Friday, June 26, 2009

Iota #16 – exam giggles

I knew this. They are very poetic and creative. I lyoke! (though sometimes it may sounds funny)

Two phrases I found on the front page where they state the rules and regulation for the exam papers :

Barang siapa yang melanggar peraturan, berdiskusi atau menyontek jawapan peserta ujian lain, maka akan dikenakan sangsi.

Okay, this sounds… incredibly serious? Or dreadfully scary? When I first read this, it reminds me of some phrases I thought I only heard from hadith, which usually start with something like : sabda Rasulullah S.A.W, "Barang siapa… maka Allah akan…" I thought these sentences are only being used in Hadith. Rupa-rupanya, berguna juga dalam peraturan Ujian THT.

Ingatlah bahawa hanya ada satu jawapan yang benar untuk setiap soal.

And this one, sounds like… Firman Allah S.W.T "Ingatlah wahai manusia, bahawa… "

I find the way they put up the sentences are rather too fantastically tangible. Ada lah ketawa sikit dalam hati. Can't believe that they can actually use these combination of phrases into our everyday life. Very unique!

P.s : Transformers rock my socks!!! it was worth the 1 and a half hour of standing and waiting for the counter to open. Securing good seat for such great movie.


nisha jailani said...

tengok transformers kat mana?
dieng ke?
lamanya queue. ni yg malas ni...

Bil said...

tgk dkt matos.
lama queue tu sbb i pegi 1 jam stgh before counter bukak. so boleh bratur dpn skali betul2 dpn pintu masuk. if pegi time matos dah bukak, mesti line panjang.

Nadine Mazbar said...

Darling, I had fun watching it too!!! ;D We should do this more often hehe !! Thank you btw Bil, next gym plan, give me a holler ya ! Love you !! MMMuAXXX !!! ;*

Bil said...

gym plan is after exam!! will holler u up! cant wait to get my sexy sweats!!

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