Friday, June 27, 2008

Letter to IPD

Dear IPD 6th sem final exam,
I wouldn’t want to categorize you as the son of a bitch.
No matter how hell you put me through the hundred minutes in the examination hall
- I still want to thank you for the wonderful 98 shitty questions.
They were tough enough, I am punished.
You make me realized that I am not competent to become a doctor - Not just yet...

Nevertheless, I won’t give up on you.
You might win this fight and failed me this time.

I will never let some bitch came in between my way and ruined my dreams.

You knew that I never skipped the lecture,

You knew I wasted a lot of my printer cartridge just to make you perfect cheerful notes to be read,

You knew that I gave up my laptop the whole day just to concentrate on you,

You knew that I gave up my pillows and comfy blanket just to get to know you,

You knew how much I struggled for you in the burning midnight oil,

You knew I got caffeinated because of you,

You knew that I was serious with you,

Do you know that you break my heart?!

You knew, you knew, I know you knew!!!!!!!

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