Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things I never did before, which I should try to do so

1. Be a barista at Starbucks
Don't get me wrong, I always wanted to become a doctor ever since I can't remember. Nevertheless, barista is one of my dream jobs ever since I graduate from highschool. (Nak keje kopitiam, tapi mamat2 Burmese dah conquer, nak keje dkt mamak, tapi mamat2 Bangla plak conquer...)
Nak pakai apron hijau tu!!!

2. Drive alone without knowing where to go
Menghabiskan minyak? That's why I never done this before. But I should try find some (no) reasons and chances for this and see how it feels…

3. Order something that I would least probably ordered from a menu
Not Java chips frap, not old town white tea, not kaya butter toast, not mushroom swiss, not mint choc ice cream, not fajitas, not fettucine carbonara, not caramel popcorns – maybe expresso, or spirulina lemon, or polo bun, or whooper, or orange sherbet, or guacamole, or spaghetti puttanesca, or salty popcorns

4. Write a letter to Dr.M
I sure have a lot to let him know how much I idolize him.

5. Sew a blanket
I remember Mak always ALWAYS made us custom made blankets from pieces of clothes sewn together. The blankets were always the most comfortable blankets in the whole wide world that I could ever snug in. It was sure a tedious job to sew every piece of the clothes together, but I'm sure she made it with not a bit of whine, but all love! This is something I ought to do so – someday…

6. Bake a rainbow layered cake
I love rainbow and want to have some in my tummy!

7. Cook a complete meal for at least a couple of people
I'm 24 and I never cooked a decent meal! I better start getting myself busy in the kitchen… lets start with 'siang ikan'! Siang ikan bukan bererti pancung kepala ikan or skinned the fish harap maklum.

8. Start a saving for something fundamental that cost at least Rm1K (and make an oath that I will never ask papa to get it for me!)
And I must say, a personal notebook (unless this laptop is pathetically broken and I urgently need one, then its an exception to get papa to the rescue. I repeat, pathetically broken)
Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit. (orang lah yang kata...)
9. Eat Nasi Kandar
I never really know what Nasi Kandar really is and what's so nice about it. After all, it's just plain rice with heaps of spicy dishes.

10. Makan nasi daun pisang
I mean, don't go out to fancy restaurants, why don't I try this very modest way of dining? Oh wait, I've tried this, at Rumah Ayer! Kak Leela's, Abang Vicky's and Abang Kana's specialties… Two thumbs up!

11. Go for treats or tricks
Never too old for Halloween party? I don't mean the party, but I like the fact that kids are free to go out at night in their very cute-oh-scary costumes knocking on anybody's door.

12. Buy a house by a beach
You have no idea how much I love beaches! If beach is a man, than I would proposed to him.

13. Learn to tango
For no reason but for the sake of it, and I'd like to do it with Zuffy.

14. Audition for dubbing a.k.a voice-over cartoon characters
I think I got the talent :p boleh tak agaknya jadi suara Upin &Ipin?? Lol!

15. Deliver a bouquet and address it to myself
And signed as 'Your secret admirer'
16. Perm my hair
There were few mornings when I wake up and say "this is such a stubborn straight hair!". Apsal la orang nak reboding2... tak paham!
Bagaimana agaknya rasa ada spring yang banyak dan berjuntai di kepala?

17. Go for more adventurous expeditions
Water rafting (checked!), parasailing (checked!), paragliding (checked!), bungee jumping (ought to!), sky diving (if I got the chance to), mountain hiking (will), deep sea diving (someday), rock mountain climbing (I'll think about it) 

18. Write a story book for children
About all the flight of ideas and bizarre thoughts for their mental development, that ain't necessary to end up happily-ever-after. 

19. Plant an edible garden
Tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies, cabbages, papayas, mangoes, durians, tapioca… akan menjadi petani berjaya!
saya akan tanam pokok durian di halaman belakang rumah

20. Buy a measuring tape
And record measurements of… body parts (hihi *malu*)

21. Make my own tempe
This has to be within this 1 year before I go back to Malaysia for good! For the love of tempe *cheers*

22. Throw a surprise party to a friend until he/she got a serious heart-attacked
And make that his/her most unforgettable party ever, and make me a successful event organizer. (p/s : bersiap2lah The Fab Five, antara kamu adalah target utama!)

23. Get my beach wedding party
This is like my ultimate dream wedding, I swear!
Mungkin benar, orang Aquarius itu suka air!

24. Bring my parents to see The Seven Wonders of the World
And in the end of the day, the world most wonderful are them! (bangga mempunyai papa & mama yang menjadi the 8th wonder of the world, hence the world most wonderful affair)

25. Seriously think of what to specialize into…
I mean, seriously!
Gambar macam tak serious, tapi seriously, I am serious! *muka serious*

Ok, sudah. Sekarang saya akan lebih memikirkan tentang masa depan dengan mempertimbangkan segala isi hati dan perasaan. Patut specialize ape eh? Idea?


Anonymous said...

OK BIL! sila serious!!!
even clowns can cry...
why not Bil be serious? right?

si-penggemar said...

apa kata u specialize doktor kanak2?? lepas tu u boleh buat buku cerita utk patient2 u and layan diorg dgn suara cartoon! cun tak idea i?

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