Sunday, May 25, 2008

Love, Happiness, Wealth and Health

What is the relation between love and happiness? Do they equal? Interdependent and supporting? Mutual and sharing? Or two rivaling sentiments?

Maybe they can be everything, anything depends on how you want it to be. But it’s not just about oneself as these two sentiments involved every other element in the environment. Emotion plays one important role in maintaining the warmth and fondness between both love and happiness. However, as a wobbly little imp emotion is, it is advisable not to point it as a base in designing a perfect strategy in balancing these two sentiments as it is much affected by the internal factors that’s uncontrollable such as the hormonal rush (as how much I hate PMS and so does Zhaf who has to bare with it on a very trough of his ego).

Can love and happiness be achieved simultaneously with money and materials? I’m not interested in researching on these factors, but I would highly agree if someone has to proven it (cause I see a lot of suffering in poverty too).

I would agree with the quote ‘Health is Wealth’ and I would also agree if it goes vice versa. Wealth is something countable, a quantity which can be seen and hold. It gives as much pleasure when you earn a pot of gold in the same way as when you are in a good healthy life. Nevertheless, as insatiable hunger human beings are, affirmatively I must say, if I were about to choose between wealth and health, I would so much be confused either. Health is one mystified condition hiding under the mist of wealth. It’s more than luck to take to attain the perfect health, and so much wealth to spend in managing it too. It’s given and it is achieved individually. Therefore, it is not surprising if nowadays people are much praying for health (a.k.a living it to God and fate) while they are much running for wealth (a.k.a competing physically). After all, materialistic human is actually much loving and caring, cause wealth is something that can be shared and of course brings happiness too (except for those greedy stingy monsters), while health freak in another way, is seen as a selfish and egocentric (cause health cannot be visibly shared).

Zhafri deary, I understand if all these while, you’ve been working hard and put aside a big saving. Cause now I see that wealthy is caring, and caring is loving. But as for me now, I’ve no open roads to a wealthy life, so let me fasten a healthy living and learn to manage my emotion and do more research on how to control these nasty scuttling hormones. We balance each other, just like how love and happiness are *wink*.

Discovering one of my unique capability today – I can open up a packet of marie biscuit with a hair twizer.

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