Monday, May 31, 2010

Was I a color-blind?

Rise and shine!!
Good morning world! How do you like the smell of a hot brewed jasmine tea in the morning?

I just came back from the hospital and as usual, I'm having this post on-call euphoria that I can't get myself to sleep nor to concentrate on something.

Therefore I blog.

Oh right before this I was browsing through, getting an answer to my weird curiosity. It was about the difference of the Italian flag and Irish flag. So I thought of sharing this not so important knowledge to whom who might not know (yet)!

Am I the only one who just knew that the Irish last vertical was actually an orange??

Lorr ingatkan sama! Iya2lah, mana mungkin bendera dua negara yang berbeda itu bisa sama! Aduh Bil!

Was I a color-blind before?

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nothing about this Sunday, so I press rewind to the previous one

I should make use of this Sunday. I mean… today. I should study for psychiatry examination next week.
Gila, next week = tomorrow! Waaaa!!! Why must I always have to do something so crazy? Didn't I promised myself a gazillion times that I have to kill that word away?! That 'procrastination' comes and go in my dictionary, but it seems to stay longer that its disappearance. OH GOD, BIL, WAKE UP!!!
Okay, let's not to worry about that just yet… (and continue blogging… lalala~)

I just had instant noodle, remember that Indomie I was blogging about? Today, I had flavor Coto Makassar for lunch. Yeah, without having to fly a hundred miles to get to Makassar, I can cook it on my own, at home!

Eee... shedapnyierr! *air liur meleleh2* tapi mama punya mihun goreng Singapore lagi sedap tak boleh nak lawan! tak boleh!
Last week, somewhere around this time, I had the scrumptious-oh-so-mouth-watery Malay tomyam fried biehoon, hawker style at Malay Village in Sutos. Yes, without having to fly a thousand miles to Malaysia, I had it in Surabaya. Just a 2-hour drive from here. Siapa kata kena balik Malaysia?? Look, I survived 8 months straight! EIGHT months baby! Kalau pregnant ni mesti dah nak meletop dah! Have I ever been here for that long before? *tepukan gemuruh and standing ovation* I am a survivor, and I gonna survive another 12 months before I can come back for good. Go Bil go! (with Survivor series theme song howling as the background theme song for Bil's surviving event – Oo eeOoo e'o e'o e'o Aaa Ee Oo)

Talking about last Sunday, yes I successfully managed to find my way to Pasuruan for the home-visit. The morning before we left, I called the contact number given to confirm my appointment with my patient's family. Little did I knew that it was the Pak Lurah (head of the district) I called. Without hesitation, he agreed to accept our visit and helped us a lot with the directions.
The road to success (ye la kan...) 
After all, it wasn't that hard for find the place. Thanks to the Pak Lurah. I was all so excited, I could feel the heat the moment we steer the car into the red-mud street. It was aweseome! We were greet with a warm welcome and the atmosphere were so convivial. I bet half the villagers were there to welcome us!
Cool takkk? Cakap la cool… cool kan?

 These are the family members and the Pak Lurah

Aside from the family members, the Pak RT (Rukun tetangga) was there too! Cool, more feeds in, as if the whole villagers are acquainted with my patient – that close! What's more surprising was that, we were served with a loooot of banana fritters (4 pinggan pisang goreng tu tak tahannn! Padahal tetamu ade 2 je!), not by the host, but from the neighbours! Chup chup, nak fikir jap… *garu dagu* pernah ke I datang rumah jiran belakang rumah pastu jamu tetamu dia makan? Ewah ewah!

Kesian budak kecik tu kena tempek bedak dekat muka dia...
At first I thought that it wouldn't be so necessary to go for this home-visit thingy as I already anamnesis my patient and his grandmother completely on the day when they came to visit to the hospital, and besides Pasuruan is not near and I am never familiar with that place. Then Frente insisted me to go, and kindly offered a hand. I was persuaded when she said that 'The Royal Highness' (as a psychiatrist) might know if I am that assertive to my patient just by reading my expression. Oh okay2, takut nanti terkantoi sebab tak pegi home-visit, I terus setuju! Setuju! Ayo kita ke sana!

From Pasuruan, we head to mana lagi kalau bukan ke Surabaya! Yayyy!

Lots of catching ups to do! First thing first – watch Ironman 2. We drove straight to Sutos and got us a couple of tickets. Nice seats! Ironman 2checked! After lunch and movie, we moved to TP. I love the smell… I love the ambiguous smell of shopping malls. Smell? Hmm… or is it just my hallucination?

Seats on A row are the furthest from the screen... ours are P! Kalau tengok concert best jugak dekat2!
The second reason was to catch Robin Hood. Eventually, the tickets were selling fast like hot cakes, and luckily we managed to get some seats, having said that the 2nd row from the screen! Lantak lah, nak tengok jugak!!! Terdongak-dongak kepala, terpusing-pusing badan dekat kerusi, tapi dapat tengok! Robin Hoodchecked!

Sebagai seorang penggemar durian, saya mencintai durian dalam segala aspek! (kecuali tempoyak, please!)

The third reason was to eat durian goreng! Durian goreng for the dessert after buckets of dimsums for dinner. Yummy!! Durian gorengchecked!

(Back to this week) This whole week was all about completing my responsi, in which I managed to typed it out in one night.

My 4 previous blog entries are all about this!
This is it, a big huge thank to Frente for making this fun and easy for me to be drawn against That Royal Highness.

Ooookay dah! Pegi belajar skrang!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Presentation continued…

About yesterday's presentation - phewH~ (sambil mengesat peluh yang menitik macam peluh Lee Chong Wei), Alhamdulillah it's over and done! (chup chup! Not so 'done' yet, exam starts on this coming Mondayyghhh!!)

So, you asked, was it a 'kao kao attack' or an 'abugit'? Well, too good to be true, I got neither of those! But knowing her, yes she did 'make up' comments about my work though!

Why was she so fierce and pointing up bazooka at the other who presented their assignments before me the day before, but not 'that' so fierce to me and Rou yesterday?

1. Apparently, she gives a very deep attack (I mean, she really emphasize) on how to be a good doctor from the most important aspect of treatment which is 'anamnesis' a.k.a 'history taking'. It depends on our skills of digging a good story and history of a patient. Therefore we got to state our dialogue in our presentation and she'll evaluate every single word we use, on how we tackle in with the questions and the flow of our conversation – yeah, to that extend detail!

Call me lucky and envy me, my patient is deaf and mute (not mute actually, but he has speech problem). Therefore I got to skip the autoanamnesis (direct history taking) and jumped to heteroanamnesis (interviewing the family member), hence left her (the Royal Highness of pengangat bulu roma) with no aim to attack me on that particular section. Yayy!!!
However though, I still did carry out a few actions of contact with my patient to evaluate his mental status so that I can eliminate the differential diagnose of autism. No, from my evaluation, he is not an autistic (like what the previous psychiatrist diagnosed him).
As for Rou, she did a very magnificent interview with her patient that none of us thought of asking such questions. Eventually, that Royal Highness still had some holes to pick on her, but not to that extend that she (Rou) got an abugit from her. Applause to us!

Diagnose yang 'ditunda'

The best part was… both our diagnoses are wrong, Lol! Not that so wrong but she refused to accept. I knew I shouldn't have diagnosed my patient before I referred him for further check-ups at the ENT and Rehab center, but I simply did because from the psychiatry aspect, his symptoms are perfectly clear!

And to cover her vast of egos, she didn't even suggest me any working diagnoses, instead she canceled up my diagnoses and wrote there 'ditunda'! Whatta??! That is so unprofessional!!!

2. Another reason why she wasn't 'that' so fierce yesterday probably because we had it early in the morning when the temperature wasn't high enough to boil her temper.

3. And third, probably because we held it at her place with her perfect (not so perfect though) ying and yang and her Royal Highness aura tingling in the air!

Friday, May 28, 2010


It was quite a stressful day… (bukan 'quite' dah, memang SANGAT stressful pon!) we had our case presentation this evening. Yes, evening! Not morning, and luckily not night. And yes, with whoelse if not Your Highness (si madam yang boleh menegangkan bulu roma).
Since it was too late in the evening, our report had to be continued tomorrow, early morning, as early as 7am. Oh man, memang demanding. Dah la besok public holiday, pastu kena sambung presentation plak tu, pagi-pagi buta plak tu and part paling tak boleh bla is, dekat rumah dia plak tu!!! Isk isk isk… 

And the worse thing is that, it will be my turn then!

Just now, things went more extreme than how I thought it would be, she did not just fired the presenters with that kinda 'kao kao attack' but it was more like 'ABUUUGIT'!! If only forces are visible, I bet those people would have been admitted with multi-fractures (imagine those pitiful presenters with all extremities in cemented gips and hanging by their beds – kesian… kesian…).

Hah, tak payah nak 'kesian… kesian…' dkt orang lain. Besok memang kau punya turn Bil! Rasakan kehebatan abugit beliau yang memang mempunyai tekanan 100 tera-Pascal.

Back from the hospital this evening (record hari ini balik paling lambat – 4 pm), I swore that I would revise my assignment and study very hard so that I can answer every of her questions perfectly with full of confident. However, after dinner… American Idol's on TV!! Memang tergugat iman nak belajar. After American Idol is done, Kak Shida came, so the whole housemates hangover the couches to catch up with her. Memang sah akan kena abugit besok!

Apparently, when I got back to my workstation, papa called and I had video conference with him. Papa showed me old photos of him and practically started to introduced me to whoever I might not know, I might not remember, and those who existed before me. It was always a stress-therapy to get to have this kinda family-time, therefore I stayed on video for almost hour and a half acknowledging my atok-nenek-moyang & Co.

So, it started with this family portrait... arrow pointing at that very little girl who happened to grow up to be my Tok Puan! Comelnya nenek ku!

"Haaa ni Bil tau sape! This is arwah Nyang!", this explains my expression. My great grandmother, who just passed away somewhere around hmm... last 2 years?

This is my great great grandmother! She is in fact lived til the evolution of colored-photo printing.

"Woooo! Sultan Johor pakai shorts lah weyh!!!" So that's Sultan Abu Bakar, and that arrow shows my great grandfather. Taktau la dia buat ape mencelah dkt situ...

Well, this is something to be proud of. My late grandfather with his fellow writer friends. He even had a pen-name (which is obviously not 'Chedet'). Guess who wrote your high-school novel Konserto Terakhir??!

And before I bid good night to papa, he showed me this Scottish family portrait, and can you spot something 'sneaky' about it? Selamat mencari dan ketawa terbahak2!

Okay, sudah! Harus tidur yang cukup, besok akan lebih semangat untuk presentation. Good night!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Entry panjang labuh oleh patient Manic-Depressive Bipolar Disorder

Let's see what I have been up to for these past few days...

I've been having cold sweats & shivering! Mungkin kerana sangat takut dgn supervisor psyche yg satu tu! Yang mana? Yg tu tu tu *tOot*!

Ada ke supervisor lain yang dapat menegakkan bulu roma? Ya saya seekor manusia yang berrevolusi menurut teori Darwin – bila Angah busy untuk bersama-sama ke Bangsar untuk meng'threading' segala bulu-bulu yang tidak berpatutan, kami akan merasakan diri kami tak tumpah seperti seekor orang utan. Wah, tak 'tumpah'! Dimanapun tumpahnya kuah kalau bukan ke nasi, pasti dimarahi mama "biasssse dia!", Okay fine, dah melalut! Back back and close the bracket please... ) eh, bila masa pulak ada buka bracket?
So back to the supervisor story, she is what I can categorized as one of my (dan mereka yg lain juga) extrinsic sympathetic factors! She causes piloerection (mujurlah saya seorang perempuan... - heh????).

Back to my main question (dah melalut agak jauh dari persimpangan delima - melalut lagi, fine, stop!) okay, where was I again? Oh the shivering part... Maka tersebutlah kisah setelah bertemu untuk pertama kakinya (excuse moi, spelling error yang memang disengajakan), we were very annoyed by her microphone implanted vocal cord, everyone started to show some criteria(s) to be diagnosed as 'Generalized Anxiety Disorder' whenever she is within our 5 meter radius, iaitu suatu gangguan jiwa yang termasuk dalam bahagian Neuroses bukan psychoses (kalau anda bukan medic student, sabar je la ye…), and that is especially appointed to me, ye saya hampir menjadi patient saya sendiri di wad psychiatry dengan gangguan cemas menyeluruh (ini Bahasa Indonesianya bagi 'GAD' – huh tu pun nak kena bagitau ke?)!

Tapi orang kata, orang gila tak akan mengaku dirinya gila! Alhamdulillah saya mengaku gila, maknanya saya tak gila lah! Kan? Kan? Why is there 'especially' me who got the GAD? Simply because ALL (yes babe, ALL a.k.a SEMUA!) of my assignments are under her supervision. SubhaAllah Maha Suci Allah yang menjadikan alam semesta, memang rezeki I lah! Rezeki jangan ditolak, musuh jangan dicari (pesanan dari TV pendidikan).
Ok fine, firstly the KPDM (kuliah pendamping dokter muda), then the journal reading x 2 and finally the 'responsi' (something like a case report), she'll be seeing me (yeap, for more positive vibe I reversed that sentence, instead of 'I'll be seeing her') until she got bored of my face and muntah2 darah to always have to see me in my there-must-be-something-pink attire.

Excuse me, I must not always wear something pink, but since she had warned us to wear 'ceria-meria' and 'tolong hindari pakeian hitem karena pasien mu disini depresi malah tambah depresi nanti liat dokternya item-item', so therefore i wear pink because I don't have rainbow color formal wear, sowwy :( ! kalau saya ada baju clown, pasti saya akan datang berpakaian seperti seorang badut, demi patient semua, semoga kamu semua ceria selalu!! ^_^
Kan dah kata, saya akan pakai pink untuk kelihatan lebih ceria. Walaupun skirt saya hitam, tapi tetap ada polka dots pink! Sila abaikan flip flop itu, saya tidak segila itu untuk memakai flip flop bulu-bulu ke hospital.

Talking about working attire, I thought I have already passed the 'what-to-wear-to-work' era, thanks to the white coat which covers every wrinkle on my cotton baju kurung and cloaking my funny-ly matched blouses and skirts. Jas putih membuat diriku tampil lebih PD! Eh, tiba-tiba terkeluar bahasa indon pulak!

Mempersembahkan, koas psychiatry ceria! Dengan fashion 'sambil menyelam hisap lollipop', lagi trend lho!

Jadi, kenapa bila pakai coat saya rasa lebih kondifen (maksud saya 'confident', maklumlah saya tak lulus Bahasa Inggeris masa SPM dulu… )? Sebab, sebagai seorang yang mempunyai ukuran badan yang agak 'drastic', saya mempunyai masalah dengan blouse yang butang di depan. Mungkin anda tidak akan faham masalah saya, cuma orang (wanita sahaja ya) yang senasib sahaja bisa mengerti. Sehingga saya perlu memakai safety pin di antara butang-butang baju saya untuk mengelakkan perkara yang tidak diingini terjadi. Kes rogol kan semakin meningkat, kenapa ya? Ciss, apa nih?! Tak ada kena-mengena tau dengan bahan perbincangan kita hari ini! Kadang-kadang, oleh kerana terlampau leceh untuk pasang safety pin, saya menjahitkan butang extra di antara butang-butang yang tersedia. Saya memang adalah masalah!

Your si jantung manis (sila muntah) mental consultant with another ceria fashion style. sob.. sob.. (lap hingus)

So where were we again? Oh the 'what-to-wear-to-work' era… According to that one very particular psyche supervisor, besides wearing clown's costume to the psychiatry ward (did I just say 'clown's costume'? well I mean, ceria-meria and not black), you have to wear your coat's sleeves according to your blouse's sleeves. She is annoyed to see long sleeves blouse under a short sleeves coat. Why? IDK! From my opinion, she has a low threshold of irritability, everything irritates her so that easily! Suka hati kau lah labu… layan kan je~

 Aya caramba Mister Potato! Trend masa kini dengan topi Nabil Raja Lawak, misai Datuk K dan gothee Fahrin Ahmad tidak dilupakan. Memang wallah~

One more thing, she is annoyed to see hair-on-the-loose! Maksudnya, rambut panjang yang tidak diikat. From my opinion, our dangerously long beautiful hair is envious to her, and again irritates her. Hah, macam-macam lah you ni, semuanya tak puas hati!

Bila pakai coat, kita boleh pakai sleeveless! Kalau pakai sleeveless coat pun tak mungkin akan nampak sleeve baju di luar coat kan? Tapi mungkin akan nampak ketiak! Oh no!

Tapi di situlah masalahnya… saya suka pakai coat yang berlengan pendek, tetapi kebanyakan blouse saya berlengan panjang. Jadi macam mana ni?? Kan dah jadi masalah besar! Every morning I wake up, I'd have problem sorting and mix-matching my outfits, and thinking of how to do my hair (did I ever told you that I'll hire a hairdresser to go with me everywhere once I reach a 5-digit salary?), especially in these two weeks – because I'll be working in the clinic where I'll be bumping into her everyday. Aiyayayay yo!

Nak ceria-meria dengan warna-warni dan rambut diikat seperti ekor keldai? Nah hambik ni! Saya pakaikan beading bracelet di ekor donkey. Semoga semua patient ceria! ^_^ Senyummmm!

Alright, back to the assignments thingy, the KPDM is finally done after two meetings. In which other groups done theirs in only one meeting. Takpe, sebab kita pandai pasal tu KPDM kita 2 kali pertemuaan baru habis! Followed by 'responsi' presentation tomorrow. WaAAaa besok lah gila!!! Pegi belajar la si bijak bestari! Habis arrr besok kena kao kao attack baru padan muke you nyah! And journal reading on Saturday (oh my sat-oh-dey will be gone!).

The good thing is, I've done just done with my responsi last night, finished at about 12:30am. And then I couldn't get to sleep due to the adequate dose of caffeine. Adequate! one sachet nescafe 3in1 in 1 mug.

Okay, saya dah penat. Exhausted! Setelah penat ber-blogging dengan afek/emosi dalam keadaan manic, sekarang saya akan men-depresi-kan diri, maksudnya, tidur petang... Daa~

p/s: My Bahasa Melaysia is a chaos! Hah, kan dah salah eja. Ade ke Melaysia? Malaysia la! Next time if I need a more serious post, I better avoid using BM or the whole entry will look like this! LIKE THIS – super long and madness and makes me sound as if I'm suffering from BPD a.k.a Bipolar Disorder, manic onset!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Where on Earth? (Sakit Jiwa!%@$#^*&)

I'm finding a way to a patient's house for a home-visit. It is very very very frustrating that the area is not even listed in the Google Map. Where on Earth am I heading??!

It started yesterday when the fiercest supervisor came to visit the department (she is that famous that I actually once blogged about her, read – "Dilarang Masuk?!")

I loved psychiatry posting! I love the patients, the study, the ward, the working environment, my colleague,the (other) supervisors, the fact that psychiatry has no residents, the working hour, and even the on-calls, until… yesterday.

Hatiku hancur berkecai! Damn!

Everyone was so fierce that morning, waiting in the meeting hall. Some rushed from home, some rushed from the cafĂ© with half-chewed food still in their mouths, some hurried just to show up from in the middle of nowhere. We only got the news few minutes before she walked in, it was like a hurricane, run for your lifeeee! Everybody rushed into the hall like there was a tornado outside – although we obviously know that a greater tornado is about to hit inside the room!

She came in with her psycho fierce look. Her voice, oh God, her voice!
Does she has a microphone implanted in her vocal cord?!

Every word she said, came out vigilantly, she spoke to us like a mayor in an election campaign – very swiftly, very clear, very loud, boisterous and perpetually goosebumpings. As I am a hairy girl, I hate when I got piloerections!

Have you seen the movie Matilda? Remember Miss Trunchbull?

Then we had a sudden-pre-test right on that hour. With two blank papers, questions directly from her mouth and we had to straight away write down the answer on the sheets within a couple of minute – taktau la I jawab apa, Wallauhualam diikuti dengan Bismillahi tawakkaltualaiAllah. Not enough with the heart-attacking test, she accused us to cheat on the test, reversing our psychology, and talked on politics and corruption. URGH!

Before she left, she specified in criteria for our assignments. That was the most bullshitting part I've ever got! My assignment is almost done, and now everything has to re-do! Not re-do, but re-start! All over again! For God's sake, I was asked (more to like ordered) to look for psychiatry cases in paediatrics. In which means, I have to find a patient under the age of 14. Where? That depends on my luck!

I ran up to the psychiatry clinic, sitting and waiting, hoping that some kids with a mental problem will come… Allah listened and answered me (Alhamdulillah, Amin!) with not one, but two kids with Autism and Mental Retardation! But there came another problem – home visit! Those two little mentals came from God-knows-where-but-me. Each lived in two different areas, in which each place is not less than an hour drive from Malang (it's like from Subang Jaya to Londang. Know where Londang is? Google it then!). Well, as if I have a car here??!!! How did I get myself to visit their homes if I don't even know where there are?

This is how 'near' it looks from Malang to Pasuruan!

Since Frente offered to help me find the place, therefore I think I gotta Google for the map and find out the path to get there. However, the freaking place called 'Kesek' in the Pasuruan is not even in the 90% Zoom of the Google Earth Map. So, where on Earth do my patient live?? (ish, exaggerating plak dah!)

Emo... Emo... Emo...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh baby!

Welcome to the world Muhamed Aaron Adam!!!

So, he is the first nephew to my siblings, the first grandson to my parents, and thus the first great grandson to our mak, in which automatically make all our aunties and uncles as tok!

Wow! Phenomenon!

Pathetically, I am not around to meet him, neither to share the bundle of joy over there together with everyone. Nah, is there anything to lose? I'll meet him when I meet him and I gonna make him know me, remember me and stick me in his long-term memory box!

To Angah and Dd, Congratulations on your newborn cutie pie!!!
He'll grow up to take your breath away.. 
 When Aunty Bil meets Adam
P.s Adam's parents : We want more!! ;p

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bermula dari lepat pisang...

Semalam malam, sebelum memulakan acara memuja mimpi, tiba-tiba saya mengidam untuk makan sesuatu. ‘Sesuatu’ itu bukanlah sesuatu yang pelik pun, cuma saya dapat merasakan tekanan yang sungguh mendesak diri saya untuk mendapatkannya. Padahal, ‘sesuatu’ itu tak ada dijual di sini. Jadi, tidak ada cara lain untuk memuaskan ‘nafsu pelik’ saya ini, kecuali dengan membuat ‘sesuatu’ itu sendiri.

Saya terlampau extremely merasakan bahawa saya harus makan Lepat Pisang! Oleh kerana hari sudah terlampau malam, amat tidak mungkin untuk saya membuat lepat pisang. Lagi pula, pisang pon takde! Jadi, saya lanjutkan aktiviti memuja mimpi sehingga ke pagi (dengan air liur meleleh).

Tadi pagi, saya bangun tidur dengan perut yang sedang dalam persiapan untuk mengadakan konsert. Sebelum konsert dimulai, dengan segara saya bersiap-siap untuk keluar mencari makanan. Housemates saya semua sudah bersiap untuk menghadiri Mesyuarat Agung UMNO, alamak! (minta ampun dan maaf kepada para MT UMNO… *larriiiii*).

Alang-alang keluar rumah pagi, saya pun melanjutkan diri ke pasar. Hari ini memang saya berniat untuk menyahut cabaran saya no.7 yang berbunyi ‘Cook a complete meal for at least a couple of people’ (rujuk blog post semalam). Memandangkan hari ini cuti, maka sesuailah untuk saya memanfaatkan hari ini untuk menunaikan cabaran saya yang no.7 itu.

Menu hari ini adalah lauk paprik ayam dengan majoriti sayur-sayuran. Kenapa saya pilih menu ini? Sebab… *rahsia*. Dan sebab lain adalah ini menu 2-in-1. Lengkap, ada ayam dan ada sayur. Kan cabaran saya berbunyi ‘a complete meal’, yang mana bererti harus sesuai dengan piramida makanan. Harus ada karbohidrat – nasi, protein – ayam, lemak – masak pakai minyak ok, serat – sayur. Ini bererti tidak perlulah untuk saya menggunakan periuk atau kuali lain untuk memasak sayur, kerana semuanya (ayam dan sayur-sayuran) akan saya campakkan ke dalam kuali yang sama.

Untuk pencuci mulut, saya buat lepat pisang! Yayyyy!!! Akhirnya, termakbul juga impian saya untuk makan lepat pisang. Terima kasih kepada Ima yang sudi membantu melenyekkan pisang dan membungkus. Untuk minuman, saya buat cold rosella pink tea.

Ha, memang cukup ‘complete’ meal hari ini, siap dengan pencuci mulut. Oh ada juga lauk no.2, iaitu tempe goreng. Eh mane boleh lupa tempe goreng! Dan di cabaran itu berbunyi ‘for at least a couple of people’, betul! Saya cuma masak cukup untuk dua orang, yaitu saya dan Ima (Housemates lain makan di jamuan mesyuarat Agung UMNO).

Tentang resepi lauk paprik, itu adalah hasil pencarian Google. Tetapi tidak saya turuti 100%. Kenapa? Sebab… biasalah, saya seorang yang rebellious. Saya telah melakukan beberapa pengubah suaian, seperti, didalam resepi :
tertulis 4 biji tomato, tetapi saya cuma letak 2 biji.
Daripada 2 helai daun limau purut, saya letak 2 ½ helai.
Disuruh 2 sudu besar cili kisar, tetapi saya letak agak banyak sehingga saya lupa berapa sudu sebenarnya telah saya masukkan.
Tertulis 2 inci halia, saya cuma letak 2 cm halia, kerana saya cuma boleh mengagak ukuran 2 cm dengan jari tangan saya berbanding 2 inci. Saya cukup yakin saya memakai 2 cm halia, kerana saya tau ukuran jari saya (saya selalu mengukur kedalaman panggul wanita hamil dan pembukaan cervix mereka dengan jari saya tanpa menggunakan sebarang alat pengukur). Tips dari papa, kulit halia tidak perlu dikupas, kerana banyak khasiat pada kulitnya.

Dalam cara memasak, disuruh memasukkan cili kisar, garam dan sos tiram setelah bawang ditumis. Tetapi, saya tidak suka mengamalkan untuk memasukkan garam sewaktu dalam proses memasak. Kata doktor yang mengajar ‘Public Health’ sewaktu dikuliah dulu, kalau memasukkan garam sewaktu dalam proses memasak, mineral dari garam itu akan berkurang dan merosak. Sebaiknya diletakkan garam semasa mahu menghidangkan makanan (sebab ini lah dinamakan ‘table salt’), atau setelah selesai memasak. Jadi saya letakkan garam setelah selesai memasak. Saya yakin tindakan ini tidak akan mengubah rasa masakan saya secara signifikan.

WOW! Sedapnya saya masak! Walaupun Ima tidak memuji masakan saya, namun saya yakin dia rasa sedap. Kerana Ima seorang yang pendiam, jadi tidak heranlah dia tidak cakap ‘sedapnyaa Bil’. Tak pe, yang penting saya bangga. First attempt successfully completed! Challenge #7 – success!

Next time, saya akan lebih mempertimbangkan untuk memasak. Bukan saya tak suka masak, tetapi saya tidak suka keadaan huru-hara di dapur, saya lebih memilih untuk melihat makanan yang sudah jadi dan langsung memakannya tanpa memikirkan untuk mencuci periuk, senduk, pisau dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Saya akan sangat suka memasak jika saya ada ‘assistant, dimana semua bahan-bahan akan disiapkan assistant, dan semua peralatan memasak akan dibersihkan oleh assistant, dan saya hanya perlu memasukkan bahan-bahan kedalam kuali dan quality control sahaja. Sama sepertinya kerja seorang doktor, cuma perlu memikir dan menulis, dan akan dikerjakan oleh para perawat. Itu lah teamwork!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things I never did before, which I should try to do so

1. Be a barista at Starbucks
Don't get me wrong, I always wanted to become a doctor ever since I can't remember. Nevertheless, barista is one of my dream jobs ever since I graduate from highschool. (Nak keje kopitiam, tapi mamat2 Burmese dah conquer, nak keje dkt mamak, tapi mamat2 Bangla plak conquer...)
Nak pakai apron hijau tu!!!

2. Drive alone without knowing where to go
Menghabiskan minyak? That's why I never done this before. But I should try find some (no) reasons and chances for this and see how it feels…

3. Order something that I would least probably ordered from a menu
Not Java chips frap, not old town white tea, not kaya butter toast, not mushroom swiss, not mint choc ice cream, not fajitas, not fettucine carbonara, not caramel popcorns – maybe expresso, or spirulina lemon, or polo bun, or whooper, or orange sherbet, or guacamole, or spaghetti puttanesca, or salty popcorns

4. Write a letter to Dr.M
I sure have a lot to let him know how much I idolize him.

5. Sew a blanket
I remember Mak always ALWAYS made us custom made blankets from pieces of clothes sewn together. The blankets were always the most comfortable blankets in the whole wide world that I could ever snug in. It was sure a tedious job to sew every piece of the clothes together, but I'm sure she made it with not a bit of whine, but all love! This is something I ought to do so – someday…

6. Bake a rainbow layered cake
I love rainbow and want to have some in my tummy!

7. Cook a complete meal for at least a couple of people
I'm 24 and I never cooked a decent meal! I better start getting myself busy in the kitchen… lets start with 'siang ikan'! Siang ikan bukan bererti pancung kepala ikan or skinned the fish harap maklum.

8. Start a saving for something fundamental that cost at least Rm1K (and make an oath that I will never ask papa to get it for me!)
And I must say, a personal notebook (unless this laptop is pathetically broken and I urgently need one, then its an exception to get papa to the rescue. I repeat, pathetically broken)
Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit. (orang lah yang kata...)
9. Eat Nasi Kandar
I never really know what Nasi Kandar really is and what's so nice about it. After all, it's just plain rice with heaps of spicy dishes.

10. Makan nasi daun pisang
I mean, don't go out to fancy restaurants, why don't I try this very modest way of dining? Oh wait, I've tried this, at Rumah Ayer! Kak Leela's, Abang Vicky's and Abang Kana's specialties… Two thumbs up!

11. Go for treats or tricks
Never too old for Halloween party? I don't mean the party, but I like the fact that kids are free to go out at night in their very cute-oh-scary costumes knocking on anybody's door.

12. Buy a house by a beach
You have no idea how much I love beaches! If beach is a man, than I would proposed to him.

13. Learn to tango
For no reason but for the sake of it, and I'd like to do it with Zuffy.

14. Audition for dubbing a.k.a voice-over cartoon characters
I think I got the talent :p boleh tak agaknya jadi suara Upin &Ipin?? Lol!

15. Deliver a bouquet and address it to myself
And signed as 'Your secret admirer'
16. Perm my hair
There were few mornings when I wake up and say "this is such a stubborn straight hair!". Apsal la orang nak reboding2... tak paham!
Bagaimana agaknya rasa ada spring yang banyak dan berjuntai di kepala?

17. Go for more adventurous expeditions
Water rafting (checked!), parasailing (checked!), paragliding (checked!), bungee jumping (ought to!), sky diving (if I got the chance to), mountain hiking (will), deep sea diving (someday), rock mountain climbing (I'll think about it) 

18. Write a story book for children
About all the flight of ideas and bizarre thoughts for their mental development, that ain't necessary to end up happily-ever-after. 

19. Plant an edible garden
Tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies, cabbages, papayas, mangoes, durians, tapioca… akan menjadi petani berjaya!
saya akan tanam pokok durian di halaman belakang rumah

20. Buy a measuring tape
And record measurements of… body parts (hihi *malu*)

21. Make my own tempe
This has to be within this 1 year before I go back to Malaysia for good! For the love of tempe *cheers*

22. Throw a surprise party to a friend until he/she got a serious heart-attacked
And make that his/her most unforgettable party ever, and make me a successful event organizer. (p/s : bersiap2lah The Fab Five, antara kamu adalah target utama!)

23. Get my beach wedding party
This is like my ultimate dream wedding, I swear!
Mungkin benar, orang Aquarius itu suka air!

24. Bring my parents to see The Seven Wonders of the World
And in the end of the day, the world most wonderful are them! (bangga mempunyai papa & mama yang menjadi the 8th wonder of the world, hence the world most wonderful affair)

25. Seriously think of what to specialize into…
I mean, seriously!
Gambar macam tak serious, tapi seriously, I am serious! *muka serious*

Ok, sudah. Sekarang saya akan lebih memikirkan tentang masa depan dengan mempertimbangkan segala isi hati dan perasaan. Patut specialize ape eh? Idea?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The louder the better!

On the evening of 30th April, at the labor room of Wlingi hospital, came a post-term mother of 40-42 weeks of pregnancy, with no sign of labor – zilch!

Then was my turn to handle the patient, and I was very excited hoping that with a little bit of induction, she will deliver her baby in anytime soon. However, after almost 2 days of observation, she is still walking around the ward, not a single contraction felt, no sign of labor at all – naught!

Since I had to rush back to Malang (for some reasons) on that evening, and I won't be around til the next day, I succumbed… I passed her to a friend to handle just in case if she'll be in labor while I wasn't around.

The short trip back to Malang took about almost 2 hours from Wlingi. Me and Zana took a bus back home. Little did I expect to jump into a random bus ride, to think about it was a nightmare, but even worse if we had to go by train. It's the public transportation in this country that we concern. In view of the fact that we were running out of time, and couldn't find any available 'travel' to rent, without hesitation, we jumped into the bus nonetheless.

The bus ride was… uncomfortable, yes of course, what do you expect to get for a Rp10000? That actually wasn't my first bus ride, but still, I found it hilarious. The bus speeds along the 'jalan kampung' and through the winding trails. The best part was when it stops not for passengers but for random vendors who sell food and beverages and not forgotten, also to 'pengamen' (street artists) and penyanyi dangdut. Yes, imagine a dangdut singer singing on a bus! Lol!!!

Penyanyi dangdut #1

Penyanyi Dangdut #2Pengamen cool #1

Okay, I went back and fro Wlingi-Malang-Wlingi by bus despite of the nauseating dangdut singers and super speedy driver. I somehow got to appreciate the speed as when I was on my way back to Wlingi, I got a call from a colleague saying that they've got me a new patient in which I could conduct her labor. However the patient was already in her active phase I labor with 6cm of cervix dilatation. In which means, I have to rush back to Wlingi A.S.A.P before her complete dilatation in order to get my chance to fully conduct on her labor. Thanks to the speedy bus driver, I made it on time – though she finally gave birth 8 hours after I arrived.

The scenery - nothing but sawah padi!

Talking about my post-term patient, to my surprised, she was still able to walk around the ward with no sign of labor STILL – even after 2 flasks of oxytocin drip! Damn, tension aku!!! If she didn't give birth by that evening, she would be under the scalpel then! Therefore, the resident had to induce her with cervical ripening and I did nipple stimulation until she finally felt the contraction…

So then, at the labor room were two patients waiting to give birth. My post-term patient went first, with a help of a manual vacuum extraction and episiotomy, and I successfully conducted her whole process of labor! Alhamdulillah… A very very big sigh! A very big thank to the most supportive resident – Dr. Des!

However, since the 3.1kg baby boy was a post-term, his condition wasn't as good with Apgar Score 3-4. Cry baby cry!!! The louder the better!!!

While I was hecting my patient's V, the other patient went into her labor – and was conducted by the midwives and resident.

Back to Malang, on my final on-call, I was given another chance to conduct a labor. There goes, a 2.4 kg baby boy! Cry baby cry!!! The louder the better!!!

I wrapped up my O&G posting with a wide smile. My goals are achieved
(although the OSCE didn't went that well), I got to conduct on labors(checked! Checked!),assist caesarean sections (checked! Checked! Checked! Checked!) and curettage for abortus incomplete patient (checked!). Praise the Almighty…
My second baby boy (lol as if he's mine)The newborn with her doctor *smirk*

I went back home yesterday morning to have a soundless sleep. Followed by a hangout in the evening at The Sisters and got treated a scrumptious opera chocolate cake from Icha and to some teh tarik session with Frente. *sigh*

To all my patients who successfully gave birth, to all mothers in the world, to mothers-to-be, and especially to my life strongest pillar, Mama, Happy Mothers' Day!!!
God has never sent me a better gift, and I got ever since before I was born, and it's YOU!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

O & G comes to an end

So, there goes my final day (and, my final on-call) for the posting in O&G a.k.a Obgyn department. *tarik nafas dalam, Alhamdulillah*

As how I did for my previous postings, for this interval my life, I'll close it with a… blog post!

Right now, I feel much relief that I have passed these two 'tremendous' months with the ratio of 'good experiences' trounced over the 'bad ones'. I actually kinda enjoyed this posting every now and then.

Then was the first time I watched, hence assisted a caesarian section and I went through it several times. As much as I hate to be in the labor room (the first coil of air aerated around your nostril once you slide the door open is nauseating), it was always been miraculous moments happen, it has always been a big sigh in the end of the day, and as much as I hate to be there, I always thank God I was actually there.

When I first went working in that department, it was quite a shocking for me as all of the residents are very much as how they were described. Unbelievable! (refer to 'Kamu gelabah!' post). I got used to it, but still it is annoying! However, they have all been good to me, nice, helpful and can be fun at times.

One of the best moments in O&G was of course the outstation! I love outstations despite that we have to be posted around the countryside, somewhere at the rural area – Wlingi, a two hours drive from Malang.

I love the journey the most. I was stunned along the way, the scenery is picturesque! Paddy fields, mountains, villages, rivers, lakes, and all the green views that I have never get to see anywhere back at home! Another precious thing to learn during the outstation is the lacking of hospital facilities – it is rather a 'laugh out loud'. Nah, I don't mean to be rude, but it is just a comical-yet-heartrending moment.

For example, I am very glad to get the chance to use the manual vacuum extraction appliance, in which no electrical power is needed to plug-in, but human driving forces to plunge the pump (which not less look like the balloon pump where clown's usually have).

Talking about labors, apart of seeing and assisting the residents on labor, I finally got my chance where I thoroughly assist a mother through her labor, on my own! That was another chapter of a very distressing commencement that ended up very beautifully…On the love for the 'V', unfortunately, I failed to find it, and I don't think I'll ever find it (refer to 'I am yet to find love for the Vs' post). Everytime I placed my two fingers into the V, I feel dying inside… as much as I tried to concentrate and evaluate on my examination, I am dejected. But I still tried my very best to make the assessment as quickly and as precisely as possible. I just hate the warm ooie gooie squashy supple feeling around my fingers that the feelings creep through my skin and give me goosebumps.

Same goes when I have to do hecting on the episiotomy. Can you imagine how it feels to have a woman crouching with her bloody ruptured vagina 15 inch away from your face, and that you have the thread and needle in your hands, sew it for almost an hour? I don't enjoy the sight of it, but I do really enjoy hecting (sewing) and therefore I managed to endure with love doing so. I think I sew vaginas better than cooking and 'siang ikan'!

Now that O&G has come to an end… it has been such great mixture of sensations that I cannot explain. I've learn a lot about women. I've encountered women in violence and sex harassment in children. I've seen determinations and devastations of partners who are trying to conceive, in the other hand I've seen cruelty of evil mothers who tried to abort. Countless of times, I heard newborn cries, several times, I heard silence newborn. I've seen mothers struggle to shove, I've seen wonders in the process of labor. Subhanallah.

This posting has brought me to see another prospective of life, and therefore, I rate this posting 6 ½ out of 10 (the annoying midwives, the overwroughted residents and the longstanding on-calls took the devastated 3 ½ points here).

p/s : Selamat tinggal Obgyn, semoga kita tidak ditemukan lagi. Akan ku rindu bau ketuban dan darah nifas yang berlumuran…

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Post-exam euphoric

I finally found the love for what we called 'Exam'. (yes, you read that right – L.O.V.E)

It has been an undisclosed feeling about exam that has successfully revealed today. I am proud to say that I love exam for the one effin fact that it gives me such a liberation when I hear the final buzzer indicating a 'timed-out'. Ahhhh~

Yes I love exam (the second when it is over).

I get the dopamine rush!

I feel the long-withholding blood sprinting through my veins, faster than F1 speed cars.

It feels like a ton of burden has been lifted away from my head,

I feel as light as a feather that I can just blow myself and fly away!

Oh, I love the feeling when it is finally over! I swear I do! Cut my fingers if I lie...

I can't believe that exam holds a great bunch of dopamine in my pre-synaptical nerve, and that when it's over, it feels so so so much ecstasy.

Exam is a free ecstasy supply! Free flow on ladies night!

I'm on euphoria!

*Macam terover plak Post-Exam Euphoric (PEE) this time, padahal ada lagi 11 postings! sedar la diri sikit wahai Bil... dah pegi sambung blajar! (konon)*
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