Thursday, April 23, 2009

One left!

As much as I love sleeping, there is time when I have to make myself hate it. Like now.

One paper left. Not too much to read, but too much to memorized. Absurd things that never ran over my mind before. The subject itself is tedious. Enough said. I gotta do this! As much as I always tell myself 'I got to do this' and as much things 'I have done' however is never come to the end of it. It's okay, malas nak fikir…
just do it Bil!!!

In less than one week, this Malang won't be as much the Malang I knew (albeit for few freaking days). Superman is coming to save me. Superman? What a cliché for a superhero?! I mean… my vampire is coming to save me. Oh Edward…~

And soon after my fairytale ended, I'll be back kicking myself in the hospital once again. Waiting anxiously for exam results, while attending a never ending lectures, and going for clerkship to see how doctors save lives where as they have no idea how much this student (me) need to be saved, despite the fact that another never ending final exam is coming so I somehow have to be all geared up, and not forgotten, the final thesis!

At this point, where one last paper for this midsem exam is coming in less than 12 hours, in some way I have to stay awake and study (timed myself til 12 a.m), that's for sure, with no hesitation.

Life for rent

Life is getting too boring. Like seriously~ I mean TOO BORED with capitals and bold. Bored of being busy and tired and lack of fun. I've been doing practically the same thing as I did last week, last month, last year even since the past four years and more.

I've been saying the same phrases,

wearing the same clothes,

meeting the same faces,

going to the same places,

seeing the same cases…

eating the same food,

sleeping of the same reasons,

being in the same moods,

being the same person,

As if this jaded life is some kind of curse or something~

I'm stuck in this body under the program of my own, in which I never thought I would want but I actually did and therefore I'm here… I want to switch life, with anyone! Just anyone! If life is like an array of outfit, I would so much liked to be naked and shopping for a new clothes ('life' I mean). Even if I can't afford the price, maybe I could rent? For a day perhaps?

If only life is like movies… I can pick my characters and play in different appeals all the time. I would totally be under a kicking control of myself and how I'd like myself to be, a rock star, supermodel, Sumo wrestler, strawberry farmer, weatherman, just anyone but Bil. I can't even classify myself right now. Who am I? What am I?

Even if lives could be switched, which silly on Earth would want to trade lives with me and be me?! Okay… admirably, my life is perfect. As if 'perfect' in the least of fundamental aspects a girl could wish for, the normal basics of life, nothing much to offer (yet too many dreams to hold). And now, I am sick of waiting for the time where I can at least be 'The Bil of My Dream'. Come out! Come out wherever you are! I'm tired of this game…!

Monday, April 20, 2009

37 highlighters in 4 years

Look, it is supposed to be this way… [me – reading – emphasizing important keys by highlighting the words – using highlighters].

Suddenly… the highlighter (the pink exactly) ran out of ink. The ink fades since last few days but never did actually ran totally down So, it just did – empty – blast!

Question : And what am I suppose to do?

Answer : Go and take a new pink highlighter and continue reading!

Action : sounds easy… but not that faithfully. So, I thought maybe use a different colour of highlighters. No. Just no. Let me tell you what all these different colors of highlighters distinctively have in meaning.

Pink is for general keys and sentences,
orange is for special or newly found words,
is for headlines,
is especially for therapeutic cases or drugs names, while
and purple have no special indication, they are like extra casts in a play.

Then I realized that so far, for all these 4 years of reading and highlighting, I have finished up to 20 pink highlighters, 6 yellows, 3 oranges and greens, 2 blues and purples, which make a total of 36 highlighters!!! Going to be 37 now… (yes, I do keep track of the numbers of highlighters I use and so do all my other stuff).

I have tones of extra highlighters and other stationeries in my drawer. All bought from Malaysia, not because they don't sell stationeries here, but I'm just too stingy that I'm not sparing my own money to spend on petty things I have to get while I'm here. So I bought bundles of cheap yet satisfying highlighters from Mydin USJ, and so do my favourite most comfortable pens and 0.7 2B lead.

So… the exact thing I did (am doing) when the highlighters 'went off', I on my laptop and blog about it!
Ya Allah, betol2 dah takde life dah aku ni!!! Please someone, come and save me! Tolong… tolong…!!!

This is what studying does to your blog post – craps!
Big crap!! Many craps!
As my life evolves just around the study desk and examination hall, my brain starts to rot, alas this is what I wrote – a perpetual nonsensical posts that never a bit important to anyone anywhere at anytime.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Biskut ku…

These are what occasionally found on my desk…

Lecture Handouts


Pink flurry case full of multi coloured marker pens

Multi coloured pens

Multi coloured highlighters

Not forgotten…

Hot drinks (instant coffee, chocs or teh tarik)

Sugar crackers for dipping

Damn I'm on after-evening high calorie snacks. No wonder exam puts an extra 2 kgs on my weight scale. Yet another reason to hate exams!

I used to have Oreos and other sort of higher calorie cookies for dipping before I replace them with crackers. Alas, it has to be sugar crackers since they are the crispiest crackers I could found. Well, it should have been cream crackers instead, but smua cream crackers dkt sini tak sedap! lemauOo!

If I were to write a consumer letter ('IF' lah kan…) I would first address it to Khong Guan Biscuit Factory Indonesia Ltd. and tell them that their sugar puff is delectably lovely and indeed the crunchiest crackers I could find in Malang.

Secondly, I would write to Syarikat Hup Seng (M) Sdn. Bhd tell them how much I miss their creamy, crispy Cream Crackers cap ping pong, and suggest them to import their products here, especially in Malang, Jawa Timur (because Lina in Padang told me that there is the cap ping pong crackers selling there, not fair-nya!!!).

Thirdly, I've wanted to write to this one particular company ever since I was in primary school – Nabisco. I even had the dream of buying the company (kalau kaya lah kan…) so that I can have as much Oreos as I wish. Nevertheless, as time goes by, and I grew older and fatter, I think I'd rather write a complaint letter instead, since Oreos are part of the reason of my permanent fat accumulation! (Ref : Is this the end of Oreo era?)

Sometimes I think I write too much craps… maybe because my magnifying-glass-eyes see littlest thing too deeply, and think too far beyond the limit. Whatchu think??

Done! *back on books*

Friday, April 17, 2009

You don’t always get what you want

Knowing myself as a go-getter, I must admit that I'm kind of an aggressive getter, that whatever I want, I'll make sure I get it, by hook or by crook. However this time I don't think I want to get what I want. Get what I mean? I wish to get this something, however I hope that my wish won't come true, because if it does happen, then I'll lose somethingwhich by the earnest greediness of me to give up over my dead body.

I got tagged in one of Ila's notes, and in there she posted a 1,2,3,4 lyrics by Plain White T's. Aww… now she reminds me of that something I want which I wish I'll never get.

On the deepest side of my sensitivity and romantic-ness, there is actually a room for some music inside. Ever since I fell for Taylor Hanson, I listen to every each of the song he wrote as if they were written for me. That was when I truly madly deeply crazily head over heels for him. Life goes on, he's married even before I graduate highschool and have 4 children now. But my heart is still tuning his song, the room is never hushed. And me, I raised up, thank God my broken heart was easily mend and few years later, I met this one fab guy. He ain't no Taylor Hanson, he doesn't write songs, neither have I heard him singing. Eventually, that room has to be filled with rather different elements but music. He, is the radio-in-the-car kinda guy, one who doesn't have a favourite song. Therefore, my dream of having someone to sweetly sing for me has long been disregarded. Who cares, I have him, and I love everything about him, even without a song… You don't always get what you want.

On his side, I somehow know that he needs a good cook since he has an exclusive and uniquely high-taste tastebuds on his tongue. Eventually for him too, that I'm not a good cook, and cooking is just not my cup of tea. Told ya, you don't always get what you want. But… you can always be happy with what you have!

To whoever this Sakina is, you're so lucky babe to get this song dedicated to you.

And to Angie, you get this cute song and cute video all for you??! Not fair!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Angkut Story

*take a break*

Tiba-tiba rasa boring pulak belajar 'Obgyn' – seperti mana yang disebut oleh orang America as 'O-Bee-Gee-Why-N', ntah kenapa dorg kena sebut panjang2, tapi orang Malaysia plak panggil 'Sakit puan', agak kelakar la sebenarnya, tapi orang Indon panggil 'Obgyn' dengan huruf 'B' ber-Qalqolah dan 'N' berdengung. Tapi orang Indon yang tak berapa educated tu pegi beranak dkt bidan jeRrr...

Since pindah belakang hospital ni, nak pegi campus tu menjadi satu masalah plak sebab kena naik angkut. Actually, angkut tu bukan lah masalah sangat sebab angkut bersepah dkt sini, kita tak payah tunggu angkut, tapi angkut yang tunggu kita. Walaupun keadaan angkut tu memang lah teramat pathetic, tapi tak kesah pon. Dulu-dulu masa pergi holiday dekat Jakarta and ternampak angkut, mesti tercakap dalam hati

"ish ish… kesiannya mereka kena naik angkut yg kecik dan buruk dan berhimpit2 mcm tin sardine. I wonder if I would ever get into one of that"

Sekarang rasakan! Naik angkut, seat yg rendah dan kecik rasa mcm tercangkung je. Berhimpit-himpit dengan ibu-ibu dan bapak-bapak yang mungkin menderitai penyakit TB, atau mempunyai Pediculus humanus a.k.a kutu kepala, atau mungkin mereka HIV positive? Lepra? Banyak kemungkinan ada diantara penumpang angkut menderitai penyakit-penyakit berjangkit yang memungkinkan anda terjangkit! Taraa~ Takut tak??! Angkut takde kapasiti maksimum, tapi setakat ni yang pegang rekod satu angkut 16 passengers dan kesemua 16 passengers tu dari batch 2005 lepas habis makan Pizza Hut. Tapi relax je angkut tu jalan, tak semput pun. Tayar dia pon mantap je. Yang penting, supir angkut tu happy dapat banyak duit! Ya, itu yang penting buat semua supir angkut seputar Indonesia! Money money money~

Duit angkut

Talking about money, exam is however not only a burden to the brain and other internal organs, it also cause a prompt tear to the purse! Haa, ni lah salah satu problem time exam – money crisis. Zaman doloe-doloe first time datang sini, harga angkut Rp1300, than naik Rp2000, pastu naik lagi sampai Rp2500. Sekarang, harga minyak dah turun, dia pun turunkan harga angkut jadi Rp2300. Ceh, turun 200 rupiah je?
Peetuihh~ 200rp tu atau sama dengan RM0.06! Alahai, 6 sen jeRRR? Kalau check bawah sofa mungkin boleh dapat 20 kali ganda lebih banyak dari 6 sen.


Bila berada di negara ni, 200rp rasa macam 200 pound sterling. Eh, takde la, tipu je. Tapi 200rp tu ada la rasa macam 20 sen. Jadi, walaupun harga angkut dah turun 6 sen, eh 'mcm 20sen', kita akan tetap rasa rugi besar kalau bayar Rp2500 instead of Rp2300. Sebab supir angkut tu takkan nak bagi balance 200rp tu! Rugi rugi… kalau sekali rugi 200rp, 2 kali naik rugi 400rp, 10 kali naik rugi Rp2000! (Exam selama 2 minggu)

So, untuk mengelakkan 'kerugian besar', I pun dah menyiapkan syilling2 yang banyak sejak sebulan sebelum exam. Kadang-kadang sanggup tukar duit kecik dengan kawan-kawan Indon yang kaya (sebab dorg kan kaya, mane la pandang duit kecik…). Selain itu, suatu purse khas telah disediakan especially untuk letak duit bayar tambang angkut, I pun gulung-gulung la duit Rp1000 x 2 keping. Jadi nanti senang, tak payah kelam-kabut dalam angkut tu cari duit, boleh duduk relax and enjoy the ride~ (enjoyyyy la sangat…)

Satu lagi cara untuk tidak membazir duit banyak sangat, lepas exam I akan menghabiskan masa sepuas-puasnya dekat campus. Seperti makan tengah hari dan menunggu dosen-dosen (lecturers) untuk consult thesis. Tapi sebenarnya tak elok buang masa banyak-banyak, sebab besoknya ada exam lagi. Pendek kata, Rp4600 (tambang pergi balik) dah digunakan sebaik mungkin. Sebab kalau tak, lain kali nak consult thesis kena pergi campus lagi… dan bayar lagi… pokai la camni!!!

Hmm!!~ Cape deh~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One down!

First paper done! It was indeed the funniest paper so far. Not only the paper was funny, but the lecturer who guarded the hall was undeniably entertaining.

About the paper first. THT which stands for Telinga-Hidung-Tenggorokan or what is globally known as ENT. There are total of 60 MCQ (Multiple choice questions) which are repeated from past years' papers (I regret for not studying the question papers since I only seen it for the final one hour before we entered the hall).
There are merely 26 different sets of books coded from A to Z. I got question for set S. I wonder how takde-kejenya-mereka to sort out the questions into 26 different combinations and to manually marks about 100 sets. If you forgot to state down your question code, then you'll be deadly in trouble. Secondly, there are only questions numbers 1 to 10 for all 60 different questions, and we got to blotch it in the OMR paper which numbered 1 to 100. Lu fikir sendiri lah~

About the lecturer who guarded the hall, he seems like he was on a hormonal imbalance. I've heard hilarious yet traumatic stories about him, and I was actually looking forward to witness his elusive jokes (which are supposed to be dead serious). As we were warned of his naturally ambiguous character, everyone was surprisingly on our best sitting position with the most ergonomic posture in the hall (duduk straight, kaki bengkok 90° and muka serious macam nak ambik gambar passport) because he would came out with ridiculous comments (that might be embarrassing) if he sees someone crossing legs or rest their legs on the tray under the chair.


"Apa ini? Nanti sudah besar kamu korupsi!",

These are few of his reactions when he saw someone started to hold their pencils before the exam starts, or if he sees anyone not on the right sitting position. Tak pasal2! Curang? Korupsi? Hahahahaha tak masuk akal! Ga nyambung deh~ I think he's running out of vocabularies… or he is utterly vague. Or maybe, he is just there sent by God to make our day~ *smile* gRrr~

p/s : Long finger nails are one of my most turned offs.
Disgusting!!! I prefer public-farter or public-nose-picker than someone who
keeps long finger nails. Euh!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I remember the last time I sobbed in movies was almost 20 years back. I admit that it was such a huge big remorseless embarrassment mistake to weep for 'God Must Be Crazy'. I vividly remember watching it in the Cineplex (the one and only cinema in Subang Jaya by then, which is now Asia Café) with my parents and aunts, in my pajama. I know exactly the reason why I cried watching that stupid movie, but I aint telling… no way!

No movies have ever evoked my lacrimal glands since then, nor there was any movie to perpetually touched my heart. As I am labeled as 'heartless' by my friends for that.

It must be a blue moon tonight. I think I just cried watching this one so-called movie – SiCKO. It's neither a heartbreaking, sad nor gloomy kinda movie, but it's just depressing. Let's not make me spoilt the crème of cake, please make yourself enjoy the sickening yet eye-opening subjects the movie has to offer as I believed that Michael Moore has purpose in making so.

I've actually been exposed to sequels of this movie somewhere around last year during a motivational speech by one of the best motivator in town. Only today, I got to see it on TV, Star Movies to be exact. Do check out your Astro Review for SiCKO schedule. Those who are not into sci-fi or fic, don't worry, it's not. Just a little lovely controversial movie that made me count my blessing even more to be Malaysian and be under the rule of our perceptive government. (Ref : I am a big fan of the Gov.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Exam datang lagi dengan ‘stress terkawal’

Four days to midterm. As far as anyone's concern, I temporarily meditate myself on this black chair upon pink study desk. Urghh… NO!
Few things are peripatetically mingling around my study time in spite of everything! The preparation for this Saturday's KKN, food stocking for 2 whole weeks (I indeed need another groceries shopping tomorrow), study preparation – post it notes, notes to be Photostated, e-books to find (lecture's immunology is too 'picturistic', I need stories!!!) and last but not least, mental preparationhopefully no asthma attack (pathetic-nya…). Ref : A-attack

Yesterday undeniably the day of no ass rest. From 6:30am to 11pm. KKN – puskesmas – home – saloon – home – clerkship – home – coffee with Nadine – home – UMNO photography session – the very rare photobox shoot with Kak Dayah, Kak Nad and Sit – Waroeng Subuh – home – gossip session (Kak Nad came for 'sleep'over) – drop dead! *To be notice that 'home' is a super short hiatus of less than 30 minutes for quick meal and prayers. And nothing in between the time is having an earmark for study. Dah la poteng kuliah sbb KKN! @&#^$%!*

Stress masih terkawal... sebab belum start menelaah notes. Kita tengok la nnt...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Iota #12 - Oh April…

This is a foreword before I get underway and drown in this month of April


*ehem again*

Seems like I am going to be speechless. I mean, wordless or typeless or wtv. So hereby, I exclusively reveal some fraction of my personal organizer – the month of April. Hope this clarifies the mystery surrounding my disappearance from the virtual world for a while (if I were about to… – as if~).

Don't miss me okiE?!

*hugs & kisses*

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nasi ayam

Malam semalam secara tiba-tiba saya ada keinginan berat terhadap nasi ayam. Kempunan la katakan. Saya mengidamkan nasi ayam seperti yang didefinisikan oleh rakyat Malaysia. Iaitu nasi yang dimasak dengan stok ayam sehingga nasinya menjadi agak-agak kekuningan, dan dihidangkan dengan ayam (yang saya tak tau cara memasaknya) yang sering digantung setelah dimasak, serta sambal cili, kicap cair, salad dan sup. Haa, tu baru betul nasi ayam! Bukan nasi biasa yang dimakan dengan ayam

Saya terbayang-bayang nasi ayam yang paling sedap papa buat. Malah saya sampai dapat membaunya! Bila papa masak, seluruh rumah akan terbau aroma enak yang sangat dasyat. Lebih-lebih lagi apabila papa masak lamb chop yang dipanggang di dalam microwave. Baunya sungguh menusuk dan menakutkan. Memang takut! Sebab kambing sangat tinggi kadar kolesterolnya. Walauapa pun, papa memang sangat handal memasak! Dia seperti Jamie Oliver.

Kerana terlampau frustrated sebab tidak dapat menunaikan keinginan berat terhadap nasi ayam, saya pun mengalah, lalu merebahkan diri ke atas katil. Saya tidak ingat apa yang terjadi setelah itu. Lalu, setelah terjaga, keinginan itu hilang. Yay, dah tak kempunan!!!

Kan saya dah kata… tidur itu adalah pengubat segala macam penyakit! Bukan sahaja penyakit, tidur juga dapat menghilangkan masalah dalam sekelip mata (satu kelipan mata yang minimum 5 jam)! Pasal tu saya suka tidur. Semua orang tau saya suka tidur. Tidur memang best!

Hah… begini lah nasib. Saya menerima banyak saranan dari kawan-kawan, kakak dan makcik saya supaya memasak sendiri nasi ayam. Tetapi, itu tidak seperti yang saya bayangkan. Saya mengidamkan nasi ayam yang sudah siap terhidang di depan mata tanpa perlu bersusah-payah. InsyaAllah, kalau masih mempunyai keinginan untuk makan nasi ayam, hajat itu akan termakbul dalam masa 4 – 5 bulan akan datang.

When pictures have to speak

These are some of the images to be Googled which must retain the information that has to be delivered. Pictures have to be instructive and educational, foremost suitable for rural side of Asian primary school children.

Muscle aching – can't search for a decent photo that shows 'muscle aching' which is suitable for primary school children. Meaning : no nude pics.

Diarrhea – I can't imagine a picture explaining diarrhea without having to be so nasty and gross.

Explaining that Dengue fever can lead to death without using the word 'fatal' or anything that might scare them to death.

Advising children to consult a doctor when they have the sign and symptoms of dengue without having to use the word 'signs' and 'symptoms', and most importantly pictures! Find a picture of a nice, friendly looking doctor, and to make my life more challenging, make that a picture of a local doctor. Ha, mane nak cari gambar dokter indon yang cakep dan ganteng?! Ade ke??

I googled images for 'drink a lot', and the whole of first page demonstrate drinking that relates to alcohol. Heh, ga nyambung sih! Nyasar bangettt!

Found a nice picture of 'drinking' but still I don't find it suitable for Asian children. You know… the picture of refreshing sensation of drinking cold water from a mineral water bottle, where the tip of the bottle doesn't touch the mouth, so you can see the elegance and quality of the picture of water flowing with bits of splashing. Too bad the model is sexily stanching in sweats and standing while drinking. No no… not for Dengue promotion.

Dan banyak lagi…

Dan petang ni ada meeting UMNO. Dan sebelum meeting kena audit account.

Dan lembapnya orang refill center (cartridge) ni datang!!! Dah kering dah printer…

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy days get busier

I hardly ever feel extraordinary glad to have spent hundreds thousands of Rupiah but for this time, for something which makes my work extraordinarily easier. I hired a statistics consultant to analyze my experiment data for my thesis, and it's not that inexpensive. Some might say that it's a waste since analyzing data with SPSS is not that troublesome and one can do it by him/herself just by learning few basics. Honestly, I've spent months of reading the 'Statistika Untuk Kedokteran' book, and have tried it, and have dreamt about it, and have had sleepless nights thinking of it and I just couldn't take it anymore. I succumbed, I am bad with numbers, even worse with statistics.

Now that my thesis Bab 5 is done. Phew~ Alhamdulillah!!! Lega, akhirnya… I need to go for a serial consultations, and start proceeds with other chapters. I have to get everything done ASAP. I mean, REALLY ASAP!

KKN starts next week. Wait, I don't even know what KKN stands for. There are just too many abbreviations, capek deh~ It's some kind of field study, where you go out of the campus to endorse the citizens, and as for my course it has to be something like a health promotion program.

As usual, we (my group mates) have chosen the simplest promotion program. After all hassles, we finally confirmed a health promotion program on Dengue (Hemorrhagic) Fever and the targets are primary school children!!!
Yay, kids here we come!!!

Tapi, tiba-tiba guru besar skolah tu mcm banyak cikadaknya… nak suruh kita buat pasal 'teeth and oral care' jugak. And we said "ok, ga jadi masalah!". Hmm… put in mind that this program is fully self-supported – funds are from our own pockets. Hmm, buy toothbrush for every pupil? Oh yea, we are also going to help cleaning the school compound besides conducting health quizzes and… ajar gosok gigi? *stunt*
(that would be my 3rd time teaching kids to brush their teeth, something I never did to my little sisters and brothers before)

We have set half the schedule for our programs, however I am not putting high expectation on anything and am prepare for any changes in the timetable. Been here for four years, and almost 80% of plans have to be rescheduled due to… I don't know, they are just like that – plain pain in the arse. No hard feelings!!!

My current task is to make a slideshow on Dengue Fever. Concerning that we are educating the children, the slides have to be pretty friendly, easy to see, simple words, easy to understand and a lot lot lotsa pictures.

Midterm exam is just around the corner… 10 days to go and I haven't started anything yet.

Tomorrow is the clerkship exam. I wonder how it's like… I wonder what I'll write.

Hmm… okie, need to do some revision for that! Toodles~

Hi diseases… *gRrr*

For the whole theory years, studying was the whole crux of it and that's it. Exam in the other hand was the scariest episode. Little have I thought that life would be getting more intimidating. It's like watching movies, a lot of movies with full of excitement and a little expectation that they would come to live. Feel like it was just yesterday that I was thought on Tuberculosis (TB). I saw the word everywhere – in my notes, the books, on the internet, and was also trying to find out as much information about it. Today, there were real life TB patients wandering around the ward. In a jiffy second, I felt as if my blood stop flowing and my face turned blue.
Getting into the ward is like throwing myself into a crocodiles' puddle. I could get infected just by a drop of their bodily fluid! Though I am suitably vaccinated with BCG, but the affectivity of my immunity has not been tested yet. Wah, sangat paranoid!!
Ye la, klau dah kena tu… habis kena non-stop 6 months therapy monitoring with RHEZ (rifampisin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide, ethambutol and streptomycin – remember?) , and not only that, there'll also be a permanent scar on the lungs *sad face*

Then... there was a suspected B 24 patient admitted into the ward ('B24' is a code they use for HIV). !*@&$^% Whatta??!!

What else? Bird Flu? SARS? Nauzubillahminzalik. *tock tock* (knocking on the wood)

These infectious/diseases are scarier in real life than how they seem on the exam papers…
IPD – I knew I never like you. From the lectures, the exams, and now, the clerkship, you scare the shit out of me!!! (ref : Letter to IPD)

Since I had my pre-fever, flu and sore throat (which I reckon a nasocomial infection), I kept thinking of the protection suit (like in the picture I posted on my previous entry). If only I have that suit, I'll be jumping around the hospital. Since I don't… yea, take care and all the best Bil!

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