Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Accidentally missed peds class this morning. After obgyn which ended 30 minutes earlier, I went to the Pathology Anatomy lab in the hospital main building to meet my examiner. Apparently there wasn't really any specific reason to meet him, but I just feel like I had to. To get him familiar with my face just in case he got too mesmerized by me tomorrow in the meeting room. Haha yea right. Not really~ I went to dug out some inquiries (if there is any) from him, just in case he might asked me certain challenging questions concerning my research.

Expectedly, he gave me another tickle to my urinary vesicle that made me feel like peeing in my pants!
Waduh, soalnya dok, gimanaaaa gituh!

This laptop seems to be like a magic eight ball that I rely on to give me the answers to his questions. Nevertheless, the questions were meticulously detailed that only logic mind can confer, I'm tired of finding references to prove to my belief a.k.a jawapan hentam. I ran off (naik angkut I mean..) to campus to meet my consultant for some ideas about the questions, he didn't really helped much, however he gave me ideas on how I can speak my way out to of the 'decoy'.

Will be practicing on my presentation, voice intonation, hand movements, eye and body contacts and yea… bahasa Indonesia! I'll be talking alone all the way to bed tonight! Good luck Bil!!!

For mama & papa...

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