Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hi diseases… *gRrr*

For the whole theory years, studying was the whole crux of it and that's it. Exam in the other hand was the scariest episode. Little have I thought that life would be getting more intimidating. It's like watching movies, a lot of movies with full of excitement and a little expectation that they would come to live. Feel like it was just yesterday that I was thought on Tuberculosis (TB). I saw the word everywhere – in my notes, the books, on the internet, and was also trying to find out as much information about it. Today, there were real life TB patients wandering around the ward. In a jiffy second, I felt as if my blood stop flowing and my face turned blue.
Getting into the ward is like throwing myself into a crocodiles' puddle. I could get infected just by a drop of their bodily fluid! Though I am suitably vaccinated with BCG, but the affectivity of my immunity has not been tested yet. Wah, sangat paranoid!!
Ye la, klau dah kena tu… habis kena non-stop 6 months therapy monitoring with RHEZ (rifampisin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide, ethambutol and streptomycin – remember?) , and not only that, there'll also be a permanent scar on the lungs *sad face*

Then... there was a suspected B 24 patient admitted into the ward ('B24' is a code they use for HIV). !*@&$^% Whatta??!!

What else? Bird Flu? SARS? Nauzubillahminzalik. *tock tock* (knocking on the wood)

These infectious/diseases are scarier in real life than how they seem on the exam papers…
IPD – I knew I never like you. From the lectures, the exams, and now, the clerkship, you scare the shit out of me!!! (ref : Letter to IPD)

Since I had my pre-fever, flu and sore throat (which I reckon a nasocomial infection), I kept thinking of the protection suit (like in the picture I posted on my previous entry). If only I have that suit, I'll be jumping around the hospital. Since I don't… yea, take care and all the best Bil!


:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

take care bil!

these diseases, they show no mercy.

fight em like u neva fight before!!!!

uhuk2, sorry, baru lps tgk starship troopers.kahkah.

Bil said...

thanks Aa!!
hows ur thing? i saw oral thrush from the HIV patients yesterday.. urrhh~

rizz said...


:+:+:+:arina aliaa:+:+:+: said...

so far i havent seen any HIV or syphillis manifestations or any of those oral malignancy thingy in person, but sure looking forward to. but i think, those patients, they dont really look after their oral hygienes rite and wont take the fuss pergi my fac smate2 utk dptkan treatment.mesti la diorg gi rumah sakit. so probably ppdgs (specialist pnye student) yg kne post kat rumah sakit dpt la kot tgk manifestasi2 pnykt2 senior2 crite, diorg penah je dpt patient HIV yg terselit nk wat scaling.ho2.
as for me, saye belum berpengalaman.huahuaaa

Bil said...

omg..if u really get that HIV patient for scaling, u would want to wear the protection suit like in my previous post.
that is soooo too much contact with their saliva and blood :(

btw aa, any drivers/travel to recommend to me?

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