Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Minus the snout

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How do I start this? (OMG, I lost the sense of blogging already!!)

First of all, I've been eating like a p!9 since I woke up approximately 4:45 am this morning (too early eh? I got exam at 7 and had to leave the house at 6, hope it explains). First start with a big bowl of cereal mixture of cornflakes, honeystars and kokocrunch. Oh did I mentioned that I love to buy boxes of cereals and mixed them together? Oh and of course I flood them all with an overflow cold low-fat milk. Btw, low-fat milk doesn't make me less fatter. I just love the way they named it 'low-fat' however – make me enjoy gulfing without guilt. Then I had a bottle of Yakult. Even the lactobacillus don't work well for my digestion. There is just something wrong with my digestive system! I just hope that I don't inherit anything from my late grandpa who died of carcinoma colon a.k.a cancer of intestine!

After class, 'exam' I mean, I hurried back home just in time to drop by the market. Bought vegetables and tempe altogether worth Rp15000. Got home and help myself with omelet enriched with smoked beef and a bowl of spinach. Few minutes after the plates are cleared, I opt for a piece of bread with chocolate spread and boil some water for a mug of hot chocolate. As usual, hot coco comes in pair with biscuits. Currently, I'm sucking strawberry-crème flavored Chupa chup given by kak Nuzul, and it came with a 'touching' message too! Lol!! OMG! GemOk geLL~

P.s to Kak Nuzul : I think I'm becoming Mo! Waaaa!

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