Saturday, June 6, 2009

After T* chill-out session

Thank you to two nocturnal creatures (Nadine Mazbar and Kusha) in Malang for de-stressing me and thus making my evening so 'The-Gossip-Girl-like'. I lyokee~

Let me call this my 'after ujian T* celebration'. Been having a tough day since morning still thinking and working on my uncompleted T*. I went all way through all over again from chapter 1-4 in which I did loooong time ago since I projected my proposal. It is so stressing thinking that I haven't done anything, nothing at all for my coming final exams and my UT2 THT which is on this Tuesday. Sometimes, I regretted that I was rushing on things that I wanted to end this T* too soon. I should had just delayed it til after my finals are done. I should had just focused on my exams for a little while. However, due to some 'oblige' from someone, I just had to… thank me! :P

Anyway, after hitting my limit for today's stress level, miraculously I had a call from Kak Nad inviting me to go for some chill-out. Awww Nadine Mazbar you're my knight in shining armor! You just knew when I needed for some exuberance in life – especially here, in this place where you really need to psychologically-emphasized the littlest fun that coming your way and just live to enjoy it! I'm happy that there is someone in this 'sacred' land who is actually left for me to have fun with, whom I can see their faces without even thinking that I am a student stranded in Indon.

Kuekuatszu was hot enough, I should be sorry if I missed it. The pool, you know when I last played? No, you don't want to know… Lol!!! Anyhow, the nine-balls was kinda jinx, or was it us? We sure gonna do that again anytime soon so the jinx will diminished by time. I think I still feel the 'depraving aura' on the cue sticks, balls and table. Eeeuu~

Next, we gotta find some place for our Gossip-girl session better than Warung Subuh! And don't forget our fitness plan!

Have to hit the bed now… too bad I'm not yet a nocturnal creature or I would have stayed to enjoy the McD breakfast with you girls. It's 3:43am??!!


nisha jailani said...

eeiii, tak ajak pun...nak merajuuk laa....

Bil said...

eyhh budak kecik tak boleh!! tak cukup umur~

Anonymous said...

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