Monday, May 31, 2010

Was I a color-blind?

Rise and shine!!
Good morning world! How do you like the smell of a hot brewed jasmine tea in the morning?

I just came back from the hospital and as usual, I'm having this post on-call euphoria that I can't get myself to sleep nor to concentrate on something.

Therefore I blog.

Oh right before this I was browsing through, getting an answer to my weird curiosity. It was about the difference of the Italian flag and Irish flag. So I thought of sharing this not so important knowledge to whom who might not know (yet)!

Am I the only one who just knew that the Irish last vertical was actually an orange??

Lorr ingatkan sama! Iya2lah, mana mungkin bendera dua negara yang berbeda itu bisa sama! Aduh Bil!

Was I a color-blind before?

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kenwooi said...

lol now only i know they almost the same colour =P

Bil said...

told cha!

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