Sunday, June 1, 2008

Adapting exasperation of the typical locals

Tossing and turning up on the bed monotonously for hours before this flabby arse is finally lifted up very classical of Sunday morning... It was six by the time my chi found its body. Albeit of missing my compulsory morning ritual, another sin is made to myself of ‘violating’ my own body for missing my morning jog. Betraying my own self of omitting jogging for a sinful slumber is unforgivable, especially when I have a portion of fried rice, 2 pieces of KFC pekerdil (mmg KFC sini ade jual begedil okayy~), half packet of Oreo strawberry with few glasses of milk (nasib baik low-fat, but still…) and a medium bag of Lays still dominating my stomach – I need to burn em all up!!!

I shouldn’t be too stressful today, calming down my soul and clearing up my mind of all the awfulness that’s happening yesterday. Yesterday, Saturday – saloon day ; Bad-haired-day (dragged up to be bad-haired-months). [calm mode] Practically, a bitch (undergraduate hairstylist I suppose) made a big mess with my hair. I am not going to elaborate this story as it’ll spoil my whole Sunday. Despite of my fiery anger and my full-lighted big palm for a big spank on her face, I was controlled by this pure iman I have in my heart *eHeem*. In addition to my forceful iman, the annoyance was reduced down when the person who was doing me a hairspa and head-and-shoulder massage was quite a cute lad. No feelings involved here, but at least I wasn’t handled by another stupid looking Indons which probably will intensify my stresses. I came back home with a lighter head burden, shinier and healthier, yet newly stupid looking hair. The evening while waiting for dinner, everyone was actually complaining about their Saturday – The saloon day. Jay and Zana actually went to saloon too that evening (a different saloon) and had a bad-haired-day too. What was wrong with the entire saloonist nationwide? Simply stupid typical Indons! (No offence…)
(reminiscing of old blog - 20th Nov, 2005, "Accidentally pampered")

Nothing much happening last night except that I had to walk down the mall with this hair. Kak Nuzul asked me to accompany her doing some grocery shopping at the hypermart, then later for a quick dinner at KFC before heading up to her room for a little chitchat. Btw, she had done with her thesis drudgeries, and had her thesis presentation and exam last Friday. Guess what she got? Of course an A!!! I was there outside the examination room while she was presenting, and I was the first one to know her result! Congratulations to you!!! How I wish I will get an A for my thesis too. It was planned for me to be around the campus after I got back from Gimul lecture at the hospital. I needed to see my consultant for his approval on my lab registration procedure (me and Kak Nuzul have the same consultant), since I knew that he would be there at the examination room, so I straight away came, waited for him (it’s very hard to get to meet him, even on appointment, he’ll be busy all the time). The lab registration procedure is almost complete now, but I still haven’t gotten my 2nd consultant yet. I need to get my 2nd consultant (from the Methodology department) as to complete the protocol of registering my thesis at the thesis department. However, some plain-another-typical Indon habit, the Methodology Department is procrastinating on the route! Okay Bil… sabar… With a rather big frustration running through my vein, I went to get some lunch at the café where I met Thanes The Gossip Guy busy studying for his pancasila exam! As usual, I was updated with gossips *wInK*

Alright, enough blogging for now. I get to get out of the room and feel the Sunday morning sun, tidy up my room, take a shower, eat some breakfast and maybe do a bit of reading.

p/s : referring to title of this entry... 'locals' here means 'the citizen of the country where I am currently at now' (ya'l know...)

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