Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is this the end of the Oreo era?!

Oreo – obviously fattening. So?

Nicely wrapped up half packet of oreo dunked in low fat milk in my adiposity tummy. Maybe I should get some of the musculus rectus abdominalis developed in distinct shape too. Not ‘maybe I should’ instead ‘I really badly need to’!

Oreo – my major weakness in the whole wide world.

Look what I found in my mailbox yesterday, a forwarded email from mama :

Subject: USA & European countries banned on OREO cookies consumption!!!

Dear OREO Luvers,

For those who can't read Mandarin, here is the translated version of the article attached below:


An attorney fromCalifornia filed a lawsuit against Krafts, stating that OREO produced by the company not only causes damages in health, but also dishonestly promote their products; requesting the company to halt the sales of OREO in the market.

OREO contains hydrogenated oil or Trans fats, to prolong the storage of the biscuit, but at the mean time increase the consumption of BAD CHOLESTEROL, increasing the possibility of diabetes and heart disease.


Although the research on Trans Fats affecting health has not been concluded, the national institute of science research states that any amount of Trans Fats consumed is not safe.

[Hysterical mode] : Whyyyyyy??!!!! Why does it has to be my baby??!! Ohhhh no!!! please tell me that this is only a phrank! A rumor sabotaging my baby love Oreo… Awww... I've been an ardent oreo monster since I was a little... (yea no wonder I grew up to be such a gigantic size monster too) but, so saddddd :(

Do I care? Will I stop consuming? ahaaa~ we'll see...


Angah.BeLLa said...

ape motif mama fwd email tu kat bil?? sbb nk bg bil sedar kan?? kan?? tak paham2??!!! *geram mode*
tak dgr ckp mama..ape padahnye???
'lu fikirlaa sendiri'!!

Bil said...

*geram mode* mama tak forward dkt angah ke??! angah tau skrg ada oreo strawberry?? yuMmy!!!

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