Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Banana Songket

Right after the frustration and due to ample of free time, I get the idea of filling it by going to the saloon. Then I remembered that My Saloon is off on Mondays. I insisted to go somewhere, not just sit at home. So I asked Kim if she’d like to go Alun-alun with me. Alun-alun is in the town where the pasar besar and most of the malls are there. I usually go to Alun-alun to shop for textiles. Since I came here, I became a fabrics craze. Never ever shopped for my own baju raya before back in Malaysia, everything was on mama. Growing up is fun actually!!! I can now buy fabrics & design my own baju raya!

The idea was to get something to wear on Angah’s engagement. I was bewildered by ideas of gorgeous and elegance dresses to wear but no quite budget to attain them for now. I had a quite a funny dream last night. I dreamt that my future housemates (I’m moving next semester to a place nearer to the hospital) and I are wearing all yellow baju kurung on our housewarming kenduri (just because our new house is yellow). I told them about my dream and that I’m going to make one yellow baju kurung. As far as I remembered, I never had any yellow kurung before. I was all excited about it, for once, an accepted wisdom of me planning on having a different color other than pink, and eventually it has to be yellow. The yellow idea was dragged out til everyone is persuaded to wear yellow to Kim’s engagement this August. Practically, the theme is going to be yellow, and as Kim has to wear something more outrageous than yellow, so she chose yellowish gold.

I went on the ridiculous Rp2500 ride on angkut to Alun-alun with Kim and Jay. Kim got a very very gorgeous fabric. It is not that gold, neither too yellow. It is more to brownish yellow, and I’m sure it’ll look dazzling once its ready. Jay got her dream black lacy sequined fabric. They both got discounted price at the shop just because I came along… *wink* The owner is familiar with me and he kept on mentioning that he’ll give the best price to me as a regular customer. He remembered me and my pink tumbler well! (maybe next time I’ll go with my new black Sigg tumbler, see if he can still recognized me. hehe).

And me? Of course I got my yellowish dream come true. At first, the lady showed me some yellowish gold songket and matched it with yellowish gold top. But it wasn’t as how it was in my dream. I picked a very shocking yellow textile and showed to them as how I imagined my baju kurung will be. They were startled and I from their faces I could read “biar betolllll Bil ni!!!”. I couldn’t believe myself picking such color too, guess I was infected with a really bad Yellow Fever Virus! The suggested fabrics were not up to my expectation, so I went around the shop and found a very yellow songket in the bundle sale, eureka! Now it’s time to find a matching top (I don’t want to wear a whole baju kurung songket or I’ll look like a malay bride). The suitable top I found isn’t really yellow but it matched the sarong. Since the top is going to be plain, I’m planning to put some gems around the collar and make them scattered so it’ll look like in the treasure chest. In a glimpse, I maybe look like a royal sultanah, by the next sight, I maybe look like a banana, if I grow a bit more fatter, I’ll be exactly like the Digi monster. So, that’s about my yellowish banana treasure chest songket baju kurung, going to get them to be tailored around this week. I’m satisfied, now I can sleep well. Hoping that no more weird dreams come tonight cause I’m out of budget for anything else.

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