Monday, May 26, 2008

Bimboistic Clown Act

Psychiatry class cancelled *normal mode*. It might be fun at first when you get classes cancelled, which means you can have the whole period spent at home, maybe sleeping, resting, go online or whatsoever. But as it happens so much frequent, it starts to get on my nerve. Not that I’m really looking forward to it, but at least, I’ve set my mind for it and was all ready for a new fresh topic to learn. And it was quite frustrating that the attire I wore today was not being fully worn out before I dump them into the laundry basket. Bazir duit nak bayar laundry jer. If I knew the class was cancelled, I would have just go to class in my pjs. Not only that, I’ve wasted a few drops of my J’dore Dior perfume too! Looking at the bright side of it, I have at least walked a few miles to and fro the campus, some fats have been burned out and as I went out walking under the sun, my body must have absorbed some of the vitamin D from the sunlight as it helps converting the calcium into an active product to be used by my body. Alright, nothing to lose here… but some time has been wasted for nothing.

Early this morning, I had Pancasila class (a compulsory subject in Indonesia, about their democracy). That is the most inconsequential subject I’ve ever had my whole 19 years of education. Everyone is trying to skip the class as possible as they can. But we have this one witted genius lecturer who knows how to make everyone attend his class. Therefore, as na├»ve as I am, I never skipped the class, but once.

Today my group was presenting our assignment on The Future of District Autonomy. I’m not quite interested in it, but since I’ve been working on the assignment, somehow I knew about this system. Among all my group members, I was the last one to stand up in front to present (basically, I only read the conclusion and suggestion). As I stood up, the class suddenly turned from noisy to a moderate silence. It’s a normal thing happens when the Malaysian is presenting. Solemnly waiting for our ‘clown act’ in front of the class, talking in a weird slang of Bahasa Indonesia as they might find it rather humorous, in which actually gives me an absolute quaint! Maybe I was nervous… I didn’t practice for the presentation (who does anyway??! Tak kuasa aku nak practice Pancasila presentation), I only got my part few minutes before it started. As complicated as the title of our presentation, the jargon just didn’t get influence with my tongue. I mistake ‘kewenangan’ for ‘kewangan’ and I pronounce ‘1999’ as “Sebilan belas ninety nine” , how bimbo did I looked?! Like I care anyways~

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