Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What’s your flavor?

Mint choc!!!

It's gotta be the combination of chocolate and mint. Just how much chocoholic I am, chocolate alone has to come in second place, and of course followed by mint flavor. Whoever created this holy combination is a pure genius and has the finest and most delicate taste buds ever!

Chocolate – is an undeniably the taste of heaven. While mint, is a majestic substance used in every possible magnificent way, be it for consuming, for cleaning products, for aromatherapy and you name it (what is there in the market that comes in flavors without mint?). While the combination of these 2 remarkable essences are simply a taste to be blessed by Godsubhanallah!

I just had my second J.Co donuts for this month, and as usual I never missed my all-time-favorite flavor – Mint Caviar!

Hold on there, 'caviar' is not the real caviar though. There are round chocolate coated rice balls of the same size of the caviars, and they look real! The donut is however topped with green minty icing where the 'caviars' are helplessly sprinkled on top of it. aww…

And with that, supposedly came compliment with Choco Mint ice blended. Too bad I couldn't get that as the J.Co came all the way 2 hours drive from my place. Why don't they set up a branch in Malang??!! Even Rotiboy is already here all the way from Malaysia!

Talking about chocolate minty drinks, there used to be a seasonal flavor from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, it's called the Holiday Mint Ice Blended. They actually blend the candy canes together in the drinks and it makes it taste so Christmasly! I'm not sure if the product is still available on every Christmas season. I last had that more than 4 years back while I was still in college. Too bad there is no Coffee Bean outlet in Malang (or could it be too good so I can control my sweet tooth?).

On top of that, my all time (since childhood) favorite ice cream flavor must be the Baskin Robbin's Mint Chocolate Chip. Once again, I never failed to order for that flavor everytime I step near the BR counter. I would walk along the refrigerator to look for some other flavors that might get into my attention, and would ask for free tasting for almost all the flavors, but I'll always end up with Mint Chocolate Chip. Oh, except for this one time… I ordered for Polarbear Chocolate Chips or something like that, and made that chuckles of mint gums and chocolate chips in a very minty white-bluish vanilla ice cream. Too sweet! I don't wish for another scope since then.

These are all the minty-chocolaty flavors I can re-call now… oh yea, besides that, I droll for the combination of chocolate and banana! Back in Malaysia, where the citizens don't really have the creative tongue for desserts, I always make my own dessert of banana with everything. My all-time favorite should be bread with Nutella spread and slices of bananas, put that in a zipper cling bag and into my school bag, good enough for the dreadful 6 hours of school everyday. Conversely, when I came to Indonesia, I find various of desserts that has the chocolate-banana flavor, oh heaven!!! And the best should be terang bulan pisang coklat. I wonder why Malaysian don't make our apam balik into variety of flavors… come on, buat la!!! bOoring~ *yawning*

Wait, Banana Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Banana Cheese Cake are however two of my most favorites Secret Recipe's cake! (Chocolate Indulgences the best!)

On the other hand, I used to think that everything that comes in red or pink tastes the nicest. Part of it, I was right. About more than a decade ago where I am totally madly crazily over Hanson, I would quote everything that came out from their mouth, and one of it was

"Red – coz red candies always taste the best" – Taylor Hanson talking on favorite color.

Since then, my eyes were never missed to catch a glimpse of every red candies. As time goes by, I grow up to develop my own taste buds without the influenced from anyone. I find my own favorite foods and drinks, I don't drink and love Dr. Pepper Snapple just because Taylor Hanson does. Nonetheless, most red candies are always the best among the others and I always find red jams more salivary than the yellow ones. And I never stop loving Oreo for God knows why (though it makes me obese fat!)


rizz said...


Nadine Mazbar said...

Yes, I strongly agree on opening the J.Co and Coffee Bean or at least a Starbucks here in Malang. At times it really makes me tick thinking of how these 'ignorant' people already feeling proud of having only MOG waaaaahh ...yuck ! Sigh...hehe 2 more papers to go for you dear, Happy Holiday ya ! ;D

Bil said...

sedapkannn?!! tp sayangnya tak boleh makan slalu.. kempunan la~

yes k.nad, pls la tolong bukakkan 1 starbucks dkt sini!!
oh wait, gym this sunday??!

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