Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One down!

First paper done! It was indeed the funniest paper so far. Not only the paper was funny, but the lecturer who guarded the hall was undeniably entertaining.

About the paper first. THT which stands for Telinga-Hidung-Tenggorokan or what is globally known as ENT. There are total of 60 MCQ (Multiple choice questions) which are repeated from past years' papers (I regret for not studying the question papers since I only seen it for the final one hour before we entered the hall).
There are merely 26 different sets of books coded from A to Z. I got question for set S. I wonder how takde-kejenya-mereka to sort out the questions into 26 different combinations and to manually marks about 100 sets. If you forgot to state down your question code, then you'll be deadly in trouble. Secondly, there are only questions numbers 1 to 10 for all 60 different questions, and we got to blotch it in the OMR paper which numbered 1 to 100. Lu fikir sendiri lah~

About the lecturer who guarded the hall, he seems like he was on a hormonal imbalance. I've heard hilarious yet traumatic stories about him, and I was actually looking forward to witness his elusive jokes (which are supposed to be dead serious). As we were warned of his naturally ambiguous character, everyone was surprisingly on our best sitting position with the most ergonomic posture in the hall (duduk straight, kaki bengkok 90° and muka serious macam nak ambik gambar passport) because he would came out with ridiculous comments (that might be embarrassing) if he sees someone crossing legs or rest their legs on the tray under the chair.


"Apa ini? Nanti sudah besar kamu korupsi!",

These are few of his reactions when he saw someone started to hold their pencils before the exam starts, or if he sees anyone not on the right sitting position. Tak pasal2! Curang? Korupsi? Hahahahaha tak masuk akal! Ga nyambung deh~ I think he's running out of vocabularies… or he is utterly vague. Or maybe, he is just there sent by God to make our day~ *smile* gRrr~

p/s : Long finger nails are one of my most turned offs.
Disgusting!!! I prefer public-farter or public-nose-picker than someone who
keeps long finger nails. Euh!!


nadheito said...

seriously bil? u prefer public nose picker with short nails and they selit2 kat random places?
bil, long finger nails dont make fart sound.
no no i prefer long finger nails.


Bil said...

but long finger nails are wayyyy to disgusting! they're like carrying e.coli bacteria everywhere and spreading it to everyone! they have shit in their hands! EEeeUW~

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