Monday, June 29, 2009

The Angkut Story Part #2

This morning I had an angkut ride with the most friendly driver in town. Not that he was being friendly to me, but just the way he was behaving with other passengers throughout the journey was just different, in a good way. Unlike other angkut drivers, you hardly hear them talk. And surprisingly, for once in a blue moon, I rode on the exact same angkut with the exact same driver on the way home from campus too.

I seriously have this one 'hating' kind of feeling of riding angkut. But the fact that I eventually have to live by it while I'm here is making me ignoring (like totally ignoring) my feelings. Angkut ride is not fun. Out of the thousand rides, maybe there is a couple or two rides that can be considered as enjoying, or else, I wish that I could be dead for a few minutes before reaching my destination.

For me, the main reason of loathing the angkut is that it's a good source of spreading air-borne diseases. Everytime someone sneezes or coughs, I only could pray that I am well protected and that my immune system is prepared for a battle.

Secondly, greedy angkut drivers are one of my main detestation. Passengers absolutely have no freaking rights on their ride. These kind of drivers would wait for hours for their angkut to be full before they start moving. Before the angkut is full-filled, the passengers would want to have to wait for the uncertainty of the other passengers to come. Some drivers would drive as slow as possible and at the same time eyeing the whole scope of their windscreen, side mirrors and rare mirrors of people with possibility need a ride off their ass. They can stop in the middle of the road waiting for these people to come, and they can even reverse on the one-way busy road!
These drivers are obviously the kings of Indonesian road traffics. Amazingly, nobody (road users) cares of their unethical and wicked way of conquering the road. After all, this is the fact they lived by everyday and everybody seems to be in peace and harmony. No such thing as road-bullies (cause everyone is!).

Third reason is, I hate squeezing myself in other people's sweats. So eeeuuuh! Ass-meet-ass kinda situation, sometimes even ass-meet-face! It's so squeezy and squeaky and sweaty in angkut and with Rp2300, you'll get the worse class sauna therapy!

With Rp2300 also, you'll get no obligation to travel with rucksacks of onions or rice or whatsoever, or even with big basket full of durians, as long as it can fit inside, everything go!
I guess, if there is an angkut to the airports, the international domestic helper (a.k.a the maids) would load the angkut with their boxes and big huge luggage as well.

There are just too many things to list out here about the revulsion of the angkut ride, but I just don't have the mood to list it all out for now. Oh by the way, another blue moon appeared this afternoon on my way back home, there were two mothers breastfeeding their sons. Hmm… dalam angkut yang sempit2 tu jugak anak dia nak minum!

Wondering upon the harshness of life and how hard it can be, then again I can never thank God enough for what I have and how the lesson of solidity have come to my approach, no matter how much I hate the angkut ride, I can't just ask for a car, neither can I not go to campus. I was made obligatory to be tough, to be durable to survive, to taste every bitterness, to live in every ruggedness, to face every ruthlessness, to make through every resistance, to balance off every instability, and most importantly to make sure myself come back home in one piece with the scroll, I'd be happy enough!

In spite of everything less that this country has to offer, I wish I never be anywhere else but here.

(wait, did I just say that??!!! *bluerggh*)

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