Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catching the 'z's

Nasi lemak!!! Yea, I had that for breakfast this morning. Aww~ how I miss Malaysia. I’m not going to tell further about this nasi lemak, it’s just that, it was the most pedasssss nasi lemak I’ve ever had in my entire life. The pedasness camouflaged the lemak taste of the nasi, I burned my gaster and my lips were numbed. I usually don’t eat a lot of sambal here (Indonesian sambal is fiery flaming hot!), but since it was registered in my mind that it was nasi lemak’s sambal, so I just ate up everything and got my nose running.

I guess the ATPs a.k.a adenosine triphosphate a.k.a energy all frenziedly worked out in my stomach and the whole process along my digestive tract. Therefore, a reduced amount of blood distribution to my brain (which was suppose to get 80% of the energy consumption quota), and thus it became less oxygenized. As a result, I was sleepy the whole morning during surgery class. Fortunately, it was just an extra surgery class where the dosen arranged just to show us the animated video on how the digestive tract is formed in embryo. I actually learned that in anatomy during first year, and also in obgyn class early this sem.

So I guess, it wasn’t about the dosen who marched in the class with devils this time. It was the inadequate blood distribution to my brain that caused the siesta. Since was all in a snoozy mode even when the class has ended and badly need to catch a few ‘z’s (a.k.a nap), so I ran back home, skipped Obgyn class and dozed off!! (burok perangai!!!! but... sumpah mengantuk!)

The IPD class which was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled today was cancelled. Hmm… suke hati kau la nak ajar ke tak!!! Dah taktau nak cakap ape~

Dekan Cup practice went smoothly this evening. My team was fairly okay, I hope everyone will give their full commitment to practice hard and give their best as time goes by til the ‘hari H’. *I wonder why they call it ‘Hari H’, why ‘H’?? Normally, if people is referring to some unknown, we usually take the letter ‘X’… ape2 lah~

Oh no, the rain has stopped??! I was thinking of catching a few ‘z’s while listening to the mellowness of the rhythmic rain drops and wrapped up in tranquility of the chilling mist. Nevermind… tido jer lah!

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