Friday, May 21, 2010

Where on Earth? (Sakit Jiwa!%@$#^*&)

I'm finding a way to a patient's house for a home-visit. It is very very very frustrating that the area is not even listed in the Google Map. Where on Earth am I heading??!

It started yesterday when the fiercest supervisor came to visit the department (she is that famous that I actually once blogged about her, read – "Dilarang Masuk?!")

I loved psychiatry posting! I love the patients, the study, the ward, the working environment, my colleague,the (other) supervisors, the fact that psychiatry has no residents, the working hour, and even the on-calls, until… yesterday.

Hatiku hancur berkecai! Damn!

Everyone was so fierce that morning, waiting in the meeting hall. Some rushed from home, some rushed from the cafĂ© with half-chewed food still in their mouths, some hurried just to show up from in the middle of nowhere. We only got the news few minutes before she walked in, it was like a hurricane, run for your lifeeee! Everybody rushed into the hall like there was a tornado outside – although we obviously know that a greater tornado is about to hit inside the room!

She came in with her psycho fierce look. Her voice, oh God, her voice!
Does she has a microphone implanted in her vocal cord?!

Every word she said, came out vigilantly, she spoke to us like a mayor in an election campaign – very swiftly, very clear, very loud, boisterous and perpetually goosebumpings. As I am a hairy girl, I hate when I got piloerections!

Have you seen the movie Matilda? Remember Miss Trunchbull?

Then we had a sudden-pre-test right on that hour. With two blank papers, questions directly from her mouth and we had to straight away write down the answer on the sheets within a couple of minute – taktau la I jawab apa, Wallauhualam diikuti dengan Bismillahi tawakkaltualaiAllah. Not enough with the heart-attacking test, she accused us to cheat on the test, reversing our psychology, and talked on politics and corruption. URGH!

Before she left, she specified in criteria for our assignments. That was the most bullshitting part I've ever got! My assignment is almost done, and now everything has to re-do! Not re-do, but re-start! All over again! For God's sake, I was asked (more to like ordered) to look for psychiatry cases in paediatrics. In which means, I have to find a patient under the age of 14. Where? That depends on my luck!

I ran up to the psychiatry clinic, sitting and waiting, hoping that some kids with a mental problem will come… Allah listened and answered me (Alhamdulillah, Amin!) with not one, but two kids with Autism and Mental Retardation! But there came another problem – home visit! Those two little mentals came from God-knows-where-but-me. Each lived in two different areas, in which each place is not less than an hour drive from Malang (it's like from Subang Jaya to Londang. Know where Londang is? Google it then!). Well, as if I have a car here??!!! How did I get myself to visit their homes if I don't even know where there are?

This is how 'near' it looks from Malang to Pasuruan!

Since Frente offered to help me find the place, therefore I think I gotta Google for the map and find out the path to get there. However, the freaking place called 'Kesek' in the Pasuruan is not even in the 90% Zoom of the Google Earth Map. So, where on Earth do my patient live?? (ish, exaggerating plak dah!)

Emo... Emo... Emo...


qishie said...

haaa...scary nye kak bil!

Bil said...

korang dah blaja psychiatry ke blom? nnt jumpe la dokter femes tu... dia ajar child & adolescence psychiatry & psychology

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