Saturday, May 8, 2010

O & G comes to an end

So, there goes my final day (and, my final on-call) for the posting in O&G a.k.a Obgyn department. *tarik nafas dalam, Alhamdulillah*

As how I did for my previous postings, for this interval my life, I'll close it with a… blog post!

Right now, I feel much relief that I have passed these two 'tremendous' months with the ratio of 'good experiences' trounced over the 'bad ones'. I actually kinda enjoyed this posting every now and then.

Then was the first time I watched, hence assisted a caesarian section and I went through it several times. As much as I hate to be in the labor room (the first coil of air aerated around your nostril once you slide the door open is nauseating), it was always been miraculous moments happen, it has always been a big sigh in the end of the day, and as much as I hate to be there, I always thank God I was actually there.

When I first went working in that department, it was quite a shocking for me as all of the residents are very much as how they were described. Unbelievable! (refer to 'Kamu gelabah!' post). I got used to it, but still it is annoying! However, they have all been good to me, nice, helpful and can be fun at times.

One of the best moments in O&G was of course the outstation! I love outstations despite that we have to be posted around the countryside, somewhere at the rural area – Wlingi, a two hours drive from Malang.

I love the journey the most. I was stunned along the way, the scenery is picturesque! Paddy fields, mountains, villages, rivers, lakes, and all the green views that I have never get to see anywhere back at home! Another precious thing to learn during the outstation is the lacking of hospital facilities – it is rather a 'laugh out loud'. Nah, I don't mean to be rude, but it is just a comical-yet-heartrending moment.

For example, I am very glad to get the chance to use the manual vacuum extraction appliance, in which no electrical power is needed to plug-in, but human driving forces to plunge the pump (which not less look like the balloon pump where clown's usually have).

Talking about labors, apart of seeing and assisting the residents on labor, I finally got my chance where I thoroughly assist a mother through her labor, on my own! That was another chapter of a very distressing commencement that ended up very beautifully…On the love for the 'V', unfortunately, I failed to find it, and I don't think I'll ever find it (refer to 'I am yet to find love for the Vs' post). Everytime I placed my two fingers into the V, I feel dying inside… as much as I tried to concentrate and evaluate on my examination, I am dejected. But I still tried my very best to make the assessment as quickly and as precisely as possible. I just hate the warm ooie gooie squashy supple feeling around my fingers that the feelings creep through my skin and give me goosebumps.

Same goes when I have to do hecting on the episiotomy. Can you imagine how it feels to have a woman crouching with her bloody ruptured vagina 15 inch away from your face, and that you have the thread and needle in your hands, sew it for almost an hour? I don't enjoy the sight of it, but I do really enjoy hecting (sewing) and therefore I managed to endure with love doing so. I think I sew vaginas better than cooking and 'siang ikan'!

Now that O&G has come to an end… it has been such great mixture of sensations that I cannot explain. I've learn a lot about women. I've encountered women in violence and sex harassment in children. I've seen determinations and devastations of partners who are trying to conceive, in the other hand I've seen cruelty of evil mothers who tried to abort. Countless of times, I heard newborn cries, several times, I heard silence newborn. I've seen mothers struggle to shove, I've seen wonders in the process of labor. Subhanallah.

This posting has brought me to see another prospective of life, and therefore, I rate this posting 6 ½ out of 10 (the annoying midwives, the overwroughted residents and the longstanding on-calls took the devastated 3 ½ points here).

p/s : Selamat tinggal Obgyn, semoga kita tidak ditemukan lagi. Akan ku rindu bau ketuban dan darah nifas yang berlumuran…


Anonymous said...

i am trying to imagine apart of this situation (minus the 'bloody' and 'ruptured')
"Can you imagine how it feels to have a woman crouching with her bloody ruptured vagina 15 inch away from your face, and that you have the thread and needle in your hands, sew it for almost an hour?"

Bil said...

dah! tak payah imagine! hahaha

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