I find the way they put up the sentences are rather too fantastically tangible. Ada lah ketawa sikit dalam hati. Can't believe that they can actually use these combination of phrases into our everyday life. Very unique!

P.s : Transformers rock my socks!!! it was worth the 1 and a half hour of standing and waiting for the counter to open. Securing good seat for such great movie.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who are you again??

I don't simply add people into my FB, neither do I approve strangers to access into my private profile. It's not just about getting my privacy evicted by strangers or stalkers or gossip b*tches or other mthr f*kers out there, but it's about self respect and the valuation for friendship. I mean, I am no celebrity or people idol, who am I to get fans, strangers and outsiders to invade my life and all about it that I have to published in FB?

As my life is tiny bit of craps and emotions, I'd simply want it to be on myself and among my family, close friends, colleagues and trusted acquaintances. And strictly no strangers.

Frequently I get friend requests from human from out of the middle of nowhere that their existence had never went across my peculiar mind. It often keeps me wonder whether these unfamiliar person know me. And my answer to myself is always a 'no'. It is annoying most of the time to get these kind of desperados request whenever I check out my FB. Of course jangan harap la I nak layan and accept. However, I don't straight away ignore their requests with possibility I might re-call their existence somewhere sometimes over my past few years of living as I accept the fact that I tend to forget some people I've met and overlooked at them. After giving myself a few days of re-calling, and if I failed, I'll kindly sent them a private message that may sounds like this :

Hey there, I just got ur friend request, but I'm sorry that u're not familiar to me for me to accept that. Or forgive me if I just cant recall myself. Do u actually know me? Have we met? Do u think I know u? Regards, Bil.

Some might find it offensive, but I'm not the kind of person who kindly do something just to be kind and polite. I don't mind not being polite if it involves my privacy and dignity. As far as I know, I don't put any vulgar remarks in my message and it is suppose to mean short, friendly, clear and straight forward.

Most of the time, I get replies. I was right, they don't even know me as much as I don't know them. They insist that they were just trying to make friends. That's alright.

First impression is very important, and they seem to fail that. Sorry. You don't just go knocking into someone's door and be obstinate they let you in, unless if you're a direct seller. To be friends, you first have to introduce yourself, or at least say 'hi'. There are simple vital skills! Not to say that you have to pursue along the protocols in order to be my friend, but… hey, self respect at least, don't make fool of yourself look too much a stranger to someone whom you wish to make friends with.

Another thing that annoys me is when they reply my message with something like:

'it's ok if you don't want to accept me' or 'nevermind, you can just ignore it'.

Yea, and it's very okay for me either, I'll ignore you that very second after! What I interpret from this is that – you're not serious of becoming my friend in the first place. You're just trying your luck to get into my circle.
Phew, thank God I get rid of you!

Oh and there's another kind of reply I got – the stupidest I reckon yet kinda rude :

'FB is meant to widen up our network and bring people together. I don't think it's wrong for strangers to become friends'

Hello mister, it is so meant to be that way and it is so never in the history of human civilization is wrong for strangers become friends. If you must know that, your way of approaching someone is just inappropriate. At least, not in my way.

I will approve friend requests from these kind of people :

  1. Family members, be them my very far far relatives. We don't have to be friends, we were born under the same root.

  2. Friends I know (of course)

  3. Colleagues

  4. Acquaintances – someone I spoke with even for few words. At least we know the existence of each other.

  5. Request that came with at least a 'hi' and continue with introduction.

  6. Request that didn't come with a private message but have quite an impressive reply to my message.

And just so you know, my boyfriend knows exactly how this works on me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iota #15 - Durianized

Sejak musim durian and banyak makan durian… I got durianized, and thus make these durian quotes our of my grasp :

If i were to dine in heaven, i'd still order the angels for some TEMPE GORENG and DURIANs (besides all those heavenly cuisines).

No wonder they call it the King of the fruits. Durian rules!!! Daulat Tuanku!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dah datang dah… adoi!!!

Dia dah datang dah...
ha... jemput masuk. Jangan buat sepah kepala otak I dah la~
and, I'm talking about Final Exams.


My very last theory examinations. The Finals!
Can you believe it?? It's the end of 1, 2, 3, 4... hmm... 8th semester! EIGHT!
This will be my very last time to study on lecturers' notes,
reading on my own notes from every lectures,
with a little bit help from some books and the internet,
and trying on past years questions,
photostating notes after notes,
reading one book after another,
all the examination madness,
chasing over times,
getting insomniac but yet still feel like you've been sleeping like a hibernating polar bear,
get caffeinated,
feeling so occupied that you don't even have time to admit that you're under stress,
the acute appearance of all funny idiopathic symptoms such as the anxiety-induced-diarrhea, too-much-sitting-low-back-pain, lecture-notes-glaucoma, excessive-focus-on-studying-hearing-loss,
then, it'll be the last time of sitting in the huge double Olympic-sized-pool hall (or make that triple),
making sure my mechanical pencil is filled with 2B lead,
and my favourite Pentel soft hi-polymer eraser is clean,
not forgotten the student ID…
proper clothes and shoes to impress the hall keeper and lecturers... *bluerrgh!*

Ah, it is really going to be over! And the not so 'end' of this is just the beginning of another new era. Not talking about that now, just have to focus on glorifying the end of this full-ram cram. Gotta do it!!! Bismillahirahmanirahim…….

haPPy PaPa's day!

Happy Father's Day!!!

and this year...
for the 23rd time in a row, The Best Father Award goes to....
*drum roll*

I love you so much papa!!!

xoxo, All of us!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iota #14 - Todays Catch

From Surabaya Post :

About our Bakti Sosial Program @ Baksos is on Surabaya Post. Also linked to my previous post.

From The Star :

No Big Deal – I wonder who needs who here… I wonder who is the 'desperado' and who is the 'egoist'. All I can say is that – Like we ever care~ Who needs whose $$ now? We still can b GENEROUS to bangladeshi, philipinos, paki, siamese, tibetan, liberian, siberian. Lalalalaalaa~

From You Tube :

The Saturdays – Work official video. Aww… hot bodies are so motivating!!! Also see 'Just Can't Get Enough'. If I were to have an all girl groupies, I'll have the influence from PCD and The Saturdays and it'll be The Saturdays Dolls (Pussycat is so NO! since I have this one loathing for cats) and we'll have all the hot dance moves with our sexy bodies. Cehh berangan!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kapur Ajaib

No kids, this is not the chalk like Blocky has in the ChalkZone cartoons. Too bad this chalk doesn't make your drawing turn into life. It is 'ajaib' but not that so cartoon-ish magic. It looks exactly like the chalk your teacher used to have in school last time (I believe all schools have changed chalkboard to white/marker board by now), but this chalk is a little bit more special, not just a chalk but it is so ajaib that it can scare ants and roaches off!!!

I hate ants! One of the pest that annoys me the most must be ants! Ants are the least useful a.k.a useless creatures alive (oh I must not say this, as Allah creates every creatures to have their own unique-ness, though I haven't found the uniqueness in ants yet).

Anyway, since I sometimes have my coffee mug overnight on the study desk and that this might attract the ants, therefore I find that this kapur ajaib is really ajaib. By the next morning I wake up with an ant-less coffee mug! Tapi kadang2 ada la jugak semut kebal yang masih boleh membolosi benteng pertahanan by kapur ajaib. Hence, I draw 2 circles encircling my mug a.k.a double fortification!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strong enough to break

Problems are queuing up a beeline. After one another, waiting for their turn to punch out and break this metalized-heart and squeezed out my dried-out tear pool. I've been living with troubles and tribulations throughout my years here. Its just too much! Too much but yet I'm still standing. I have to!

These trials are just too cruel for me to bear. The hardship has no merci and its pouring like a tsunami. I can't believe that this is happening to me… all what I've planned and dream of are casting out, just like that! All these hard work and headaches chasing over datelines means nothing, nothing at all!!!

Help – is not in their dictionary, tolerance – is a very extraordinary, lenience – is only for their benefit, lembap – nombor satu, money – is everything!

MIRACLE is all I need right now.

Oh Allah, if this can't be any lighter for me to abide,

at least make me stronger and show me ways to be optimistic for whatever reason it has to be.

Grant me, with at least something.

Something that is as good as what I can't get.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dekan Cup Champion A.G.A.I.N

It has been a long day. Perhaps today is the earliest day since I don't-know-when. Everything went smoothly and… Alhamdulillah my batch won the cup. AGAIN!!!

Not to mention about gaining the title of big time winner over our so-hard-work victory, its such an euphoric! Everyone shed their tears of joy. Perhaps our final year of being together as the batch of 2005. Oh guys, aren't we so great or what?! Hahaha!

Here I dedicate to all my fellow friends with NIM that begins with 051071- our winning theme song, my all time favourite – Jai Ho (PCD version)

Amid all the joy, laughter and happiness, one that I encroached on me the most was towards the end of the day when we asked a stranger to snap a photo of us, instead of counting to three, she said 'Bismillahirahmanirahim' and click on the shutter. OMG, that was the first time I ever heard of such… hmm… well, I'm impressed!!! And I know we all were holding our laugh at that time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Divergence of the filthy rich and smutty poor

Last Sunday, I went for a program called Bakti Sosial or what we called it Baksos (it's a trend to make shortforms of everything here…). It was totally sponsored by us the Malaysian students and was instructed with some help from one of the club in our faculty (they help us mainly in the sense of arranging agendas, finding suitable village in the rural community which we can help, and communications). Outline of the program were 'pengobatan gratis' where the seniors were to give conscientious medical check up, and the not-so-senior to prepare the medication while the juniors with the physical examination and vital checks. Besides that we had a 'pembagian sembako' where we give out staple victuals such as rice, sugar, salt and such.

The Baksos went smooth and fine and I had fun. But that was not actually the main point of me writing this entry.

Looking at these Indonesians (excluding my classmates, lecturers and those who are close to me), I see poverty. They may categorized themselves as 'not rich' but I pathetically see scarceness which I am tired of feeling sorry. It has been four years, and my sympathy has fade by time…

seeing these very hardworking men with well built muscles and yet under nutritious,
seeing mothers carrying their kids walk for miles in their almost worn-out slippers,
seeing painstaking jobs that are meant for machines but been done by men,
seeing starving children being fed with i-don't-want-to-know-what,
seeing family of five riding on a bushed-out motorcycle,
seeing man pulling burden 100 times of their bodyweight,
seeing people desperately open up my garbage looking for stuff to recycle,
seeing handicaps crawling on the road and others just don't seem to bother,
seeing beggars trying to act out their most sympathetic face everywhere,
seeing children running after public transport to sing for money,
seeing girls trying to fit in the 'latest' fashion by wearing oh-so-wrong but yet so hip for them,
seeing boys trying to grow up with cigars in between their fingers,
seeing hunching and dying old men still working and carrying out burdens on their back,
seeing people giving up their health over the littlest wealth, like punching a needle-sized hole to breath, and keep breathing…

and yet, on the other scene I see…

almost everyone in my class equipped with at least a megapixel camera phone,
and must have laptop,
and other gadgets – blackberry, DSLR, PSP, ipods, etc…,
driving Japanese/European fine-made mobiles,
or at least superbike and first-rate motorbikes,
">with at least a maid or two at home,
even drivers,
though most of them carry plagiarized LV handbags (like I don't know~) but still…,
tailoring 50k worth wedding dress,
getting monthly spa treatment,
having grand parties, wedding ceremonies, etc.,

Ah, I better stop listing all these pitiable things which has become a cliché – divergence of the filthy rich and smutty poor, and although tritely clear seen in our hackneyed life but not quite perceived by their reckless mind. God knows what is there hindering them to actually grasp the situation of where they are in. Its all about luck and power here. Again, I am sick these super-distinctive phenomenon. And I am tired of considering another sympathy…

While at the Baksos, seeing the ladies and children reminds me of the maids back at home.

All the maids in Malaysia (and construction workers too), I warn you to be thankful of what is given or back to this hell where you belong! Jangan nak mengada2, I know exactly how poverty your life was and how desperate of you actually! WORK! Jgn malas!!! Jangan nak lari pulak! (p/s: those with maids who are mentally retard and cannot read, please read this out loud to them. If they refuse to kneel, inform ME! I'll give them direct lesson for F.O.C!)

Minus the snout

[ music mode : I just can't get enough – The Saturdays ]

How do I start this? (OMG, I lost the sense of blogging already!!)

First of all, I've been eating like a p!9 since I woke up approximately 4:45 am this morning (too early eh? I got exam at 7 and had to leave the house at 6, hope it explains). First start with a big bowl of cereal mixture of cornflakes, honeystars and kokocrunch. Oh did I mentioned that I love to buy boxes of cereals and mixed them together? Oh and of course I flood them all with an overflow cold low-fat milk. Btw, low-fat milk doesn't make me less fatter. I just love the way they named it 'low-fat' however – make me enjoy gulfing without guilt. Then I had a bottle of Yakult. Even the lactobacillus don't work well for my digestion. There is just something wrong with my digestive system! I just hope that I don't inherit anything from my late grandpa who died of carcinoma colon a.k.a cancer of intestine!

After class, 'exam' I mean, I hurried back home just in time to drop by the market. Bought vegetables and tempe altogether worth Rp15000. Got home and help myself with omelet enriched with smoked beef and a bowl of spinach. Few minutes after the plates are cleared, I opt for a piece of bread with chocolate spread and boil some water for a mug of hot chocolate. As usual, hot coco comes in pair with biscuits. Currently, I'm sucking strawberry-crème flavored Chupa chup given by kak Nuzul, and it came with a 'touching' message too! Lol!! OMG! GemOk geLL~

P.s to Kak Nuzul : I think I'm becoming Mo! Waaaa!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

After T* chill-out session

Thank you to two nocturnal creatures (Nadine Mazbar and Kusha) in Malang for de-stressing me and thus making my evening so 'The-Gossip-Girl-like'. I lyokee~

Let me call this my 'after ujian T* celebration'. Been having a tough day since morning still thinking and working on my uncompleted T*. I went all way through all over again from chapter 1-4 in which I did loooong time ago since I projected my proposal. It is so stressing thinking that I haven't done anything, nothing at all for my coming final exams and my UT2 THT which is on this Tuesday. Sometimes, I regretted that I was rushing on things that I wanted to end this T* too soon. I should had just delayed it til after my finals are done. I should had just focused on my exams for a little while. However, due to some 'oblige' from someone, I just had to… thank me! :P

Anyway, after hitting my limit for today's stress level, miraculously I had a call from Kak Nad inviting me to go for some chill-out. Awww Nadine Mazbar you're my knight in shining armor! You just knew when I needed for some exuberance in life – especially here, in this place where you really need to psychologically-emphasized the littlest fun that coming your way and just live to enjoy it! I'm happy that there is someone in this 'sacred' land who is actually left for me to have fun with, whom I can see their faces without even thinking that I am a student stranded in Indon.

Kuekuatszu was hot enough, I should be sorry if I missed it. The pool, you know when I last played? No, you don't want to know… Lol!!! Anyhow, the nine-balls was kinda jinx, or was it us? We sure gonna do that again anytime soon so the jinx will diminished by time. I think I still feel the 'depraving aura' on the cue sticks, balls and table. Eeeuu~

Next, we gotta find some place for our Gossip-girl session better than Warung Subuh! And don't forget our fitness plan!

Have to hit the bed now… too bad I'm not yet a nocturnal creature or I would have stayed to enjoy the McD breakfast with you girls. It's 3:43am??!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

To be done

Allow me to puke

*buaarggghhhh weerrrkkkk uuwaaaarrrkkkk uurkk urkkk (and all the vomiting sound you could think of)

I've been facing nose-to-nose with this one particular thing for weeks, oh no, months actually and it just got worse and even worse than worse. This one particular thing is nothing unusual, but my thesis.

Aarrgghhh!! I can just go ballistic seeing/hearing/pronouncing the word 'thesis'!!! Tolongggg I'm all wacky, and please please pretty please end all this torment ASAP before I become a thesisphobic.

My definition is definitely right! This country is a jinx, it's undonesia!

T* (I can't finished typing the word) has been an unbearable mission (which I amazingly seems to bear with it after all) throughout these 2 years. I've been climbing slowly with the researches and experiments and… today I reached the climax of all of it – I finally presented my research, Alhamdulillah everything went smooth and great *senyum skit*

However there are still sequences of revision following which I have to complete within this 2 weeks. Kan dah kata… belum siap lagi! UNDONE yet u know~ takper… relax (paleotak la nak relax!).

So, about my presentation this morning… I really thank Dr. Sudjari big time for being such super supportive consultant. I can never thank him enough, he has done a lot for me and backed me up ultimately especially today. Not only that he helped me explaining the unnecessary absurdity that the examiners had, but he profusely convinced the examiners on my righteous, how dedicated I was throughout the exploration and everything! Awww… I was truly touched!

About my examiner (the one on my previous post), I gotta thank him after all for being very perfectionist and thus make my writings flawless. He is super perfect that he didn't even missed to check a single full stop, comma, and things like that. Since he is a pathologist, I think he ran through my writings under the microscope. Hehe!

There is a sentence (spotted by the examiner) in my proposal which I find it quite silly, in which I translated from English into Bahasa Indonesia – "the disease is usually a self-limiting" and I translated it into "penyakit ini biasanya dapat membatasi diri sendiri dan akan sembuh sendiri". I think I was trying to make a little dramatic sentence there but it just didn't work out! Btw, a disease (not an object) don't cure, but patients do cure from a disease.

So now, I'm still on my mission to enriched on my t*. Been Googling and Googling and I guess by the end of the day, I might change my spectacles to goggles thick glasses!

FINAL EXAM is sooooooo around the corner and I have done absolutely nothing about it! Nak studyyyyyyyyy!!! (Bila tgh busy, tibe2 time tu rasa rajin nak study plak! Kejamnya perasaan ini…)

*tibe2 rasa nak demam* (SERIOUS okay~)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Accidentally missed peds class this morning. After obgyn which ended 30 minutes earlier, I went to the Pathology Anatomy lab in the hospital main building to meet my examiner. Apparently there wasn't really any specific reason to meet him, but I just feel like I had to. To get him familiar with my face just in case he got too mesmerized by me tomorrow in the meeting room. Haha yea right. Not really~ I went to dug out some inquiries (if there is any) from him, just in case he might asked me certain challenging questions concerning my research.

Expectedly, he gave me another tickle to my urinary vesicle that made me feel like peeing in my pants!
Waduh, soalnya dok, gimanaaaa gituh!

This laptop seems to be like a magic eight ball that I rely on to give me the answers to his questions. Nevertheless, the questions were meticulously detailed that only logic mind can confer, I'm tired of finding references to prove to my belief a.k.a jawapan hentam. I ran off (naik angkut I mean..) to campus to meet my consultant for some ideas about the questions, he didn't really helped much, however he gave me ideas on how I can speak my way out to of the 'decoy'.

Will be practicing on my presentation, voice intonation, hand movements, eye and body contacts and yea… bahasa Indonesia! I'll be talking alone all the way to bed tonight! Good luck Bil!!!

For mama & papa...

Monday, June 1, 2009

The grin

I was walking down the aisle in between the parasitology and pharmacology lab, making my way up to the office where I supposed to register my thesis. I thoroughly make my-signature-wide-steps brisk walk through the aisle as I was chasing over the envious time. Once I reached the entrance of the pharmacology lab, two lads were standing by talking to each other. I recognized one of the guys – plump and has always have this daunting grin on his face, he was one of my classmate who without-any-specific-reason took a long break (whole semester) which resulting him to dropped-out of the class and consequently joined the next class the year after. By mean, he is now my junior.

About this guy

He was one of the earliest Indonesian friends I had since we were in the same 'keluarga PK 2 MABA' (orientation group). I didn't really quite recognized him by then since he was all quiet and passive. But one thing I can remember is that grin on his face, so menacing and it creeps me out everytime he does that. The grin (not mistaken by a smile) is not less different than the It's (the Stephen King's movie – IT) or rather the Batman's Joker. The smirking beam is fully sated by filthy secrets that only he can tell, and is surely one's worth nightmare.

Call me naïve, but it just never runs through my mind to have a different opposite thought of him but just an innocent fat boy who is anxious about the surrounding world and always keep himself low to avoid being intimidated by other friends who have way much confidence. As I heard from almost everyone, as how they have observed and some of their experiences, I gotta believe that my thought of him was entirely wrong. Little did I realized that beneath those filthy fat tissues lies an indecent psyche mind. He is a psychopath!
And that grin, is just the external sign of it.

As time passes by, as lectures and classes and lab practices went on, I started to prove that other people were right, he's not that innocent fat boy anymore. He secretly have impure passions in the opposite sex, and sometimes I caught him sneaking and staring at our female classmates. I started to grow creeps on my skin whenever I see his face. Thank God, we were only in the same class for that hell of first semester.

Back to today

As I walk closer to them, making myself through the entrance, goosebumps started to appear as the hairs were merely erected by fear. I just wished he didn't notice me. But poor me, he did. The second I passed him, I realized the quick turned of his head without moving his neck,

he looked at me and confidently said "Nabilah"

and not forgotten, the grin!

Oh my god! How the hell can he still remember my name!!! !@#%$^&* I replied him with a fidgety grin and accelerate my feet up to the office…

About 1 hour later, I finally made my way home. Switched on the TV, grabbed a Buavita lychee juice and throw myself helplessly on the couch. As I was watching "Wizard of Waverly Place" on Disney Channel, my handphone rang. That's odd. I barely get any phone calls at this hour, it was from an unknown number. I picked it up with my curious voice and heard a man's voice over. The line wasn't all clear so we had to repeat back everything said.

"Ini siapa?" (repeated several times)

")!(@*#$&%&^!" (still not clear of what is spoken)

In between the noise of unclear speech, I suddenly heard a word that definitely turned the fright out of me. The very word is a name (a name to be kept confidential).

WHATTHA?!!! (I thought to myself) could this be HIM who called me?! Where the hell did he get my number from?! I am so going to kill someone for this!

After few seconds of a fretful angst and anxiety, I finally heard him clearly. Phew~ no, it was not 'HIM'… it was someone else who shares the same name as him. Hahaha that's freaking funny!

Anyway, that man of the same name as the psychopath brought me some terrible news about my thesis. My presentation time is clashed with someone else's and either one of us have to re-scheduled. Done with that, and I re-scheduled mine to 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, its just that I have to go all round again and informed everyone who is going to be involved. Sabar… sabar…~

Last but not least, I finally set the date for my thesis's examination. I'll be presenting my 2 years of research on this Thursday, 4th June 2009 at 9am. Wish me luck! *wink*

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