Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh when the saints go marching in

Internal Medicine class was cancelled *pretending to be normal-kinda mode*. For god’s sake, final exams are in less than 2 weeks and these lecturers still buat perangai??!! Come over here, I order you to teach us! The class is re-scheduled tomorrow at 11am. So tomorrow will be a wild marathon of tough subjects, starting from Surgery at 7-9am, Obgyn at 10-11am and IPD (Internal Medicine) at 11am-(?).

We liberally enjoyed our 3 hours of free time (IPD class suppose from 7-10am) practicing for Dekan Cup performance (the interval of time before our psychiatry class started). My team is almost perfect, everyone is getting more ‘kompak’ despite of the ‘issue’ we had yesterday, and the breathing space is wider for me in handling the responsibility to this task. I believe that teamwork is all it takes!

Little did we realized that 3 hours flew by, while we were busy dancing and stunting and shouting, the ‘class watchers’ rushed in “dosen udah datang!!”. The chaotic mess turned into a neat and tidy lecture hall just in a blink of eye, as if there was a genie picking his fingers to settle us up before the dosen walked in.

No offence but let me put it in this phrase “Lecturer march into the class with devils”.
Once I saw the figure in white coat by the door, I could feel as if there were tones of weight on my eyelids and the contagious yawn started to spread. Why? Why do the evils have to be so devilish? I was trying hard to concentrate in class, I always sit on the very front row and in the middle of the class, right in front of the dosen – with hope that dosens can somehow be the saints to expel all the devilish spells off me, and let me study in peace.

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