Saturday, April 18, 2009

Biskut ku…

These are what occasionally found on my desk…

Lecture Handouts


Pink flurry case full of multi coloured marker pens

Multi coloured pens

Multi coloured highlighters

Not forgotten…

Hot drinks (instant coffee, chocs or teh tarik)

Sugar crackers for dipping

Damn I'm on after-evening high calorie snacks. No wonder exam puts an extra 2 kgs on my weight scale. Yet another reason to hate exams!

I used to have Oreos and other sort of higher calorie cookies for dipping before I replace them with crackers. Alas, it has to be sugar crackers since they are the crispiest crackers I could found. Well, it should have been cream crackers instead, but smua cream crackers dkt sini tak sedap! lemauOo!

If I were to write a consumer letter ('IF' lah kan…) I would first address it to Khong Guan Biscuit Factory Indonesia Ltd. and tell them that their sugar puff is delectably lovely and indeed the crunchiest crackers I could find in Malang.

Secondly, I would write to Syarikat Hup Seng (M) Sdn. Bhd tell them how much I miss their creamy, crispy Cream Crackers cap ping pong, and suggest them to import their products here, especially in Malang, Jawa Timur (because Lina in Padang told me that there is the cap ping pong crackers selling there, not fair-nya!!!).

Thirdly, I've wanted to write to this one particular company ever since I was in primary school – Nabisco. I even had the dream of buying the company (kalau kaya lah kan…) so that I can have as much Oreos as I wish. Nevertheless, as time goes by, and I grew older and fatter, I think I'd rather write a complaint letter instead, since Oreos are part of the reason of my permanent fat accumulation! (Ref : Is this the end of Oreo era?)

Sometimes I think I write too much craps… maybe because my magnifying-glass-eyes see littlest thing too deeply, and think too far beyond the limit. Whatchu think??

Done! *back on books*


rizz said...

lawa je kotak beskut tuh hihiii

Bil said...

tu tupperware sendiri la..mmg special utk letak biskut kering. huhuhu

jon jonson said...

yup, what a nice container...kudos to the inventor

izza the PINKERTON said...

sugar cracker hup seng terbaikkk!! ^^

Bil said...

jon : its Tupperware(R).. u can find it there.

izza : no no!! hup seng cream cracker is the best while sugar cracker is from Khong guan! apsal cina buat biskut sedap & crunchy? ape diaorg letak??

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