Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Filling in whats falling...

Pediatric class cancelled! *normal mode*. Aarrghh I’m so pissed now! Final is in a month and many classes are yet to be replaced! When??!! The day before the exam? *sigh*. The feelings are currently an intermingling of fury, confused, slacken and a thousand more of indefinite emotions. It was only 8.15am by the time our surgery lecture ended.

Aggravation wanders out of my confused emotions as I walked out the hall. Home was not my intermediate destination. As I dragged this digressed feet strolling down the stairs, I got the idea of going on consultation with my thesis consultant at the parasitology lab. With much hesitation that he would be around by that time, I just checked out my luck. Yes, he was not there. Somehow I had to get my thesis proceeding. The lab assistant gave me a piece of formula to fill in as an initial procedure to register my experiment to the laboratory. It is also as a permit for me to use the lab in order to handle my experiment later.

Once the registration process is done and I get the permission from the lab, I would have to get the experiment elements ready. Basically I will need to get mint leaves and send them to the pharmacology lab to be extracted. Jay recommended me to get my mint leaves of a specific species (Mentha arvensis var javanicum) at one of the herbs nursery somewhere in Batu, a half an hour drive from my place. But I’m thinking of not to waste too much effort on getting the leaves as I can actually get them easily from Hypermart, which is just few steps away from my house. Next, I would have to ask the help from Mas Budi to catch me about 500 mosquitoes (or maybe more) by a specific species which is the Culex sp. Hopefully, by end of this sem, I’ve already started my first step of experiment which is the exploration of the amount of concentrated mint extract to knock out the mosquitoes.

Thesis is such a headache. Salute to those with unwavering ideas of researches! To those who are working on a million-rupiah research, those with white rats, bacterias, complex lab appliances and intricate formulas, may God be with you and blessed every steps you take in order to explore the mysterious yet miraculous world of medicine for the better tomorrow. For now, all I can effort, is to find out the potential of mint leaves as insecticide specifically for mosquitoes (Culex sp.). If my hypothesis is proven, insecticide manufacturers might want to make a more environmental friendly insecticides for the world. Looking at the importance of insecticide – mosquitoes are one of the biggest vector of spreading deadly disease. And me, I am about to find a solution in eradicating those merciless vicious nasty creatures!!! Wish me luck!

In order to fulfill my very ample time today, I’ve recorded today’s lecture and going to re-listen to it. Today’s lecture on Embriology surgery is pretty interesting. As how important first impression is, it is proven today as the lecturer walked in the class with her laid-back personality, stray of white hairs on her almost bald scalp (not that her hair is falling, but she has the tomboyish hairstyle), khaki pants, loosen casual blouse, exotic necklace and wooden beads bracelet around her fair wrist. She has the serenity personality that makes me feel comfortable learning with her. Unfortunately, she was only able to teach us for one hour as she has other responsibility at the hospital. Will be seeing her again on the 5th June at 7am, discussing the extension of the same topic.Medical world is full of astounded investigation of the complexity human being, today I know that doctors (surgeons) actually perform surgery even on embryos as young as 3 weeks old in the mothers’ womb (once they found an abnormality in their development)!!! wOowww!!! phewww~

Site of the day :
Get to know how ugly you were once upon a time.. The cute development of an embryo (today's topic was specifically on the GIT)

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bil! haha. i nk letak u dlm links list in my blog! :D

nway, i tagged u to do sumthing too! haha.

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