Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dah datang dah… adoi!!!

Dia dah datang dah...
ha... jemput masuk. Jangan buat sepah kepala otak I dah la~
and, I'm talking about Final Exams.


My very last theory examinations. The Finals!
Can you believe it?? It's the end of 1, 2, 3, 4... hmm... 8th semester! EIGHT!
This will be my very last time to study on lecturers' notes,
reading on my own notes from every lectures,
with a little bit help from some books and the internet,
and trying on past years questions,
photostating notes after notes,
reading one book after another,
all the examination madness,
chasing over times,
getting insomniac but yet still feel like you've been sleeping like a hibernating polar bear,
get caffeinated,
feeling so occupied that you don't even have time to admit that you're under stress,
the acute appearance of all funny idiopathic symptoms such as the anxiety-induced-diarrhea, too-much-sitting-low-back-pain, lecture-notes-glaucoma, excessive-focus-on-studying-hearing-loss,
then, it'll be the last time of sitting in the huge double Olympic-sized-pool hall (or make that triple),
making sure my mechanical pencil is filled with 2B lead,
and my favourite Pentel soft hi-polymer eraser is clean,
not forgotten the student ID…
proper clothes and shoes to impress the hall keeper and lecturers... *bluerrgh!*

Ah, it is really going to be over! And the not so 'end' of this is just the beginning of another new era. Not talking about that now, just have to focus on glorifying the end of this full-ram cram. Gotta do it!!! Bismillahirahmanirahim…….

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