Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bizarre Begins

Bismillahirahmanirrahim on my numerous attempts to reblogging. This time, the idea to reblog came from Umi (my aunt) just about few hours ago before I dozed off to bed. She insists me to write on ‘the journey of a medical student’ or some sort like that. However, I don’t have specific subject to put my focus on ever since my first blog. Mostly whatever is being typed are whatever agendas that are running through my mind. In the past few months, I was thinking of having a blog on jogging, which I gonna call it ‘Jog Blog’, where I’ll write about my everyday routine and keep track on my jogging activities and other exercises I do. By mean, it’ll be an uphold to preserve my healthy daily living activities. Nevertheless, the idea is just too detailed and I’d like to make it more general now. Okay, let’s start my fingers jogging on the keyboard!

It’s not even 9am and yet I already feel like its about lunch time. Not that the hunger drives my appetite, but the weariness of the morning is exhausting enough. Not that exhausted though, but frustrating actually. Getting ready for 7am class, be there on time in my proper purple baju kurung with blue accessories, and just set to face my Wednesday and the one and only class for today which is IPD (Ilmu Penyakit Dalam @ Internal Medicine). Lingered around in the lecture hall just chit chatting with my friends while having 2 pieces of tempe goring (my all time favourite food) til we realized that 1 hour has passed by but yet no dosen (a.k.a lecturer) has entered the class. Then was when the class coordinator made an announcement saying that the dosen couldn’t make it this morning. Aarrgh, this is the commonest disappointment of 6th semester! The lecturers are mostly doctors and specialist who are actually working and have other commitments to the patients and hospitals, which they usually have to put us (students) on their least of priority. Normally, in a week, we’ll have 2 classes cancelled on the spot (when we’re all already waiting patiently in the hall). And later on, there’ll be the replacement class on the least expected time, on the evening or even weekends!

If only I knew that the dosen couldn’t make it this morning, I would have gone jogging or even snug in my bed! Supposed Wednesday class is only from 7-10am, however there’ll be a Psychiatry replacement class at 11am. Tomorrow, where classes are scheduled from 8-11am, however is added another one extra Pediatric class at 12-1pm, due to the disability of the dosen. I mean, a real disability – the dosen is half paralyzed and move on wheelchair. Since our lecturer hall at the campus is on the 2nd floor and there’s no elevator, so there’s no way the dosen can teach us there, subsequently, the students have to come to the hospital and study at the lecture hall there. See, our schedule is so messed up already! Due to this harassment (transportation to the hospital Rp4000, 1 hour class only listening to the dosen reading everything exactly from the slides), I’ve skipped the class twice so far…

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Anonymous said...

dear bil, i like the blog .... kelakar juga awak ni. keep on blogging. i will visit 'sempre' means selalu in italian.
ciao bella.umi.inmilan

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