Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh baby!

Welcome to the world Muhamed Aaron Adam!!!

So, he is the first nephew to my siblings, the first grandson to my parents, and thus the first great grandson to our mak, in which automatically make all our aunties and uncles as tok!

Wow! Phenomenon!

Pathetically, I am not around to meet him, neither to share the bundle of joy over there together with everyone. Nah, is there anything to lose? I'll meet him when I meet him and I gonna make him know me, remember me and stick me in his long-term memory box!

To Angah and Dd, Congratulations on your newborn cutie pie!!!
He'll grow up to take your breath away.. 
 When Aunty Bil meets Adam
P.s Adam's parents : We want more!! ;p


qishie said...

congrats auntie bil!

Bil said...

thank u aunty qish!!

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