Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dilarang masuk??!!

“Dilarang Masuk!”??! What is that suppose to mean? That’s my class in there, not fair!!!
I wonder who the lecturer for today’s psychiatry class was. I imagined her wearing a pair of pointed-corner glasses, has a sharp nose, thin yet wide mouth, very tall and skinny figure – just like how the character of a mean teacher they usually draw in cartoons and movies.

The class coordinator had arranged a replacement class for psychiatry (the dosen dah ponteng twice! She has to replace it somehow…) today at 10am after our IPD (Internal Medicine) class. First class ended 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, just enough time for us to get fueled up at the cafeteria since we didn’t get proper breakfast this morning before we left home. As usual, my all time café meal has always been gado-gado –it’s one of my favourite food in Malang after tempe goreng. Suddenly the handphone beep and it was a sms from Zana, who was already in the class, telling us something like “dosen dah masuk, dia garang, cepat!”, I looked up my watch and it was only 10.03am! I thought we could still have chance to make it into class without triggering the righteous anger of the lecturer . Then was when another sms came saying “Korang tak payah masuk la, dosen dah lock pintu”. I looked at my watch again, and it was 10.05am. What tha?! She couldn’t even wait us for 5 minutes? That’s shitty unfair! We waited patiently for her and wasted an hour last Monday until we knew that she couldn’t make it, and to our next disappointment was when she suddenly canceled the class after our much reluctant effort of coming back to the campus in the afternoon. How’s that?! Didn’t we tolerate you enough? Why can’t you tolerate us for a futile 5 minutes? How pathetic of you doctor… I’m so disappointed!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went back to the hall and found that there were about 30 of my classmates stranded outside the door pathetically looking at the sign “Dilarang masuk!” pasted on it. If the class is missing 30 students, means there were only about 130 of them inside (minus all the ‘flyers’, roughly there were less than 100 students attended her lecture with much anticipation and eager). My bag was left inside the class. Luckily, I had my handphone, purse and water tumbler with me – my essentials of living. So, what we could do then was, go back home and asked the kindness of Zana, Christina and Ima to bring our bags home. But we couldn’t go back home just yet cause our keys are in the bags which were left inside the class! Where else to go if it’s not Matos? Hahaha, kena halau kelas, then pegi mall pulak! Not only that only we mingled around the mall, but we went to watch Indiana Jones too!

It was such a hilarious day for us actually… that was my first time being locked out of the class. I somehow still can’t accept that it was my fault. The blame is still on the outlawed psychiatry lecturer who can’t just tolerate with 5 minutes late and pendek kata.. tak sedar diri!!! Dia lambat and ponteng mengajar boleh pulak! I’m so pissed at you doc!!! No matter how best psychiatrist you are, but I think you still can’t be a good doctor for yourself as you a psycho patient yourself. Uh, geram la jugak… Situation worsen when the house is blacked-out on the very peak of burning sun, I was cooked inside the room, trying to study but ended up napping on bed til Maghrib.

It’s Wednesday again – The Liveband-evening at The Terrace. I discovered that listening to liveband brings ease to my soul, if only I could stay in the café for whole night long just sit there and listen til I dozed off… I didn’t know it was Wednesday til Thanes asked me if I’d like to watch Panji and the girls performing tonight. Didn’t know where my mind was at (maybe I was thinking about Zhaf too much and wonder if I can survive these few days without credit, it confused me somehow) I lost the sense of time. However I can still remember my countdown, 48 days to home. I went out of the house quite early this evening, so we went for an hour of pool session at The Loft while waiting for Panji’s show. Pool is one game for me to practice my focus, concentration and aims. Too sad Kak Nad couldn’t join us. She’s sick, so I went to visit her just now. Thank god her house is just 2 blocks away from mine. Kak Nuzul didn’t join us too. She seems to have a never ending preparation for her thesis presentation and thesis examination. Good luck to her then! And Get well soon Kak Nad!

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ZIRafah said...

hai bil! hueuheuhe...

zanna said...

ceh..xmasuk clas n went to matos,watched muvi!!! (nada jeles)..huhu..

Bil said...

zana! gambar tu ada mcm rupe dosen psychiatry haritu tak??

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