Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Study week challange

PLN must have some hidden agendas behind all these blacked-out thingy. The electricity has been on and off since last month.

Woke up at around 5pm in a blacked-out house. Mbah (my nosy maid) said that it may drag out til 10pm. Damn!!! I was planning to start studying after maghrib since I already spent the whole day for nothing. The girls thought of going to Matos to study there. What??!!! Are you kidding me?! Studying in the mall? At the food court??! *errr??* Alrite, give it a try!!

So then we went to Matos, sitting at the most peaceful corner we could find at the food court. Not exactly the food court, but the restaurant one floor above the food court. Okay la jugak… dpt la cover one topic of psychiatry. Hahaha funny!!

About the massage just now, one word – Superb! A straight 3 hours massage plus lulur (body scrub) non stop.

Holy cow, Ibu Leny is simply marvelous! Later after that, I tidy up my room, change the bedsheet, get a shower and made myself a cup of hot lemon tea. Hmm… If going for spa in Martha Tilaar, they’ll serve us herbal tea with jamu tablet after the body treatment, if going for facial in Melliderma, they’ll serve us hot tea with salted biscuits, if going to the spa in Bali, they’ll make us any fruit juice or any drinks we’d love to have. But if panggil Ibu Leny urut dkt rumah… buat la air sendiri!! Nak minum ape2 boleh, tapi… buat sendiri!!! Hahaha

Alright now, I gotta start hitting the books once again... toodles~

Lesson learned today :
To make a lemon tea, dip the teabag into hot water first before squeezing the lemons. Thank u!


Anonymous said...

hey bil, umi pun nak massage tu lah!

Bil said...

umi dtg la sini!!!!!! all that is only for Rp75000 = about RM 30. umi dtg laaa!!!

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